nothing beats delayed flights and rudy customers

i've had to bear with long flights but nothing beats my recent trip back to thailand. what was supposed to take about 7 hours turned into a 24 hour nightmare.

i left home at 2:00 pm

the first leg of my journey started it all. i was on a flight bound for KL. halfway into the flight, the plane had to return to KK. there was a pregnant woman who was experiencing some complications. to top that off, there was a severe storm which left the plane rattling and the cabin pressure drop erratically. in kk, stupid passengers couldn't stop themselves staring at the lady in pain, they even took pictures, with flash

i got to KL at 9:30 pm, thinking i still have enough time for my 10:10 pm flight to bkk. however, my bag took forever to appear on the carousel.

once i got the bag, i went to talk to an airasia staff, who directed me to a counter, which was empty. i went to sales, i lined up, a malay lady with a hijab who was behind me, walked up to me and asked if she could go first, i rolled my eyes at her, ignored her and went straight to the counter, the sales guy directed me to an unmanned service counter at R68, then i went to the domestic departure gate which had an airasia staff who told me to return at 3:30 am.

i went to starbucks had the largest mocha caramel (decaf of course) and sat there for an hour, decided to go to the air asia hotel after some coaxing from my friend. got to the hotel, and it was fully booked, went back to the terminal and tried to sleep like everyone else, but how could you in a 24 hour airport with passengers coming through, music playing, renovations going on...

at 3:00 i went to the service counter, stood there for a bit, then went back to the seats, went back to the counter again at 4:00 and another lady joined me. a math teacher who was so surprised to find out that i am working in thailand. finally a dude appeared at the service counter at 5.

got the third flight out to bangkok... meant i had about 5 hours to burn. went back to sleep. woke up an hour later, self checked in, went to starbucks again, and checked my baggage in...

after much waiting, i finally left, that was after a 20 minute delay to my flight, yet again. the plane landed at 1:05, but i got out of the terminal at about 1:30, a little part of my bag broke, got into the trainlink, and made it to v. monument, just to miss my 2:00 van. went to pizza company and had pasta, chicken wings and a huge pizza. left at 3:00, and there was a van leaving!!!!

got back home at 5:30 pm

Land Below the Wind

I wonder why Sabah is called Land Below the Wind. Is it because the wind of progress totally misses its point - blowing above the land instead of blowing through it?

I've been back in my tanah air for the past week. It's been a pleasant trip I would say, the most pleasant was me taking the van down to KK - which I haven't done since High School 8 years ago. I walked the waterfront area of KK, stopping by malls and taking pictures.

One of the highlights was me stopping by at Tong Hing, an upscale supermarket at the end of Gaya Street. As I walked into the premise, the guard stopped me and asked me in Malay, "Boy what do you want?" I was flabbergasted, quiet. I pointed into the store and he retorted, "Oh, I thought you were going to go upstairs."