Fiddler on the couch

I can't fiddle the violin, mind you. But I do know how to fiddle around with things I ain't supposed to mess with. I did some changes to this blog, if you haven't noticed. One change that I am not so pleased with is the removal of my "So You Think You're a Diva" quote. I LOST IT... somehow, while fiddling around with the template of this blog. I found this really cool dark mysterious blog template, and edited the HTML and I found myself in murky waters. Hence, I reverted back to the original HTML, but ALAS! My previous gadgets/widgets have succumbed by millions of bytes.

Back to fiddling around with things. I DID attempt to learn the Violin, at this school called Karajan School of Music. My violin teacher was Mr. Thomas - same dude who taught my older bro, Shaun (Shaun, I hope you don't mind me linking you here). Well, one day after my lesson. I was wondering about in the lounge area. My eyes caught sight of this red button. The color was so alluring that I couldn't help but wander close to it.

On top of the lovely button was the word, "DANGER" ... actually I'm not quite sure what was printed but I'm definite it's along that line. There I was, pondering whether or not I should press the button... oh, wait a minute. I think "Do not press" was printed along with danger. Anyhow, my itchy finger couldn't resist. So I pressed.

"ALARM ALARM ALARM ALARM ALARM ALARM" (I've noticed most alarms are at the key of B flat, someone should research this - "Alarming Situations in B Flat"

Mr. Thomas huddled out from the classroom, and looked at me. His eyes and hair were wild. He looked at me and then the RED BUTTON. I hid behind the air that separated both of us but of course that was no camouflage whatsoever. He ran to the 1st floor and "fiddled" around with a large control box. The Alarm in B Flat ceased. Hmm...Alarm in B Flat. Sounds like a good title for a Sonata.

Mr. Thomas huddled back up to where I was (second floor). I've forgotten what he said but I'm pretty sure it was, "Are you stupid or what?"

The End... of the story, not this post!

I'm sitting in the Information Common. It's almost 11 and it's freezing out there. Came to the Uni for free internet with my housemates because someone apparently used up the internet quota back home. Fistful of a**holes whoever those culprits are. I'm paying for a service that I'm not even utilizing to the max. I was gone for a week and come back and there's less than a gig left.

Oh yes, I went to Sydney and Melbourne. I have decided that Melbourne is a nicer city. They have wider streets, rectangular city blocks, free trams, and free tourist buses.

Some blurry pictures for the delight of your eyes

Strutting in Sydney

The Opera House, went in that evening for a concert

Harbor Bridge

Expensive Asian Cuisine

Ignorance Vs. Mere Typo

Melbourne Central Train Station

Old chair and bed + mattress left strewn around at a country house I visited

Rolling hills. The broken furniture was facing this view. Great view. Wonder why the couch and bed broke.

A Submarine buried halfway in a field. This area was miles away from the ocean. Haven't the slightest idea how it got there

Blueberry and Raspberry cheesecake. Bought from McCafe to celebrate Lily and Naara's birthdays.

Charcoal Bamboo Bun, with garlic, butter and lots of green stuff

Egg tart. Not the greatest, but my first in many months!

I Yelped

the moment the skin of my thighs come into contact with the icy toilet seat. 

It’s been a while now since the last post.  It’s the holidays, but that ain’t a good enough reason for me to not blog :P Fret no more because I really have nothing in my hands at the moment.  I might even blog by the hour.  Haha creak creak creak. 

I’ve been sick, actually, this past week.  I’m on the road to perdition… well, who knows where I’ll end up but I will try my best to detour to the road to paradise.  I’m feeling much better now thank you very much. 

Yesterday was a blissful day.  I went to Uni to pass up my last assignment for the semester.  For the first time I see that everyone is cuddled up in their winter wear.  Not like when I first got here and had an eyeful almost everyday.  I came back yesterday with an aching back - Too much clothes on my back.  Haha, never happened to me before. 

Another point to make, I tried this first week of winter without a heater.  Soon, I realized that that was impossible.  My housemate, Lee, and I got ourselves heaters on Thursday.  We’re quite happy with our purchase.  Now we can have our laptops on our laps (heating our laps) and dangle our feet in front of the heater, and sip warm ginger milk tea. 

Oh yes, I’ve been boiling ginger in water (duh!) and making ‘milk tea’ out of it. 

Cara cara membikin

1. Sliced ginger

2. a pot of water

3. Fire

Put sliced ginger in the pot of water and place the pot over a burning fire (why do people say ‘burning fire,’ its so redundant… a fire is ALREADY burning).  Wait till boiling, and check if the water has turned into a nice yellowy color… it could be red sometimes too.  Get yourself a mug, put three tea spoons of raw sugar, then add a cup of full cream milk, then pour the boiling hot ginger water inside.  Do not forget to include a few slices of ginger.  After you’re done with the tea, I INSIST you eat the sliced ginger.  It really does help clear the nose, and it’s good for the body.  I love ginger.  I ate three large pieces last night and ended up crying.  But man could I breath after that!!! It felt like my nostrils expanded. 

On a different note:  here are pictures of me making banana fritters, with the help of my brother Shaun, through Skype!






Woke Up This Morning

I had a strange dream.  No, it was not a dream about a fiery ball crashing a giant statue built to commemorate me.

I was to play for a friend’s wedding.  This friend is already married and I did play for her wedding a few years ago.  Anyway, I was told to be at the hall by a certain time.  For weddings, I make it the point to go early.  Just to warm up and start playing while people fill in the church.  Unfortunately for this wedding, it took me ages to get ready (I normally take only half an hour tops to get ready).  I couldn’t find time to get ready.  So I left without shoes. 

I got there with my Mom.  Then I stupidly realize that I’m shoeless, so I told her that I  need to go back home for my shoes.  She gave me a key to a motorbike.  I went to the parking lot and found the bike attached to some kind of contraption, like a tuk tuk.  The key that my Mom gave me, however, was not for the bike.  But it was for a drawer.  I unlocked the drawer hoping for a key for the bike but there was none.  I started causing a scene, which led to a pole falling into a ditch.  It was a steel pole.  The pole “floated around” and suddenly there was a violent churning in the water.  Apparently there were propellers that were ensuring continuous flow of the water.

I went back to the hall soaked and dirty (I went into the ditch to take the steel pole out).  I got to the hall, and I could hear someone vocalizing.  I went in and met my Mom and I told her that I wasn’t able to go home to get my shoes. 

I woke up.  

payah hu….

Night and Day You are the one!!! apparently this monday, australia will be celebrating the queen’s bday.  I don’t know why, but as long as people can come up with reasons to have sales and a longer weekend a li'l’ celebration to remember past colonizers wouldn’t hurt.  probably malaysia should do the same… have holidays to commemorate when the Japanese gave us over to the Brits, when Portuguese was defeated by the Brits, what else??

I dropped by Cotton On a few days back, saw this pair of jeans which was really nice, and it was on sale.  Cotton On is the equivalent of A&F.  The store said All Stock Sale 70&.  I stepped in and saw that the prices are still the same. 

MOVING ON, I remember for the past few years my friday evenings and saturday afternoons would be packed with practices.  Well, say hello to practices!!! I’m back to my routine.  This time, I wouldn’t look at it as being a ‘routine.’  I’ll try to make it as meaningful as possible. 


Covetous eyes linger

on the weary skin

that cocoons the being within

Flustered, the eyes 

take a final glimpse

of what could be his. 

His eyes refraining, straining

so hard that blood gushes through the tight capillaries 

Red, web-like vines creep along the white surface

of his retina

The eyes’ iris

indifferent to the being that lays before him.

The iris keeps him sane,

the iris cocoons the being within.

Daron Loo, Winter 2009

*You won’t always get what you want.  whether it be something animate or inanimate.  You say that life is unfair and ask:  “Why didn’t you show me B before giving me A?”