I'm Back!

I haven't been posting for a while. Here's a little update of what's been going on lately.

Last weekend, we had a little farewell party for our friend Chelsea, who's leaving MC for a better place. The party carried on till after midnight and we were just lying around singing songs from the 90-s. I, being all domesticated, cleaned the house till 2:3o in the morning.

Work was so-so. Went down to Bangkok and went to shopping places I've never been before!

Saturday was full of drama.

I was at the Women Ministry's convention, had to bang the piano. They didn't have a piano anyway, it was just a big keyboard. I went up to the piano to play when the choir was called. So as I was preparing to play, this Indonesian lady and her other girlfriends asked me how many songs we were going to sing. I told her that we had four. She was shocked, and asked... why do you have so many song? I told her, "Oh, we were given 10 minutes for songs, that's why." She retorted, "No, No... you only can sing one" I cut her and said, "Are you the organizer?" She snorted, "Yes!"

I was whatever-ing her in my head and proceeded to play the piano. As I was playing, she was making comments with her head, and all the gal pals were just looking at each other and shaking their heads (I eyed them constantly as I played). After every song she kept bugging me, "That's it! Finish!"

So that pulled the plug, after I was done, I went up to her and said something like this, "Excuse me miss, I think it's very unprofessional of you to say things like that while I'm playing... bla bla bla... I forgot what I said because it was just like puke coming out after seeing old ladies whose ego was big as their hair-dos... I basically told her off, asking her to see the director if she had any problems, and that we were given the 10-minute slot to sing.

Nothing against Indonesians, but this particular lady was a total irritator.

That afternoon... I stayed in the room and sulked in my room, then went to the pool to swim... alone... The pool was at the same level of the elavated expressway which was a few meters away from the hotel :P

I think the night made up for my terrible morning... was going around in MBK and I bumped into this model... he was going down the escalator and I was going up..FOR REAL!!! here is his picture

his name is Daro...eh no..Patrick Ribbsaeter, a Swed+Thai guy.

Had a shopping spree with my Dad at Giordano... will be going again this afternoon with my mom. Yeah, I still go shopping with my mom, how gay can that be? ahhhhahahahahahahaha

I got to paint Joshua's new house when I was visiting him in KL and got to go to the KL Tower!!!

Here are some pictures:

Was stuck in this traffic for two hours.

Bumper to bumper...I would never want to stay here. I am just exaggerating actually. Some of the major roads were blocked because of some demonstration going on.

My hand and the wall I painted


The view from my room... the view of the road down below and my lean stomach ahhahhahahah

KL Tower with joshua and suang

Party party


I wonder if there are special eyeware when it comes to spending too much time in front of the computer. Never have I felt this way before. I thought I could boast of having a fair amount of time and energy spent in front of the computer screen, but I was wrong. My head is wrong. Looking at the emergence of letters, one by one, as I type them out with my fingers, is just pure suffocation. I feel like getting my eyes checked once I get my butt back to Sabah. Will I get a reimbursement for a visit to the optometrist? Will the spectacles I have now counter the seemingly real colors colored all over the computer screen. I wonder.

There's just piles and piles of folders waiting for an insignia. They're just adding up to the headache.