A Little Tour

I’ve been busy going down town to get everything set before I sing this song…

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go,

I’m standing here, outside your door,

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye (gosh I got even more depressed… I don’t have anyone sleeping with me yet to wake up to say goodbye… gah)

So, I for most of you readers out there who never got a glimpse of how my room looks like: here is a little something for your eyes to feast on!


Every single thing on my desk has a story of its own.  If you noticed, I have two of those couple-pigs on this study of mine.  A string holds them together, and when you pull them apart, the string will wind them back together!!! :D sungguh comel! :D


The pictures in the picture: the one with the red background is my kindergarten graduation picture, which was like 16-17 years ago… and the one that I’m holding is my most recent grad pict, May 2008.  DSC01613

My closet! :D  I managed to squeeze everything into this little closet.  In MC I could hang everything nicely… in Sabah, I’ll just have to make do with the space I have… and I’m not complaining! :D


A little secret about Daron for all of us!  I don’t find this embarrassing, but if this particular section of the post offends anyone, I sincerely offer my deepest apologies.

I have a passion for undergarments… look at them boxes i’ve acquired since coming back

ehehehehehehe what I am wearing now:


don’t play play!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahhahahahah…btw vivian got me those


This is where I lay my head to sleep.


That’s the dump. clothes, books, shoes, anything basically.


why not get fit if you can’t get fat!  whoa… that could be a really good line for a show… instead of tyra banks’ “do you want to be on top?”

adios for now



This is what I had for breakfast:



A not-so-good close up of my sandwich. 

So I quickly made myself this grilled sandwich.  Spread butter all over your bread, then place the bread on a frying pan.  For this particular sandwich I used three slices of bread (DUHH!!!)  I had cheese and fried omelet as the filling… Just look at the MELTED CHEESE OOZING OUT… and yeah, for all you hot-sauce lover out there… I had a tolerable amount of tabasco sauce smeared all over the egg… gosh i’m hungry again.

I Got to Beat My Dog, Snowy

No, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not going to beat Snowy up.  I just need to beat her to sleep.  I need to get into bed earlier.  Last night went to bed close to midnight.  BAD IDEA.  Snowy recently (only this week) started howling, barking, growling, animal noises IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT.  I’m so effing angry right now.  I’m having a headache.


Don’t forget the Spices

So I’ve changed my blog template.  After seeing that Deanna has made some changes to her blog, I immediately thought that I would jump into the bandwagon.  Not a really big bandwagon by the way. 

Still the same gloomy weather here in Tamparuli.  It was cloudy the whole day and I think I’m emotionally tormented by this weather.  I need to get out of this house.  I’ve been stuck here for the past four-five days. 

Even playing the piano hurts my ears now.


The constant thuds

of watery bodies

pounds from your zinc roof

Everything is wet, wet, wet.

No solace,

No where to hide, hide, hide.

Moist creeps, twitching its unseen limbs

Penetrating into invisible depths.

It impregnates everything, even your door. 

Everything sizes up, up, up.

Your nose itches.

The air is wet, wet, wet.

in your pores.

weekend craze

I downloaded five movies yesterday and I’ve seen two so far.  :D

Watched The Day the Earth Stood Still (is that the title?) and Madagascar 2.  I was hoping for more destruction in the first movie.  Sounds crazy but I have this sick liking of seeing how things are destroyed.  I was hoping for those bugs to wipe out half of Manhattan but it seems that they only reached central park.  tsk tsk… Yes I like it when there’s lots of action going on, but I hate gore.  ehhihihihi

Madagascar 2 was funny.  But I preferred the first one.  King Julian is cute. 

I’m going to go clean the house again and wash my laundry.  I’ll end this post with a hawt picture:


So do you only wanna Bowl?

HA! Just got back from town with some old friends.  We went bowling.  First time for me.  :D 


Having McDonald’s apple pie now.  I thought I would refrain from fast food.  Can’t help it sometimes.  Gah…i't’s 3:00 am.  Gnite.

I Love…

My new Vincci shades…


off to town to buy some gifts. So many people’s bdays this month and next ! :D

Okay I just got back from town with my mom and brother. We stopped by the market for some vegetables. GOSH!!! THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!! I MISS SHOPPING FOR GROCERIES IN THAILAND. I think I'm having a hint of culture shock here... I was like... what's the point of buying a RM1 (10 Baht) of Kangkung (morning glory) when it can only satisfy a CHILD!!

Hello Hello

Finally for a post.  I’ve quit my job in Mission College.  My last day of work there was on Tuesday the 6th, and on the 7th, I flew to Sandakan and met up with Julios and his family.  The airport was quaint, in a good way.  They had a wall which was made up entirely of different colored glass panes.  I wouldn’t call it stained glass because there wasn’t any scenes/people being portrayed… Anyway, I did manage to get myself moving about in Sandakan, not too much though.  We went to Sepilok to check out the monkeys but it was raining heavily.  CAUTION:  IF YOU PLAN TO HOLIDAY IN BORNEO IN DECEMBER/JANUARY, PLEASE THINK TWICE BECAUSE IT’S THE RAINY SEASON. 

My flight back from Sandakan to KK was interesting.  I’ve never experienced a turbulent flight.  This flight was rather turbulent.  The take off was smooth.  So was the first 10 minutes.  But the remaining 35 minutes of the flight was shaky.  Even the flight attendant gave up walking up and down the aisles and sat herself down on a chair across from me.  This, again, is caused by the crappy weather thanks to THICK CLOUDS HANGING ABOVE SABAH.  Now I think Sabah has become more of “Land Below the Clouds” instead of “Land Below the Wind.”

Friday evening, went to vespers like a good matured boy.  Sat next to my mother, and the next day I went to church and met up with a bunch of friends.  Some friends were nice, some were not.  But I’m not telling cause I’m not going to waste my time bitching over it. 

SUNDAY!! Woke up early to go to the Tunku Abdul Rahman islands!  We actually went to Mamutik and Sapi, only.  Wooohooo!! It’s a dream come true for me! http://tekadaron.blogspot.com/2008/10/i-want-to-go-to-these-places-in-january.html

I blogged about wanting to go and I did go! :D  Well enough said, everything else will be explained through pictures:


some graffiti we found at Gaya Street


The first island, Pulau Mamutik! :D




More sunbathing at the second island Pulau Sapi


The gals. 

Have more the post, but you could always to go Facebook and check out the pictures there. 

I had a blast

a post will follow soon after i recover from my on-the-verge-sore-throat.


Shake your derriere

It’s humid.

It’s muddy.


I landed yesterday evening at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, LCCT.  Vivian is here with me now.  I will blog more later.  Can’t really get online now.  A tree in front fell and snapped our phone line.  :D

It’s good to be back! 

I'm in Sandakan

I haven't gone out. Well, I did but not so far from where I am.

I have joined forces with the Ubara family in their "construction business"

Will update soon.

So the Journey Begins

I didn’t sleep at all last night.  I had friends over, and a friend accompany me till I left Mission College. 

This is how I look right now: 

Picture 001

If you can’t tell, I’m angry because I was supposed to collect my VAT refund sixty days within the purchase of my laptop.  HILANG DUIT!!!!!

will update again in a few hours from KL.  There’s this bunch of Indians who remind me of how the Chinese are. 

To tell you the truth I bumped into these two groups of peeps on the way to my gate.  I bumped into this large Chinese group first, who lined up at the Thai Passport immigration line. 

I then bumped into this Indian group at the checkpoint before my gate.  The uniformed-lady was asking the Indian man in front of me to take off his jacket.  He kept repeating “ticket? ticket? ticket?”

The lady got annoyed.  He still didn’t understand even when she started poking at his jacket.  CREAK!

peace out bebeh!

I Guess This is It

I’m sitting in my room, on my bed.  It’s 12:30 am.  I still have about 2 hours before the van comes to pick me up.  Then it’s Goodbye Thailand. 

I will find myself back here in 2-3 years, I hope. 

Thank God

thank God for parents.  They nag you… in a good way. 

New Year resolution:  No more buying clothes until Christmas… unless of course there is a pressing need. 

I’m going to work tomorrow but I think I’m gonna get home early.  Loose ends to tie.


I went to Bangkok Yesterday.  I did the usual stuff:

1. Spent Money

2. Spent Money

3. Spent Money

I’m close to being broke. 

I said goodbye to these people:

1. Dustin

2. Switzerlyna

3. Pappu

4. Jay

I’m gonna miss these people.



I just finished watching that movie with my Dad and Mom. 

I’ve been wanting to watch that for quite a number of years now but I just never got around getting hold of a copy.  I got it last week for only 59 Baht.  Some video store at Korat was having a clearance sale and everything was like 80% off. 

The movie… was amazing.  How the lady goes to this town and introduces chocolate to the people.  What I really like is how real the movie portrays a conservative society.  It’s rather cliche though but the thought of having a town accept change is something I would want to happen in my OWN town.

Sometimes people are just so narrow-minded. 

Church was nice today.  The liturgy that I planned for was changed, the person doing offering appeal decided that he wanted to throw in two songs… which really caught me off guard.  I’m not complaining.  It’s my last sabbath so I should remember it with a smile, shouldn’t I?

I’m going down town tomorrow. :)

The 2nd Day of the New Year

Why do we have crazy weather these days?  Just a few days ago, I was relieved as there were signs that winter was coming to an end.  Then just two nights ago, the cold came back.  To top up to that, the wind is here too.  I’m an Asian.  Wind + low temperatures aren’t really common to me. 

I was walking dogs and keeping an eye on a cat over New Year’s.  Not such an exciting job = I need to run with the dogs all over campus until it accomplishes its ‘job.’  The cat, despite all its cuteness, and one crazy eye, had to greet me every morning with a cage (a big enough cage) full of droppings. 

My mom and dad are outside, trying to transform the garden into something similar to what we have in Malaysia.  Fruit trees, vegetables, etc. growing abundantly.  I hope they succeed.  So my dad will be occupied when I’m gone. 

When I’m Gone sounds like a poem.  Probably I’ll dive into that idea when I’m feeling more… literary. 

Happy New Year again!


PUNCA JERAWAT: “Kau ingat senang kah mau main piano?!?”