the end of 2010-2011

this weekend marked the end of the 2010-2011 academic school year. i've been teaching at this university for four semesters now! summer session will be starting in two days and i'll be teaching speech, please sign up! :)

we just had the last leg of the graduation weekend. comparing this year's graduation with previous ones, i dare say that all the services began ON TIME! time management has really improved this time around.

as usual , i played the piano... gave students rhythm to walk to while they march in with their regalia and heads held high... probably not so high because if they did have their heads held high they would have seen me nodding at them, trying to get them in sync with the rhythm of the music i was playing... man they marched in so slow i was actually complaining aloud - loud enough for the rest of the faculty behind me to hear and snicker away....

one of the graduate's family came and her brothers stayed with me over the weekend...her older brother was my senior at college years back when i was doing my undergrad... he's a budget hotel owner now and a budding entrepreneur... he left a gun with me (those air guns...fake won't kill unless u load them with metal bullets...dunnolah...)

anyways, here are some pictures from the grad... these are all perspectives from the piano (sound so intelligent and sophisticated kan...HAHA)

graduands being attentive

this is the yamaha i play

us faculty members can have fun too u know!

a department group picture (i'm second on the right)


i will never ride a roller coaster


so yesterday i sat for my toefl.

after the exam, what did i do? shopping of course!

i bought a suit (yipee!) which unfortunately needs some alteration (boohooo!). the only place i could find a suit that fit me perfectly was at H&M... i would travel to the nearest H&M outlet if given a chance (the nearest is in HK~*)

before i went on my shopping spree, my parents and i went to eat at sizzler's. the watermelon shake was a let-down (this was at future park). so far, the only sizzler's which can serve a decent watermelon shake is at major ekamai. go there for watermelon shake. we ordered our food but our butter toast never came!! it never came!!! fortunately, they were serving spinach soup at the salad bar so that kept my mouth shut. i did give them some trouble when i paid at the counter...i was asking, "why didn't my toast come?" "tum mai kanoompang mai ma?" the lady was like, "really really? jing jing?!?? i can get them for you now!"

of course, i said, it's okay...mai mee pen ha.... pls okay pls.

today i gave my second last final exam. english composition 1. funny how just the previous day i was tested in english and today i was testing 30 people for english composition 1.

i'm gonna go make some more music on my piano :)

beware of the deceitful tongue

i had a shocking revelation today. i didn't have an epiphany. rather, there was bad news. it so bad it made me mad.

i've got this friend who has been hanging out with another person who has a really REALLY clever mouth. this other person is well versed, garnering him many adoring fans.

but my friend, who has been in awe of this other person, has taken it a little too far.

basically he destroyed his own reputation that he has built here.

what a waste.

pic fix

they brought sheep to the Christmas Party last year

but this poor sheep got left behind :(

the remains of the mosquito i killed

guess what i saw at Tesco Lotus: Sabah Vegetable!

for those who do not know, Sabah Vegetable is the super delicious sayur manis

cute cat keeping me company at Sifa restaurant


sabah culture is really interesting. we have a mix of different races. a steady migration into the land below the wind has been seen for the past decades.

some nationalists/conservatives may observe this as a threat to the locals. i'm sure this phenomenon is affecting sabah in one way or another. one 'effect' which i am really interested in is how language is changing.

language. a tool for communication. a physical act which we use to channel our opinions. sabah may be experiencing a language shift, but we can't say for sure until proper statistics are published. shifting to the more dominant language: malay, makes it easier for people to communicate. for people to communicate facts. for people to communicate hearsays/rumors/fibs/bullsugar.

i think if i were to list down ONE factor which causes me to not want to return to sabah, is the misuse of language to misrepresent a person. i wish i could sue sabah for libel.