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i don't have any internet access yet, i am blogging from the university. will blog crazily once my house gets hooked up.

i'm alive people!

My Last Blog Entry from Tamparuli, Sabah

I’m leaving for the airport in a few minutes.  I’m going to go start a temporary new life somewhere else.  I hope to be back soon, that is, if there is a job for me here in Borneo. 

I’m nervous and excited at the same time :)

Thanks Jules, Tina, Choco, and Avonnie for keeping me company!!! And to many others as well :)

So My Brother Sent Me Something from the USA

I’ve been anticipating to receive this package from my brother from months now.  I am still anticipating. 

It’s actually supplements for my acne-ridden face.  I try not to be vain but it sucks sometimes going around with huge zits blooming from my clogged pores.  While waiting, I got a little anxious.  I wasn’t sure how the Malaysian customs treat packages as such.  I did a little online search on how they handled these matters and came accross Kennysia’s blog entry.  He had some supplements + vits delivered to him from the States and some of the items he purchased were confiscated. 

My brother had it sent via track-able mail.  So we were able to keep an eye on the delivery.  This Monday it cleared customs: that can mean either they found the supplements safe or they stole them for personal use and sent me a letter saying that these supplements are illegal you’ll have to keep your acne forever and ever… hehehe

So I decided to call the post office in KK (that’s where our mail goes) and inquire about this package of mine.  A lady answered my call and I explained to her who I was and what I wanted from them.  She wasn’t able to catch my name – I have no idea why.  I told her the tracking number and she said she’ll check and she had me hold on to the line.  So I held and held.  She finally came back and said the package arrived on the 10th and that there should be a slip for me to use to retrieve the parcel.  I explained to her that I checked my mailbox yesterday and there was no such slips.  Only a Reader’s Digest promotion thingy and some other gov. stuff for my mom!!! She kept insisting that the slip is there and I kept persisting that I didn’t see any.  Btw, she asked me earlier when my bro sent the package and I said probably a month ago… she gladly adds after finding the package that it was sent on the 30th of Jan.  So what?!?!?  Once it has reached the post office they should immediately issue the slip.  When it was sent shouldn’t be THE ISSUE at all.

So she asked me to drop by Counter 1 with my IC.  We’ll see how things go from there. 

How Many More Sunsets?


View from my house on the hill.


This evening the sky was orange.  I don’t remember having skies like these before… I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time. 

How many more sunsets before I leave this place, again.

How many more sunsets before I return to this place?  :)

I Will Take Hold of You

Because I need You Jesus…

Remember that song from Festival of Faith?  If it weren’t for Deanna, it would taken me the whole semester to learn how to play that song on the piano. 

I reckon all of us have a certain talent, a specialty.  Yet there are many times, too, when we fall back on someone to push us further.  Yet there are many times too that we become to dependable on an extrinsic force to help pave the road for us.  Well, honey it doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes it takes efforts from the self to get the ball rolling. 

I’m leaving Borneo again in a week.  I have become to comfortable here and it’s about time to feel like a stranger again… it’s good to be somewhere where NOBODY knows you.  You can start anew.  Whether this new start will be good or bad, it’s totally up to me. 

On a different note: Coming back home, where is home?  I find out how much my younger brother has grown.  Not physically (hihihihi) but how dependable he is now.  He’s got almost everything under control, the house, the cars, the dogs, the cat, the lawn… etc.  I think he’ll be the first to settle down and start his own family.

ish minta manja saja…


this is how my dog begs for food.


went to the market today and hooked up with two of my friends from high school


the guy in white: billythurs; the guy in orange: alvin chan… alvin looks like he can be on GQ :P




A Walk Down Memory Lane

I followed my brother down town this evening and dropped by my mom’s office.  My mom and i went around town to get some groceries and went back to the library so she shelve some books.  She was responsible for a little section in the children’s reading area.  I remember hanging out here during my six years of study in town.  I remember I was as tall as the shelves… I distinctly remember there were more books, probably they got written off, probably i was just tiny ten years back and that gave me the perception that everything else is bigger. 



there’s my mom arranging books…ehehe


one of my favorite readings! TINTIN

that’s all for now.

swimming forever in my head

so i haven’t been blogging for a while now.  maafkan daku.  kotot na krap, tui bu qi, my apologies…

The remaining Loo family members did not do much for Chinese New Year, we didn’t even visit my Dad’s relatives in Kota Kinabalu.  to tell you the truth I only know one cousin from these relatives that are living in KK, her name is Elaine and we went to St. James together.  She is one year older than me.  The rest have all migrated to who knows where.  OOPS, I did DO something for CNY.  We went over to Charmaine’s house! Tina, Choco, Nathan, and I.  Stayed there for about an hour before heading for this:



The Donuts were great.  Delicious.  But I would only recommend having them once a month. 

The rest of the days were spent figuring out things for my next big move, visa runs, bank runs, doctor’s appointment.  Oh, I found out that the young hot female doctor that did my medical checkup was from St. James too.  Gosh the world is so small. 

I did have FUN with my girlfriends last Saturday night.  We went to the local market and bought lots of local kuih-muih.  Nothing can BEAT buying DELICIOUS CHEAP FOOD!!! I had martabak telur, lots of kuih pisang, fried tapioca, and KUIH BULAN smeared with butter… yummy…

We watched this movie:


when a stranger calls:  jill had to babysit some kids who lived several planets away from civilization.  she starts getting these prank calls.  most of the time, you could only hear the breath of the person at the other side of the line. 

yes the “stranger” plays around with jill before appearing.  oh yeah, apparently the stranger was in the house from the very beginning.  don’t even ask me how he got in.

it’s an old movie but me and my girlfriends did scream here and there.

by the way, the above picture is the scene where they (jill and the kids) escape the crazy man.  some of her hair is caught in the door and that guy is pulling it.  ouch.