American Horror Story

One thing horror shows do to you: they introduce likeable characters who are at the same time eye candy, then they kill them off. This will, after all, keep you glued to their show.

Christmas Shopping and I

I typed in the title to this post and headed to the shower to work on my muse.

I got out of the shower. No inspiration transcended - probably too distracted shaving my neck - most feared part of my body.

Drove for two hours this morning to get to Korat for some much needed Christmas shopping. I'm already spending so much this past few months-getting back to school, looking for a place in BKK, so this Christmas shopping is totally called for. I mean, you'd still go even if you had 0 Baht left in your account, wouldn't you?

Got to The Mall Korat just as it was opening its doors. Love getting to malls early because you get to choose where you want to park.

When I got there I wasn't quite excited as I would be. The Mall looked, plain - there were no festivities, even the Christmas songs playing over the loudspeakers didn't get me into the mood. The annoying high screeching voices of Thai promoters made it even unnerving. The store where I usually bought jeans had all black/gray jeans. What happened to blue?!

Things did start looking up when I got to Boots. FCUK, again, is having a sale. Everything was buy 1 and get the 2nd 50% off. I helped myself to some FCUK toiletries. Wanted more. Decided not to.

Thought of what to get for friends, wandered into Sizzler for lunch, then went to the Export store. Came out with six clothing item, of which 2 were allegedly meant for my younger bro, but we'll see how that goes :P

Still I didn't get anything for friends. How did I end up so self-absorbed in this season when it's all about giving and sharing?

I haven't shopped for six months. That's why.

Have I Gone?

Like a moon that wanes and waxes, so is the posts on this blog. It has been quite some time since I posted anything up on this blog. I haven't totally disregarded this blog, actually I've revisited old blog posts through the many months of absence.

I will be registering to start living a double life soon. How I wish it was similar to that of Sydney Bristow's in ALIAS. For me, I'll just have to settle with being a mediocre postgraduate student, and teaching full time at the same time.

I've found a place Bangmod on a street called Pracha-Utit. It's a sports mansion, being the only accommodation outside the university area which provides actual sports facilities, albeit at the minimal side.

I'm actually very excited to begin this new venture. I do not know how I will cope with the commuting I need to do, being a student, and being a teacher. But I know I can. Perhaps blogging will help me, in a way, a place where I can vent. I'm sure I'll meet some peculiar characters as I did when I was back in graduate school and college many years back.

Well for now, I bid you adieu. But do expect more posts from me!