my favorite things #2

packing and going on a trip!!! will be in bangkok for a applied linguistics seminar! then off for a weekend partay for d's bday bash

my favorite things #1

weekly updates with my cousin in japan. :)

shall i propose to you

writing a research proposal is very much the same like thinking of the most romantic/persuasive way to propose to someone. first you've got to determine the best time to propose - a period where research in the particular field which you are interested in is "hot," then you have to actually write your research proposal - think of words which will convince your partner to say "yes!" This you'll have to do with literature review and research methods and the significance of the research and the duration - which all equates to how long you've been dating, what you will do to be a better partner, why the two of you should be married, and how long you two plan to be married??!?!?! ahaha

if the research supervisor a.k.a. your future partner likes you then you're ready to go.

lost in sathorn

i was lost for 40 minutes in sathorn trying to look for the malaysian embassy. i had just finished scouring for books at the Thailand Book Foundation where I got a couple of free books for the office.

After I left the foundation, I made my way to silom with my GPS, I was walking and walking... the GPS telling me where to go. I'm pretty sure the GPS gave me the correct directions, but I was the one who was beginning to get confused. I ended up at some shopping mall where I saw Daiso. The Daiso I've been looking for about five years now. I had a huge "Ahah!" moment when I saw the store. Despite that, I don't remember coming to Silom, but I must have if I was in the store :)

Anyhows, I got tired of wandering around trying to figure out where Sathorn road is. I finally decided to take the MRT (Subway) to Lumphini... for 15 baht. I should've just took the subway when I got to the station, instead of walking around like a lost puppy. I got to the Lumphini station in less than five minutes and in about ten minutes I was signing in to enter the Malaysian embassy. So, I went straight to the counter, the lady looked at my copies and told me that I had to provide my own photocopies. I told her I came here to do the same thing and your office did the photocopying for me, and I'm paying 200 baht per copy anyway so what's the problem now? she said no, we have to photocopy the docs ourselves, she pointed out where to photocopy so i went there, did the photocopying. I hurried back to the embassy, and went straight to the counter, and there was another lady attending to attending to us. She looked at our docs and started telling me that the office only certifies documents which are issued by the government, which in my case would be only my passport. I think my exasperation was obvious as cynical smile was starting to form. I told her again that I got these same documents certified at this embassy before, to which she did not have a reply. She just told me that for my thai docs i need to go to some thai office, and i can get my australian docs certified next door at the aussie embassy. i said fine whatever. then she smiled at me... and said, do you want us to certify you passport? it's 200 baht each you know? since you want 2 copies it'll be 400 baht. At that time, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind, i came to the embassy wanting to certify 12 copies of transcripts, diplomas, and my TOEFL result and she is asking me whether i had enough dough in my pantry?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?

I got my docs certified and went to the australian embassy next door.

Rigorous security check, i went to the third floor of the very nice ozzy embassy, the carpet was so soft!!! only to find out that to certify true copies would cost 930 baht. I left.

I'm gonna do it in KK in May during my holidays.


it's been quite some time since i blogged. much has happened since the last post. wait. oh. nothing much happened since the last post.

was at a pre-wedding party last night. i drove a pick up truck and a van last night. something hit the wall i won't mention what but if u follow my twitter you would be able to tell.

bronxzoocobra is hilarious...

one more day for the last summer session. i'm excited for that.

going to koh samui first week of may, so i better start working out to look awesome for that trip.