i took me a couple of weeks

it took me exactly a couple of weeks to realize what my students were capable of. well i did have a presumption of their writing level before i entered class, but i guess this week really confirmed all my doubts. just revamped the whole course outline. at this point i really don't know what to expect from my news writing class.

i'm finally teaching an international group this semester - composition 1. those students scare me.
the other day, i sort of 'swore' in my class. i was giving them a test, and i told them that i don't like cheaters and they get an instant F from me, i said it like this, "I don't mind effing you." Two students laughed. only two understood what effing means. I shouldn't have said it, i know. but it just shows that out of my 31 students, probably only these 2 know how to use english in a cultural context.

my piano exam is in about a month. i've been playing the songs for so many years i really hope i pass, with flying colors, god-willing.