another day at the office

confessions of a teacher

i have procrastinated work yet to be marked (since May)

i'm tired and overworked. yesterday, some of us teachers from the department went out for a community service teaching english to adults who never completed highschool. we arrived at the hall, waiting to receive instructions such as where we will be teaching our particular language skill... nothing for the first hour. they told us that the students would have breaks in between, but they didn't tell us when to stop and when to start... there was a schedule faxed to us, but everyone was doing stuff according to their own time. i enjoyed the food they gave to us though, at every break. my first scone wasn't that great - it had crab sticks in it. so much for telling them we were all vegetarians.

back to marking :)

Jessica Simpson flip flops!! California has such weird & nice things.