my new canon ixus 130is SD 1400

recently purchased a camera... here are some pictures which the camera took

low light mode

miniature effect

fish eye effect

normal portrait mode


hello there

my blog posts are so randomly far apart from each other that all the post titles are "hellos." confessions yet again, teachers - we have so much to do (a truthful claim mind you) but we, like our students procrastinate too. i must say i took over three months to finally take a peek at an intensive course i taught back in my homeland (guess what i'm teaching one more in a couple of weeks... but i'll get the grading done on time this time around).

i turned 24 a couple of weeks back... had some friends over. it was sad - sad that i had to spend an hour thinking of who to invite... i want to think that i have many friends, but it seems like as the years go by, they all leave to venture out of MC/AIU, out of Thailand! just a few of us remain here - those who spend years completing (probably because of procrastinating) but also those who decide to relocate and find employment in this beautiful land of smiles (I am a prime example). the party was a blast though... and i got presents! :)

that was august

september was a drag. everyday i wished the days would fly by. there were the final projects being turned in, University QA....oh university the QA!

The QA team needed to interview faculty members to establish faculty satisfactory level as well as to have an insight into how the teaching environ is here at AIU

I was giving a final so I was a little late for the interview
Daron walks in hastily, then sits down. An old guy on the opposite end ignores him, continues speaking in Thai to the Thai faculty. He then turns his attention to Daron. Daron doesn't smile, instead maintaining an unmoved composure.

Old QA Guy: Hello
Daron: Hello
Old QA Guy: Please invite yourself! (with a wide grin)
Daron: Silence (grins back)
Old QA Guy: Invite yourself!
Daron: thinks.. invite myself?
*Mr. E [Lecturer at the psychology and education department] elbows daron and whispers: introduce yourself!!!!
Daron: [grins widely, rather foolishly] OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

looking forward for tomorrow, going to bangkok to have my piano dip mock exam with some japanese person then meeting up with the gang for some retail therapy.