There Goes My Heart Again

You know (No, you don't) that time when you arranged to meet someone and that someone doesn't show up. Your mind starts racing and you come up with all sorts of excuses to compensate for the non-arrival of that someone.

Then when that person finally shows up you have a 180 degrees transformation and you forget all the ridiculous thoughts you had earlier.

Back in Bangkok, city that never sleeps. Well parts of Bangkok actually don't sleep. I'm thankful that I'm in the part where people actually sleep!

What's playing in my head? The Real Group's "There Goes My Heart Again." Nice sad song, go look it up on youtube :P

Just one of Those Things

I'm not sure if you've heard Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of Just one of Those Things, or Jamie Cullum's cover of the same song. A fun song I must say.

It was just one of those things
Just one of those crazy flings
One of those bells that now and then rings
Just one of those things

I'm not sure if I want to call it a crazy fling, because nothing beyond crazy has happened. Most of the time it's just enjoying each other's company. Talk, movie, peanuts, Korean ice-crea, mango plus sticky rice, you know. The usual.

So good-bye, dear, and amen
Here's hoping we meet now and then
It was great fun
But it was just one of those things

But no, part of me doesn't want it to be just one of those things
I actually want it to work!
But it takes two to tango. You need a prey to be a hunter, you need partner to be a couple.
It WAS great fun. Bun all fun comes to an end.



Waiting for students to finish their final exam. The inevitable looms like a dark cloud blocking the last rays of sunlight (I'm talking about marking their papers)

Pink Martini

If any of my ENGL421 students read this, know that I marked your finals in bed. What? A teacher deserves some slack time too!

Pink Martini is the only musical group I can listen to while working on office stuff. Other than them, I'll end up shuffling around the room or rolling in the bed. Literally.

It's so hard to keep up with this blog. Perhaps some sporadic posts would do. Perhaps a tribute to bloghopper, my anonymous blog visitor whose identity I'm still curious to know.

What did I do today?

Prepared final grades, gave out two final exams, and I just finished marking them. Read my article for my TLL class discussion next Wednesday. Looked at tickets for travel plans. I'm excited for April and May!! :D

Been having strange dreams these past few nights. First was about me giving a week of prayer, and when I got up, I had nothing Biblical to say. Hmmm, my mind processing my subconscious fear of knowing so little about the Word?

I'm still torn, whether or not to resign. Decisions, decisions. Hate them. I think the way I'm treated like a teenage at home makes me so indecisive. If you can't take the blame, blame the parents right? I love my parents. Not blaming them :)