the end of the first week

This is it people. The end of the first week of the second semester. I have 12 more weeks of classes to attend. Not forgetting the many papers that are due… feeling bad for all those trees turned into paper now...

I went to Uni this morning to pay my fees and to meet up with this dude


this is the tunnel which I go through everyday. very symbolic. we go through tunnels everyday. sometimes there’s the light at the end… sometimes there’s none.


strange paintings in our semantics class. we were talking about lexemes having real world value… which led us to discussing whether or not prepositions and articles have any real world value… sounds trivial… my lecturer based his dissertation on this topic… i still think it’s a ‘tabloid’ topic.


I bumped into Mr. and Mrs. Duck (i’m just assuming that they’re a couple) this morning. They were quacking and waddling along. Wonder what their perspective on prepositions and articles are.


what do you call a house which has not been cleaned since June?

Well, despite the names you would call my house, it was cleaned today. I was all cinderella, minus the fairy tale happy ending, and the ball and gown since having a dress with a big bow isn't really my cup of tea.

I scrubbed the kitchen floor and washed the bathroom... saw some brown streaks of encrusted **** on the side of the vanity, I'm not even gonna start describing what that was.

anyways, catch up with you blog people later

Another Semester

A friend of mine just reminded me that if you are in the Australian Education system, you're bound to have the most HOLIDAYS you've ever imagined having in the years of being a student. Schools here have two major holidays, one is the winter holidays, from June to the end of July, and the summer holidays, which is from November to end of February. C'mon people, get your calculators out and start counting the months you have off from school!!!!! wooohoooo

sadly, the semester started today. I bumped into a few of my classmates, one classmate I saw almost got run over my a speeding car. The driver did stop, only to pull a foolish grin at my classmate.

Btw, I tried my hand at Hainese!@##$#$% Chicken Rice last night (sorry I'm not sure how you spell Hainese!@#!@$)... tasted not so bad, I think I'm prepared to cook a meal for me and my Malaysian housemate. Watched a horror movie last night - The Haunting in Connecticut, was freaked out at first, but towards the end, I found it quite funny. Don't ask me why.

I wore thongs to the library today. No, no, not g-strings, but comfy slippers. I washed all my shoes today after months of enduring Newcastle. Belilah BATA!

musicape: the return

it seems oddly familiar,
but like a mirage,
when you bring your eyes
for a closer inspection
it disappears

the whites outshine the blacks
blankness overcomes the stained

my fingers quiver
the moment we touch
they stumble over
the paleness of the surface

dead noises


well i was telling ropoy that i was craving for ka pau kai

an hour later, he tells me he had ordered ka pau kai for both amy and himself




i’m leaving my house today to rekindle the flames with an ex-lover. 

now i know how it feels

to be the one standing near escalators, or on the side walk, trying to grab people's attention.

Today I was promoting the International Students Volunteer at the orientation program the uni had for the new students. I volunteered to run around the courtyard and wait at the entrance for people who were passing by. I did manage to get quite a number of flyers out. However, I had many futile attempts in getting people to grab a flyer. A girl literally ran when she saw me extending my hand out to her; a guy said his hands were full; another guy took the flyer and left it at the table behind me; another guy (who was from the goon society) came up to me and started dancing... I asked him, why are you dancing, and he said: why not? then it dawned on me...yes, it's the goon society, all they do is drink and be merry (they did drink a lot, i saw them going back and forth refilling their table with booze from the godfrey tanner bar right behind the expo room where we were - and they were promoting jelly wrestling...)

I met a couple of americans, which was weird. not that americans don't come here, but it's just that you wouldn't think they're international students until they utter their first word, or second, or third, or a word which would indicate their american-ness.

There was this one girl, whom i gave a flyer to, who asked where the nearest water fountain was. I wasn't sure and i randomly pointed and told her to walk down the hall. She actually walked down the hall and i'm not sure if she found any water fountains. then later that day, after the expo, i was walking back and i bumped into the same girl. TG she didn't remember who i was (i've already got rid of our neon green volunteer tshirt). we chatted and introduced who we are (i've now forgotten what her name is and i think she has too)...

anyways, the point is. sometimes we walk by those guys who shove stuff in our hands, i get irritated most of the time. but now, after knowing how it is to be in their shoes, i've learnt how comforting it is to stop and listen to what they have to offer. Please do that the next time you come around someone with flyers. yays.

teka teki

what do you call a person who keeps the broom and steals the kitchen scourge but does not use them or take any initiative to clean the house

sabbath mornings

I wake up

Picture 001

1. overdressed in sweaters and layers of fleece pants and a beanie

Picture 002

2. eat, shower, and discard garments, lotion up

Picture 006

3. throw on a button-up

Picture 007

4. choke myself with a tie

Picture 008

5. make my way into a jumper skinnier than me

Picture 010

6. phew…. made it in in one piece



selamat sabat, suksawan sabato, happy sabbath!


Floating skywards, the steam envelopes the entire room, layering glasses and mirrors with an ephemeral frost, suds streaming down, with the pull of gravity, and the wonders of chemistry, reacting one element of the earth, dissolving into nothingness

Suds stream down, again… bewilderment envelopes the being


Last night was freezing.  It was cold and it was raining.  I woke up with an itchy throat.  So much for wanting to go to sleep with the perfect hair and waking up with even perfect hair.  Beanie and winter are inseparable.  Wear it.  Use it.  Don it.

Anyways, I do hope that you guys who frequent my blog like the new template.  I messed around with the template yesterday arvo (aussie slang for afternoon) and ruined the whole thing.  Redid the blog again midnight last night.  Enjoy! :D

Before the end of this post I’d like to make a tribute to a coffee shop/Chinese restaurant (at Gaya Street, KK), called kedai kopi yee fung which I am very fond of as it has been part of my life, and it still is.  I remember going there almost every single day of the week before school and after school with either my Mom or my Dad with my brothers.  What more, the owners know us and they KNOW what I want the moment I step into the restaurant…being egocentric here harhar



and my favorite dish is this!!!! Ngau Chap – noodle soup served with various parts of the cow


You can either choose to have Mee Hun, Mee Halus (Kuning), or Keu Tiaw (is this how you spell it :P).

photo from Malaysia Food Blog, Malaysia Travel Blog

Gosh I’m salivating heavily now.  Pavlov can now ditch his dog and use me for the classical conditioning experiments. 

you're so small

today on my way to pay my rent, I nearly got run down three times. No, I wasn't jaywalking, not this time. I kept to the pedestrian path/walkway/whatever-its-called and on the zebra-crossings. It was funny because all the motorists that almost ran me down were ladies, and all of them had another lady sitting next to them. First, I was crossing on the zebra crossing, and cars were supposed to stop since it was a pedestrian-priority crossing area, but this lady simply zoomed by. I kept to the zebra-crossing (in a parking lot) and this lady in a small white car just careered even though me and a few other fellow pedestrians were crossing, finally, there was this big toyota land cruiser which ignored us who were on the zebra crossing again. Again I wasn't alone and this Australian mother who was walking with her daughter had a shouting contest with the female driver.

Oh wait, on my way back, across the first zebra walking where I almost got ran over, a pajero revved as it saw me crossing. I ran across and still managed to wave "Thanks." The driver was a lone Jane Doe and didn't show any sign of slowing down.

What is it with women and cars, not in general, but today. Is it like the world PMS day that I am unaware of?

Today in This Blog's History

Today this blog is making HISTORY!!! THE BIGGEST IF here... If you are bored and have nothing to do, please do go through my blog archives and you will notice that I have never posted anything up on the 15th of July. However, I have countless blog posts on both the 14th and the 16th. As I was browsing through, I noticed that around this time of the year, I would be preparing to fly back to Malaysia, which will be after hanging out with a zillion friends and shopping in BKK and bumping into models along the way. What can I say, models bump into their kind. Yes, it's a jungle out there, what nonsense am I vomiting here.

I've completed my enrollment for the next semester. I've looked at my schedule and I have classes everyday. Why can't it be like last semester where I only had classes from Mondays to Fridays. Gah.

On a different note, anyone feeling adventurous? Sabah, the beautiful tropical state of Malaysia has "heaps" of adventures that will cater to all. From its pearl-white sandy coastlines (I refuse to use the word beaches because somehow, no matter how I try to justify the difference between the phones [I] and [i:] - they still sound the same) to the rugged mountaneous terrains, Sabah is surely a leisure destination for tourists and even locals who, as the popular saying goes, want to shot two [or more] birds with one stone.

When one is in a tropical island, the encounter with water will surely be numerous. Well, you don't need to wait until it rains, AG River Adventures is here for you! Specializing in favorite water-themed activities, you'll get to raft (on both still waters and the rapids), boat, and fish. On top of that, you'll get to have hands-on experience with the local culture through their Homestay program. For more information, please visit their website!

The New Dress

Virginia Woolf is best known for her ability to delve into her characters’ stream of consciousness in the plot’s real-time.

In “The New Dress,” the protagonist, Mabel questions her reasons for being at that posh party.  Towards the end, Mabel makes this comment, “We are all like flies trying to crawl over the edge of the saucer…”  Flies.  There was an instance when a group of us were called flies, for reasons I am not sure of.  But when Mabel compared us to flies trying desperately to scamper to the edge of the saucer, it dawned on me how weak some of us are.  We are so drawn to many “sugary” things.  The bad thing about that is most of these “sugary” things come with preservatives and additives – an escapism into a temporal realm of relief. 


like a wild boar lurking around a tourist infested beach

(photo taken by my brother last January when we went Island Hopping)


I think the stingray took Rejection's sting.

I've been rejected, by my now malfunctioning laptop, and a person whom I just started talking to. How is it that some of us are able to confront rejection without the slightest scent of fear. Every time Rejection and Its counterparts and synonyms pass my way I'd crawl to a corner, cover myself with layers of blanket and yet still feel naked.

Revenge on Rejection will be a total flop in the box office. Look at Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - it had to fly to the galaxy far beyond our comprehension to be an mega-million franchise.

But Rejection has taught me a thing or two. It made me realize who I am, what I need to improve, and I thank God and my genes for giving me nothing but a thick skin and bones.

New Top

Picture 010


Picture 012



gimme some heat

Picture 008

I’ve got my beanie on, and my mittens, and two layers of sweaters plus that wool jacket i have on… it’s still cold

my laptop is giving me some troubles now, it’s flickering over and over again, i’ll need to get in touch with the hp guys about this, it’s such a nuisance

the weekend was great.  had dinner at the new pastor’s house.  there i had REAL chili!!! hahaha

meeting my new boss this afternoon, I really don’t know what to expect.  he told me to bring my laptop, but as i have said it’s not working so well… gah nothing good to write right now

Kacang Lupakan Kulit

I was chatting with Claroy, I am still actually.  He thought I’d forgotten how to speak Malay, and I told him that I’m not a Kacang Lupakan Kulit.  This is a Malay saying, meaning how a person has disregarded/neglected/forgotten his/her roots. 

This week has been so-so.  Thank God for churches though.  Yesterday, my band-mate (who plays the bass) rang me up and brought me to his office for some casual jobs.  First time doing stocks, and of course filing, which I’ve been trying to do since I started school many years ago.  It was a great feeling when I got my pay.  I haven’t earned anything for many months now

Thank God for the job I recently landed.  I’m now a representative for the International Student Volunteers.  Please visit the website they’ve got some really neat activities going on.

Will blog a lil’ more later