Look into the mirror.  Do it everyday.  You’ll see reflections you’ve never seen before.  Some say it’s like waking up on Christmas morning, while others simply detest it. 

I foolishly thought I’ve fully undergone acculturation at my workplace.  Somehow I still feel singled out at times.  My boss asked me once what language do I prefer speaking in.  I told them Thai as I wanted to improve my conversational skills.  In spite of that, I still feel like I’m being jeered at, “English speaking yellow kid.” 

This is it

No, I am not releasing a box office hit movie showcasing my singing prowess and dancing abilities, I wish.  Today’s marks the end of my year-long research, whether I pass or not, that will be a different case.  My presentation is up in an hour and a half.  I’m the first actually, out of the tens of other linguistics postgrad students.  God please make me feel warm all over.