i need retail therapy

Who came up with the concept of "therapy?" The Greeks. Who can do better healing than a half-naked masseuse/masseur.

Recently completed another short novel - Winter's End. It's a thriller about a murderer who intentionally gets caught. The police are unable to find out who this person is... initially he seems to be a record-less, name-less, background-less person.

In the end they find out who the murderer actually is. I wished the author had been more dramatic in uncovering who the person really is, and how he is related to those who investigating the murder cases (there has been a string of murders and apparently this John Doe was responsible). What motivated him to murder? Revenge/Avenge+Murder=Therapy? You tell me.

I'm reading two other books at the moment, "The Way We Speak Now" and "The Dice Man"

The Dice Man is crazy. Many many allusions to the Bible used in this Book. Very very contemporary... liberal. That's enough adjectives to describe this book. The antagonist lives his life and makes decisions based on the cast of the dice.

It works like this: If I roll the dice, and if I get -
1: I skip work today
2: I skip all my meals today
3: I go on a shopping spree
4: Buy tickets and fly back to Malaysia tomorrow:
5: Quit my job
6: Sleep in

So yeah, if I lived the dice life I would have to carry out the instructions as dictated by the number I get on the dice.

Simple right?

Don't you just want to live a dice-life.

I believe that our decisions are ours to make. But the dice-life is just too random. Yes, and the antagonist in this novel is a therapist, and he has made followers of this 'therapy'

sunday morning

Well this happened a long time ago. One fine Sunday morning, Daron woke up late and decided to have buttered bun for breakfast. The bun was frozen, so he thought he would microwave the bun. Before microwaving the bun, Daron sliced the bun into half and spread butter on both halves.

After setting the temperature to 600 degrees Celsius, for two minutes, Daron skipped to the living room to catch a movie.

The following pictures illustrates what happened next:

no I still use Windows XP


Found out that even though I'm still running on Windows XP, I can actually get the Windows Vista look!

This is how my desktop looks like now. After installing, my laptop became slower. I'll see how I manage with the new-found look and the acquired slowness.

to all of us who work behind the scene

A quote by Henry Rollins I found while reading up on singer, Joshua Radin

"Listen to the stage manager and get on stage when they tell you to. No one has time for the rock star act. None of the techs backstage care if you're David Bowie or the milkman. When you act like a jerk, they are completely unimpressed with the infantile display that you might think comes with your dubious status. They were there hours before you building the stage, and they will be there hours after you leave tearing it down. They should get your salary, and you should get theirs."

I could feel this ... from the tip of my hair to the end of my toes.

spinning in my head

It's Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I should be asleep right now but weekends only happen on weekends. This Sabbath was quite interesting. The church pastor will be talking about Sabbath-keeping throughout the Sabbaths of this month. He mentioned the necessity of saying "No!" to requests. That's a skill I have yet to master. Another point he brought up was that the Sabbath is meant for communion with friends, family, and God.

Well, some people will have to take that seriously.

A few updates for this week, I think you know that I have rearranged the room, and I am on the verge of buying some traditional-Thai looking furniture/items to fill the room up. Don't ask me why I'm buying these things when I'm close to leaving.

Yes, I've started using this traditional face wash and cream. Many of my friends are using it and it has proven worth trying.

Look at the blue!!

What's in the lamp?

What's in the book?

What are you looking at?

Zits galore. Pls people, I do appreciate your concern, if you feel moved to leave any comments, please do so. Yes, gone were the years when my skin was like the skin of a baby's butt.

Mikomuszuree anyone?

wednesday morning surprise

Looks like we're not in Thailand anymore!

Can't even see the goal posts nor could you clearly see the SA building

Where is the library?

It was like Ivonne and I woke up in the set of "The Fog" of "The Mist." We soon realized that we were not warped to those Hollywood sets due to the fact that Tom Welling and Thomas Jane were not in sight.

I would want to wake up like this more often. I would also really LIKE to wake up on a bigger bed, a bigger pay, a bigger brain, a bigger 'body,' not-so big zits, and the list gets bigger.

Could I PLEASE TAKE OFF from work today?

what's under your bed?

this lamp next to the phone can adjust the brightness konon!!!

this one is next to my bed....

this one is on my bed :P

aiyah...indons menyerang the Malaysian Independence Day party...

will blog after tomorrow. "After tomorrow" is ambiguous.

You're not looking hard enough

Lightning flashes through the night.

A vague resemblance of a face illumines the unlit room. The young boy keeps thinking, "what word should follow?"

That's good enough writing for tonight.

I went to the library to get some reading done today. I actually felt great about myself. Finally, Daron, you are productive. I'm productive in the office because I'm hired to do what I do. But reading, or practicing the piano, for personal pleasure brings me closer to nirvana. At the library, I came across three books, "The Way We Talk," "Linguistics Criticism," and a little book gave hints/thoughts/guides about writing. Can't really remember what the book is called, I think the title is "The pocket book of writing" or something in that line.

The Way We Talk was interesting. Read up how Boycott was actually someone's name, so is the word Luddite.

Linguistics Criticism was boringly interesting. I read the introduction. It mentioned that writers are critiqued/criticized based on their use of language. A big "DU-UH" to the writer. I know his/her intentions are good. But seriously, why confuse people with SOS explained in technical terms.

I miss school, I really do.

By the way, SOS is same old stuff@shit

Cursed too many times tonight, probably because Switz and Dustin were over.

I'm planning to start writing again.

Vivian, remember that page?

Chicken Salad!!!! at Dahla Restaurant

New found dish: Pla ka pong neng Manau (Steamed fish marinated with lime)

Bday boy and his gf!!! :D happy birthday teerapong tharasapanan!