the weekend

The light in your hand

The view from my tent

face in the sky

a jump from the waterfall.

I was gone for the weekend.

Behind the Painted Veil

Sometimes I wonder who am I hiding behind my face? Thanks Dee for the pictures :)


Sometimes I wish we could just bring our beds with us wherever we go.

fading beauty

you step out into the open and you are greeted by a yellowness strewn about on dried cropped grass

you wonder how long the color will last... until oxygen consumes its beauty



anyone remembers that story about a moth engulfed in the flames of the candle?


Day 20. I just noticed. It's January 21, shouldn't I have 21 days?

Tonight we did another take on WORDS. We did it two years ago. PERIOD. Tonight we did a much better version of words.

Featuring: The Apple and the Blackberry. Edible Technology.

Day 19

Another week coming to an end. Before long, January will be over. When we least expect it, 2010 will come to an end. I know it's too early for me to say that, but it's TRUE. Plus, I love it when the year-end is just around the corner. Now I can say, "I remember the first day at work..." even though it's only just been over two weeks since I started. I still battle with my students' names. It's not easy remembering Thai names, what more nick names. I'm still asking students what their names are, and telling them I actually knew what their name is, I simply ask to confirm... whatever.

At one of the first classes which I was in, I was writing on the board. I overheard some of the students saying "ajarn dek dek" to which I quickly responded, "Krai bok phom ajarn dek dek?"

Students, never mess with your teachers. Teachers, never underestimate your students. I took a picture of myself today and noticed how much rest I need to make me look handsome, again.

Day 18

the only pinkish part of me is my lips.

Day 17

Usual occurrences in the office: battle with the photocopying machine, endless lesson preparation time.

day 16

too much food over the weekend

Day 15

Matt and Shanon Heaton dropped by.

Day 14

Thank God for friends

Day 12

You can never go wrong with Roald Dahl

Day 11

I found this again.

Day 10

Sorry I was late again.

I have started my five meal regime again.

Day 9

Wedding I played for today

Day 8

a day of rest...on the greatest bed!!!!

silhouette (day 7)

Totally Forgot (Day 6)

We're only human. I thought my first class went well. My students did surprise me. I came back from a friend's house last night and I remembered to blog, but it still slipped my mind... gah. This is a giant eggplant. Something that I didn't expect to see in Thailand.

The Day before Day 7

Remember those parties we used to go to at Mrs. Norma's house. After several years of not being around for Christmas in Tamparuli, I finally got the invite to this annual party that our piano teacher organizes for her students. It was nice to see all the unfamiliar faces and the familiar faces. There were a bunch of us, ex students, old and withered, but we were definitely glad to see each other, I know I was. :)

Why did I post up this picture? Tomorrow is my first teaching day. Applied Phonetics will be the first class, at 8:00 am. I hope I won't bore the students, and I hope they will accept and trust me :) I sound very proper in this particular post. Oh my, I'm being subdued into becoming more refined... whatever that means. The book I'm using for this phonetics class is a British one, I think I'll enter the class and greet everyone with a British accent. Right after that, I'll be showered with stale vegetables and fruits like the days at the Shakespearean theater. Good luck, to all teachers.

Close (Day 5)

The first zit has appeared.

Black and White (Day 4)

After a stressful day at work, get your photographer-brother and go crazy.

couldn't resist...

this is how my laptop looks like 7!! woohooo

Bangkok (Day 3)

Today, my younger brother, Nathan, and I went to Bangkok to (1) fix my Ma's computer, (2) buy me a stronger RAM, (3) get a card reader, (4) meet up with Julie, Fiona, and Deanna.

This is us eating at Mr. Meng's. A Chinese restaurant which I'll definitely visit again.

Barbecue (Day 2)

Malaysians (not all) on campus had a little barbecue going on after sunset.  That’s me fanning vigorously. 


I only got to eat one chicken wing.  :(

Day 1

This is not a photoblog.  I’m not quite sure what it is yet.  Hopefully I’ll reach a ‘definition’ of what I want this blog to be for the year 2010.  Inspired by some other blogs, I’ve decided to post a picture of myself (how vain…) or of anything that interests me for the whole year.  Also, like many other people, I’m good at starting something without ever completing it.  This is one of the ventures I’d like to see being completed by the end of the year.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m no professional photographer.  I’ll be relying on a Sony Alpha 200, my nokia E52, and a Canon Powershot A620. 

Presenting the first photograph, featuring yours truly. 


By the way, Happy New Year!