Universal Grammar is can be very appealing to us, learning a language. It saves us 'heaps' of time investigating how we develop complex grammatical systems and such. But I would want to be complicated, I love the thought of us heading towards the innatist direction - where we are born with capabilities of learning a language, which in turn, need stimulation from consistent input.

Last week I got tired of preparing proper meals for myself (rice, pasta, etc.). So I decided to run to the store and buy some instant noodles. I haven't had them since last year. So off I went to Woolworths and bought a couple of them. There was Maggie, but I was not brave enough to try them since I would like to keep fond memories of Maggie in my tastebuds, in other words, what if the Maggie here sucked and I end up not liking them - forever?

Btw, I'm in the quiet zone at the 4th level of the library. I'm typing away and there is much noise.

One of the flavors I got was Laksa. I am in need of spicy food so I thought Laksa would be good for dinner. I carefully followed the cooking instructions on the back of the package... WHATEVER who cares for instructions!!! ahhahahahaha

The Laksa is now ready for digestion. I forked the first tangle of noodles into my mouth... anticipating spiciness....NOTHING!!!



i have 666 posts so far excluding this one. errr....

First day of Easter I went to the Newcastle Beach (near the train station) with some Chinese people

More pictures of the beach
Me and my dusun friend went wandering about... the beach just extends miles and miles away. It was windy and we didn't have much time. So i'll promise more pictures next time

How would you like to wake up to a kitchen looking like this?

Today after class I met up with my two Sabahan friends at the courtyard in the center of the cafeteria. They had this live band. They were great. There are two guys, one with the double bass and the other with the guitar. There's a lady in the middle (Can't see from this picture). She plays the clarinet and the saxophone and tap dances as well (percussion) - they were doing "It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't got a Swing" when i took this pict.

to the teachers out there


I am doing a literature review on the shift of the traditional structural approach to teaching a language (e.g. Grammar-Translation Method) to the more contemporary functional-contextual approach (communicative method)... I came across THIS while reading an article:

From the grammarian George Curne, cited from Bandwagons Revisited: A Perspective on Movements in Foreign Language Education by Frank M. Grittner (1990) in the book New Perspectives and New Directions in Foreign Language Education (p. 19).

[talking about how errors are handled in the grammar translation method] "bla bla bla bla ... Similarly, the grammarian George Curne (11) saw error correction in terms of students' written productions and connected red ink on student papers with the pleasure that comes with a job well done:

At regular periods under any system the teacher himself ought to correct the exercises of all his students and return them corrected in red ink. Many a good man, frightened at the shortness of life, has said: "I haven't time for this, I must reserve some time for my own development." The answer has always come to the author from the uplifted faces of his students, who look so confidingly at him, young men and women full of latent intellectual strength that is just awaiting a sympathetic touch, a word, to be aroused to a healthy activity for a whole life, which will go on when the teacher's life has stopped. The writer has on his shelf an array of empty red ink bottles that tell a story. As he looks at them he has no word of regret. Now and then a letter from an old student sends a warm glow throughout his whole body. It paid! (p. viii).

hey hey you you

last time i checked i was 55 kgs!!!!

p/s - i came here weighing only 47-8 kgs

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Shiez....shiiessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss urgh

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OK, now for the boring part

1. I'm currently in Australia (some people still don't know where I am) doing a postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics.

2. I love playing the piano. Yes, people whom I know listen to me rattle about how much I hate it but my fingers yearn to touch the keys and make beautiful and ugly music.

3. I am turning 23 this August and I feel like I still have too much that I want to do before hitting 30 - considering another undergraduate degree; volunteering for language researches at some remote island/jungle; WORKING/etc. - jeez daron who's rushing you to settle down (THIS IS AN UNCONTROLLABLE REACTION TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO ARE TYING THE KNOT)

4. A stereotype boy isn't supposed to like shopping but I simply LOVE it. I'm special.

5. I'm a bit torn right now because I know I can produce better English/Malay but I simply can't. I am afraid I have reached the phase where everything I know is fossilized and learning new input would be difficult.

6. Reaction to #5 - I am born bilingual. Thanks to parents-talk/caretakers-talk. I believe most of you who read my blog are bilinguals/multilinguals (polyglots) as well.

7. You know how we are given ID numbers at school; house numbers (address)... okay I like many numbers, one of them is the number '26.' In my final year in primary school I was student number 26 in my class; I was living in a tent called Charlie 26 with 9 other guys when I was in National Service, and now I'm living at house number 26, here in Jesmond, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Earth, the Universe.

7 lucky victims?

nah.... I'm not gonna tag anyone :P hihihihihi sorry

korean drama anyone?

Credit Rolls...

Fast-moving images:
"yesterday on my way back from school, i saw three koreans"

The air was chilly and the skies were cloudy. "What are your plans over the holidays?" Daron asks Jen and Lisa, his Taiwanese classmates.
"Oh, I'll be going down to Sydney on Friday, I'm gonna spend my week there," replied Lisa.
"What about you Jen?"
Jen looked at me and then looked up into the sky... "Nothing!"

We were approaching 50 Heaton Street when we heard screams.
"Stop! Stop! (In Korean :P)
For the sake of not obviously gawking at the people screaming, Daron, Lisa, and Jen used their peripherals to make out whether there was a circus going on in this sleepy neighborhood.

Three Koreans - One big guy, one smaller guy, and a Korean girl. The Big guy was dragging the other guy across the front lawn, slapping him and screaming at him at the same time. The Korean girl gave a few shrieks occasionally.

Daron detected other onlookers from the neighbors' homes.

The three students simply walked away.

*The End*

Could anyone tell me what the psychological term is for people who simply want to be bystanders and not get involved. I studied it in general psychology but I can't remember the proper term...


Yes, I did go to the seminar yesterday.

The seminar turned out pretty interesting. It was a lecture about a language spoken on the island of Vanua Lava. The language which was discussed is called Vures (the "e" has two dots on it). A one hour lecture won't be able to cover the language's idiosyncrasies, so the speaker only talked about adverbs, specifically directions. We all know how in English directions work in a 'logical' order, e.g. what is in front of me might be behind you; what is on my left may be on your right, etc. The directional adverbs in the Vures language works on a different system, unfortunately. What is behind, above, in, out, etc. are dependent on how far you are from the sea/land. All these directional adverbs are dictated by the island itself. Talk about how language and WHERE THE LANGUAGE IS SPOKEN are so closely related.

one thing

ONE THING about having the option of whether you want to attend classes or not is that you'll opt to not attend classes... most of the time. Not that I've skipped any, but I'm seriously considering skipping one i'm having in 8 minutes.



..., I came back home and my housemate was telling me that we're out of rice. For those that don't know, I share groceries (only for dinners) with two other guys.

So, yes I know we're out of rice. He keeps reminding though which made me a little irritated. So I finally said: WTH I'll go and get rice from the supermarket. I changed and set out for the quest for rice.

Everything was okay until I got to the counter. After paying for the rice, I tried to fit it into the bag. It was a 10KG rice so getting it into my school bag was a problem. When I finally did get it in, I broke the zipper of my bag. It's not my bag actually, it's my younger brother's and it's expensive.

To add up to that, my umbrella broke when I left the supermarket. I would really dive into the details but thinking about this series of unfortunate events make me want to go La La all over the library.