Tedson - i love using the color accent mode!! sungguh awesome!

who's waiting on my bed?

Gawai-Keaamatan party

duong... and that's me in the really small screen..

from Casell's book of humurous quotes: I could totally identify with this quote... let me just retype it because it's kinda blurry: CELEBRITY (after a lengthy monopoly of the conversation) "But enough about me; let's talk about yourself. Tell me - what do you think of my part in the new play?" :P

Oreo and I... this is Ivonne's hamster

Zits. It's like me having period. At the end of every month, I'll have zits popping around my face. Am I more hormonal at the end of every month? I don't know. I probably should start keeping a record, probably I could write something up and publish it and get famous.

I went to Saraburi today, by bus! Haven't been to Lotus & Twikit via public transport since my Dad came.. to be more precise, since my Dad bought the car. Did not buy much, socks, pizza, tape.. that's about it.

Tomorrow's work day again. I'm thinking whether it's worth dressing up for work tomorrow. Some government minister's gonna be visiting Saraburi and MC is so fortunate to host his meeting with the fellow Saraburi-ans. I guess the college could use a little publicity. I'll just make sure I wander pass the TV crew every five minutes.

Oh yeah!! We had this Gawai-Kaamatan party on Saturday night. It was great!!! We had lots of fried chicken, curry, mee goreng, nasi kuning, PISANG GORENG, ikan goreng... basically everything goreng. Too bad I had gastric, couldn't enjoy much of the party... probably got it from that really boring music committee meeting... or probably it was the choir practice after the meeting. After the party had a little hang out session with friends at Deanna's apartment... got to watch The Hills Have Eyes 2. Even though all the killing scenes were deleted... I still hid under the pillow!

Okay... am showcasing some pictures taken during the week... with my phone and also the camera which my loving brother, Shaun gave me.

Oh by the way, I had the chance to hold an Iphone today while shopping at Saraburi... and got to see my Theology friend dancing his butt away at Pizza company...

half the weekend in pictures

My brother's trip back to MC after so many years


Deanna's pink flowered skirt

The lady in red



skinny dipping....almost

Due to my inability to swim, I was just walking around in the pool

Well, it's been a month since I graduated. I am still here in Thailand. For those of you who still don't know, I have taken up a job here and I'll be working till the end of the year. I was just browsing through my pictures and came across these pictures, taken by Vorovudh. It was about 3 am in the morning and one of us (there were 4 of us) came up with a bright idea: swimming! We just had our senior banquet hours earlier... and we plus many more others had our share of jumping into the pool right after the banquet. I've never swam only in my inner-wear, so this was quite an experience.

It's the weekend. Yes, Thank GOD it's the weekend.