Two of my English classes had an exam each today. Students, no matter how much you prep them for something, they will always try to find a minute detail that was 'apparently' not in the prep sheet. I don't know what to make of this, I simply ignore their rants. I jogged for about 10 minutes today. It was short, but sweet and sweaty. Ran downhill to the office, then ran uphill back home. Did a little slide show for class tomorrow, read a little phonetics, played a little piano, played a little bit more piano, had snack which was a combination of PB and J (awesomeness) + yogurt + a shot of sprite + 2 spoons of ice cream. Now that I've showered I'm ready to slumber. Made myself an ice-cream float, yesterday, that is. Enough sugar for the week. I might over-indulge. Time for my eye-cool-pack for nodding off.


I slept in today. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to (couldn't sleep the night before). Woke up and there was an omelet and pancakes for me (thank God I live with my parents). Practiced piano - had my mom observe me from behind so she can scream at me every time i get tensed. Oh yes, btw, I started lessons again. I'm taking lessons from the Robinson School of Music with Ms. Erica Tang. First things first, I've got to learn how to relax and properly channel my energy to the keys.

I went for a hair cut too. Guess what the hairdresser said to me (in his broken yet legible English)
Hairdresser, "You know, in ten years a helicopter can land on your head."
Daron, "smirksgringiggles (how am I supposed to respond to that?)."

I came back, and washed the car. So what if I shed some head hair within the next decade. I won't need to find any more excuses to reveal flesh :)

Later that evening, met up with Deanna and Ivonne. We went to the Valentine's program at the tennis court. Saw some games, but got distracted by the presence of many friends. Friends. They're the greatest. Have lots of them.

wondering why i haven't been blogging?

I was saving up the hype and excitement for my new family member, MY BABY!!! :)


Not a recent photo. But it was taken not too long ago during my one week stop over at Sabah last December.

guess the pile

the marked and the unmarked.