i was supposed to refill my phone today for my internet package, which i did. unfortunately, unbeknown to the fact that my internet package got canceled, i ended up topping up too much for nothing. i called dtac and asked them "why didn't you notify me that this particular package got canceled?" no response. Can you register me with another package. many responses. so now i have a lot of calling credit which i have no use for. thank goodness it expires march next year.

anyone wants me to call them? :)

never for a second

never for a second think that you have an extra second to spare... i canceled all my piano lessons today and had them postponed to thursday, needed a few hours to breath through the stress of QA, editing two newsletters, choir practice, piano practice.

my mom got my rooms new curtains, very classic look compared to my trashy room LOL yuck

can't wait for the weekend, will be at a beachhhhhh!!! woohooo!

hello hello

I can proudly say that I did not PURCHASE anything for MYSELF after my one-night trip to Bangkok. We had a little gathering at Amy's superb serviced apartment yesterday evening. Half the evening there was spent at the pool with pals Deanna and Chervie.

It's funny how people let go of themselves after a certain point in time. Some let go after marriage, some after a particular age. It's like, "Oh, I'm married, I don't have to care how I look. I'm married..."

It's almost August. Funny how time flies. The first semester will be over soon. I'll be turning 24 in about 5 weeks. I'll be 24! What did you do at your 24th birthday?