Readers be WARNED: contains disturbing language. 

Last Monday we had presentations for our LING6950 class.  I just had to use the restroom after half an hour of listening.  I went to the restroom and here is what i found:


Here I sit broken-hearted

came to shit, but only farted

Yesterday I took a chance,

Tried to fart & shit my pants. 


*Sorry I had to tweak this picture

Some come here to sit & wonder

Others come here to shit & thunder

But I came here to scratch my balls

and read the bullshit on the walls

Someone in sociology should consider giving this a research…

So much for being in a native-English speaking country.

Here is a poster seen on walls, and on computer screen savers all around the campus:


Due to recent attacks on staff and students, the university has arranged free shuttles to transport staff and students to their respective destinations.  DON’T GO IT ALONE FOLKS!

Thank You

For many soiled dishes that you stack up in, on, and around the sink.  This sight greets me, waves to me like a pendulum, luring me to leave the added baggage weight that I just got, after returning from the University. 

For the refuse, that we refuse to keep in our rooms.  Not only are these defiled objects thrown into the kitchen bin, they are left there to rot, overflowing the house on 26 Heaton with spicy scents of the orient and nauseating stinks of the west. 

A day never passes by when I don’t think about you.  You take my mind off the cat, which meows and scratches on my head, revealing the folds of my brain. 

i'm blogging from home!

finally i got my internet set up. me and my other housemates have been desperately bugging the phone + internet company since the start of the semester. yipeee!!!

tickly thursday

at my TESOL Curriculum and Methodology Class:

Groupwork (ongoing discussion)

Student A: So the theme of our group's lesson is to teach students how to use adjectives
Student B: So what would the function of this lesson plan be?
Student C: I know! The function of this lesson plan is for students to be able to describe the appearance of a person or a place
Student D: I think we need more specific wording. Hmm...what about substituting 'describe' with 'identify'?
Student C: bla bla bla bla yapping away yapping away @#$$%^ (I think describe is the best word)
Student D: {Quiet}
Student C: Excuse me Rachel (In Australia we call our teachers by their first name without their designation)! Is 'identify' an operational word?
Student D, A, B, and teacher are all confused - why the sudden question about operational words?!??!!??!!? we're talking about how to make a lesson plan to teach adjectives and not operational words....WHATLAH

This is a tiny snippet of what happened at my curriculum class. I did mention "Student C" in my previous post. Try guessing who this student is and you might find yourself a lucky winner of something.

I'm an MA(ture) Student

This is a blog-public lash out on a few of the people that I have classes with. I shouldn't be writing this.

I have this one classmate, whom I sat with early this year, but I have since avoided him. He has retainers and he takes them off when you're talking to him. He sniffs the retainers and put them back in, takes it out, sniffs them again.

I have this one classmate, who I always end up with in groupwork. She is a phd student (don't ask me why she's in my class). She has loads of teaching experience.
Being a phd student and having lots of teaching experience does not make you better. I have been putting up with her stubbornness. She likes things her way. She makes the rest of the group members look insignificant. So today, after much debate of what our focus in the lesson should be (we were supposed to plan a lesson that teaches ESL students how to describe... she wants to teach simple present tense. go figure). I got fed up of her pushing for her opinion and I left - i went to the boy's toilet and stared into the mirror, washed my face, went to the piano room which was opposite my classroom, stared at the piano.

So much for being an MA(ture) student.

i think...

i'm gonna start writing poetry again :)

last weekend my cousin stella and her fiance ian came to visit me

by the end of the day we made new friends!

Was trying to help our new friend be decent

Kawan kawan baru

we sat here for about an hour

There was a cute little cafe behind this water feature

This is me standing next to an achor... there were many anchors on display

A stack of cards in front of the student center

According to Ian, this was one of the only signs worth taking pictures of

They just got here and went off for chinese

breakfast at hungry jacks a.k.a. burger king