So You Can Think You Can Retract Your Article

I think this incident should be a good launch pad for a reality show.  I'm pretty sure the global community in the now is aware of how the NST portrayed an Australian Senator as an "anti-Islam"-ist.  The innocent ombudsman who was in KL to observe the Bersih 3.0 demonstration found himself instead in the midst of Malaysia's all-too-common sting of malpractices. 

I wonder what was going on in the mind of the reporter/editor of that particular article.  I'm not a news pundit but I know that misquoting someone is a no-no in both research and teaching, and I'm pretty sure in the news.  What do you get for doing this, ask NST, they will soon be expecting some lawsuits to fight against, and probably draining of some cash.   

Seriously, I'd like to invite this writer to give a motivational speech on "the importance of ethical writing."

Holiday Blues

The first week of the holidays is always fun.  People are excited to see you, you have a million things you want to do, food you want to taste.  The second week, everything starts going downhill.  I'm not sure what the third holds for me.

My holiday was basically over once I left Singapore.  Bangkok and Phuket were great as well.  I must say that the awesomeness of one's holidays depends on travel companions (if you're traveling with someone else).

Otherwise, my days spent in Tamparuli has been basically idling.  Aside from the workouts that I have been able to maintain.  I've also been reading and working on PPTs for my classes next semester.  I'm on Chapter Five of the History of the English Language.  Something that I was initially very enthusiastic to teach, but then the explosion of information was just too much for me.  How am I to remember who did what to who when why where how?  Then there is the dilemma, do I want to make this more linguistic-centered, i.e. to highlight how English changed in linguistic terms, or do I want to take a sociolinguistic approach to it.

I have been junk-eating while I'm here.  I have nothing to lose, in terms of weight, but I do have my health at stake.

It's so slow here, that the whole west coast of Sabah was out of power two mornings in a row.  Reasons?  I heard the guy at the power department forgot to lower the juice feed after the PM left the country.  Padini definitely lost profit since they wouldn't let me figure my way out through the darkened store.  Bleh.