fundamentals of speech

first day of classes are the hardest... as a teacher you have got to sell it

first day of speech did go quite well, except for some of the confusion between sections... i could see that some of the students had the "why am i taking this boring class" face. one of them even came up to me and asked to drop, i signed without hesitation, only to find out later that she was dropping because she had taken the class back in high school... there you go, high school pride, still shadowing their first day of uni. sad? i don't know, i hope she doesn't kick herself for dropping, this IS a five-week course, and it is rare that we offer this speech class in five weeks = five weeks - getting over something you dislike so quick is a blessing, in my opinion.

can't wait for the weekend...WILL BE IN BANGKOK WOOHOOOO!!!!

grade defense and animals around the house

this morning when i opened my curtains i saw my cat bringing in a dead bird, i told my mom and dad and my mom quickly went out to take pictures

just last week seyha brought an injured owl to dr chew but he wasn't in, so he came over to show us the owl. don't worry we didn't feed the cat to the owl.

grade defense tomorrow, it's so funny how we pop by each office to ask if the grades are ready... i took comfort in knowing that some of my colleagues' grades aren't done - this means all of us can plead with our boss for an extension :P