The Epic Weekend

Ban Sang Beach
(photo credits: Julios Ubara, Deanna Majilang, Mark Simpul, Elvin Walemba)
We are on the race to find what suits us best. We never seem to miss a beat when it comes to satisfying our sinful insatiable needs. You may be wondering what silliness is Daron brewing here.

Just look at the anxious faces on the picture on top. "Where am I going to sit?" "How will the resort look like?"

Stillness was broken that Friday morning when about 130 people boarded wheel-supported, engine-powered, metal-works driven by our very own kind, to a beach four distant hours away. Isn't that sad, we go through all sorts of measure to ensure "machines" don't fail their creators, but it is still THE creator that handles the MACHINES.

"I don't care, I want my own seat!" Asia has recently had an influx of Diva-ish beings. These once hierarchy-leaning society is now crumbling, deconstructing themselves into a horizontal and flat community. Take for example this man in the picture with the brown shirt. He is flat.

He would definitely have trouble finding a comfortable spot to snuggle into.

Look at how peaceful and calm this dog is. Why can't we lower ourselves down to standards as such? We always strive to be on top. We try and try and try. Our quest to be on top has become so narrowed that Tyra Banks can't think of a better catch line for ANTM that she had to use the simple interrogative sentence: Do you want to be on TOP?"

You can't always be on top:

The five top banana models prepping to be on top. Off they rode into the was mid-afternoon: off they rode into the _________________ (fill in the blanks)

The Challenge: To stay on top.

p/s: Off we went! We were circling about a kilometer away from the shore. The ride was great! We were screaming at the top of our lungs... btw, I can't swim.

Nobody can ever be on top. We fell of this banana 5-6 times. We literally crashed into the sea and it's not fun.

My dear friend Julios giving my hair a spa treatment. Did you know that the sand granules clear the pores of the hair.

I don't know what we were looking at. That's the biggest irony of life. We wander aimlessly. Like the banana boat. Realization only sinks in when you are thrown off.

When the storm starts to blow, you begin prancing around. You tie yourselves down and conform to what is considered normal. While everything else is moving around you, you are stuck in your room... your safe-haven, the bottomless pit

Storm clouds wrap around your shelter. Nothing falters. Trees, leaves, sand, are all shrieking in anticipation for the rain to pound on them, shape them, mold them, and you are protected by the concrete confinement you have subject yourself to.

If you have found my philosophical spasms corny, please do leave comments. I am revisiting my literary side.


almost all english majors... we decided to have a little get together on sunday night. it's been some time since we had a meal together, since those hot humid afternoon visits to the waterfall. walked all the way to the health spa for some crazy camera-whoring afterwards.

pre-practice dinner we had this evening. The barefooters enjoying 50 dumplings!!!!

we're gonna have more dumplings at our next practice!!!

apparently, we were so high from the dumplings that we went half-a-step higher in most of our attempts of the songs.

another week has begun, this week won't be that long though. We're having the midterm break. Break begins on thursday and classes resume as normal on monday. unfortunately, the break isn't for staff/faculty. We only get thursday off and we'll need to be in the office on friday. but i'm going to work on thursday anyway... so i'll get this friday and next friday off!!! (it's my turn for half days these two next fridays).

it's been really hot these days, the temperature has surely risen to the point where you just feel like staying indoors and not walk where the sun rays shine.

what did i do last weekend? NOTHING!!! ahhahahahahha, which was really great. I got to roll around on the bed like a lazy cat.

i love cats! meow meow *purrrr~~~~~~

the dawn of the weekend

Thank you Deanna for informing me of the sales at Boots. Went for a boots shopping spree Friday evening. Now I can start my own spa in the comfort of my home! (From left: coco island massage oil; fcuk shape it hair clay; softening foot butter; milky splash body mist; into the blue bubble bath)

Who would resist pancakes for breakfast?

turn off

people killing people dying, children somethingsomethingsomething...

that was the music that was playing, LOUDLY, at the gym this morning. I had just finished my run at the tracks and wanted to hit the gym, but was seriously turned off at the sound of that music. I can imagine working out sambil menari-ing to the rap.

I love black eyed peas, i do... remember that stint i had with rochael and arlyn? backing up carol for her concert... those were the days... i think i blogged about it some time ago.

A few days back my very good friend and his brother, who is a very good friend of mine too, brought me out for dinner. It was the media/PA guys' out... I help these ppl sometimes with powerpoints and other stuff so I guess that was why i was invited...eheheheh

we had dinner at PINOY'S!!! nope nope...not filipino food, pinoy is the name of the owner of the restaurant. 'pi' is an salutation you give to older people, and 'noy' is her nickname.

we had tom yum chicken, fried chicken with chili sauce, century eggs, luk lak (cambodian beef dish), fried vegetables with beef, stir-fried vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, and rice, and pepsi

you're missing out something BIG if you don't visit pinoy's atau restoran restoran lain yang sewaktu dengannya while being at MC

oh yeah, this is the new notebook/laptop/komputer riba i used my phone to take a picture of the laptop, which had its webcam turned on... if you have not noticed, you can see angelina nodding her head in agreement that this laptop is the bestest, via the reflection of my mirror.

It's midterms next week, and a month after miterms will be the final exams, then christmas, then tahun baru, then 2009!!!!

masa utk berjiwang:
like the woman in front of you,
you try to catch up to her,
enthralled by the scent of her perfume,
you try to recall, but "nombor yang anda dial, tiada dalam perkhidmatan"

she is like a mirage,
pushing herself away from you.

... i've exhausted my creative juice (yuck sounds so wrong) this morning

carilah perempuan lain lah bah!!!! that would be vivian's comment to me....

i want to go to these places in january

Pulau Sapi

Pulau Manukan

Must visit Islands!!!

I call myself a Sabahan but I have not really explored Sabah. ptuii....

So when I fly back (nothing definite yet people) I shall plan out a comprehensive travel itinerary. Use my holiday to the fullest!

p/s: got these pictures from this site:

paper clips

I used to have a box full of paper clips,
until there was an outpouring
of documents
like vomit
flowing freely,
filling every crevice of the Admissions and Records office.
The papers were picky
there would be five or six grouped together
They took away my paper clips.

But not to worry! My boss just got us a SHREDDER!!! wooohooo!!!

I can shred whatever i want!!!

EXCLAMATION MARK: No hand/fingers/neckties/hair

oh this is me before the most boring meeting ever...

oh, by the way, I got a new laptop [will totally blog about this later]. I had enough of Acer laptops for the mean time, and I decided to get myself an HP (Hentam Pantat...some ppl put it). Got it last Sunday, accompanied by the most chivalrous scandalous man ever, Mr. X... I thought I'd take pictures of the whole experience, from Bobae Tower to buy t-shirts for a camp we're going, to Phanthip looking for the perfect affordable laptop, to looking at handphones and swimming trunks at MBK... but i was too tired to even bother... the only pictures i took with my phone:

I have not sat in these public buses since 2004

it's hot and dusty

Bobae Tower, for those who want to buy in bulk

I was sinking down... Long way down into Bangkok's subway...they call it MRT here. (This was my trip down to the Malaysian Embassy in BKK)

How to get to the Malaysian Embasssy in Bangkok.

If you're starting from Victory Monument, take the BTS to Sala Deng. Make sure you switch to the Silom line at the Siam Interchange station. Disembark at Sala Deng, exit the BTS station and look for the MRT sign. Take the MRT at Si Lom to Lumphini. When you're in the MRT station, on the way to the Embassy, make sure you take the MRT headed to Bang Sue. After leaving Lumphini station, exit and walk along YMCA, Banyan Tree Hotel. You will pass the France and Germany Embassies. The Malaysian Embassy is right next to the Australian Embassy!

what i will do this week

grow my facial hair
come to work with messy hair

The Things I Can do When My Laptop is Not Working

1. Go to work early (for the internet)
2. Sleep early
3. Read more
4. Save more (to buy a new laptop) - in conjunction with this, I will try NOT to go to markets and Saturday night eat-outs for the whole month of October.


my laptop isn't working at the moment.

brownie and whipped cream

yum yum... which would you rather have? the brownie or the whipped cream? or both?

sorry lah picture quality tak begitu saya habis battery, ada camera di handphone saja....