little friend...

I met this little creature last night at the Fellowship Hall... it's a frog... took the picture with my phone, that's why it's a little blurry...

I was playing piano and i saw it hopping around... probably running away from my music :P

See how tiny it is!!! (compared to my finger)

one of those nights... the flag against the moon

Don't we look adorable?!??!

A Dip in the Pool

"A Dip in the Pool" - the latest short story I read from the Roald Dahl's omnibus. This one was pretty funny. There are people out there who are really driven to do dumb things when in desperation. I think I've done some myself.

On a different page, it's been really dipping in the pool here at Mission College. The rain has been really great. Now, it's no more sweaty sheets in the morning... but dew and mist that blankets the serene surroundings, birds chirping, the leaves rustling, the lori sampah rumbling by...

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Soldier, by Roald Dahl

I bought a book, The Roald Dahl Omnibus when I was in Singapore last April. It has more than a dozen short stories and I've read only the first three stories since buying the book.

Of the first three, "Lamb to the Slaughter" was my favorite. I really like how the Dahl is able to twist thing about. There's something sinister about his writing. Sinister and mysterious, but still in a believable way. Just like how in "Lamb of the Slaughter" I found myself sympathizing with the character though the character had committed a gruesome crime.

The fourth story, "Soldier" is about a soldier. :D
The narration is pretty deceptive I must say. It didn't dawn on me that the narrator and the character portrayed at the beginning were the same person. This soldier is unfortunately having some kind of post-war mental issues. Probably his experience had been so terrifying that it had blueprinted some sort of problem in his head. Ha, sometimes I wish that a force of such magnitude could happen to me. Preferably a force with an advantageous outcome.

Unlike the ending of "Lamb to the Slaughter," "Soldier" safely brought me back to reality. Not that the story won't be real if it didn't end the way it did, but Dahl cleverly rerouted my preconceived ending, which is good. Again, Dahl has a box of surprises for his readers.

Can't wait for my next story. :D


things i want to get back into doing:

1. waking up early
2. exercising
3. reading
4. practicing my piano
5. saving up
6. writing

i've found myself becoming lazier by the days, before and after graduation, and it's time to buckle up now

Naughty Fingers...

I haven't touched the piano since Senza Voce, and even if I did, it was always practicing for someone else. Finally, tonight I decided that I would run to the fellowship hall to go through a couple of pieces.

Practice was okay. I got a little irritated, which actually means I'm trying hard... right???!??

You know those times, you practice, and your fingers are not coordinated. They just won't listen to what the brain asks them to do. Probably I have a short-wired circuit some where. Man, this proves how out of touch I am from the pieces.

I think I've retired too long from the piano. Since I have no urgent obligations to any educational requisites, I am hoping to dedicate more time to banging away.

Wish me with lots of luck! :D


It was great, the overnight stay was greater!!! After the banquet, we went swimming till midnight... then I was all about people that I have not really got to get close to... later went swimming again at 3 am in the morning! :D

these are some of the pictures:

Hot French alert!!!


Now you see...

Now you don't!

Chervie, Shimona, Daron

'Chamber choir' smile

The Loo family


why don't you like it?

The Scriptor, Revisited. A snapshot of the new cover.

good morning

I hate my chief editor.

I will be lovable if I end up one myself.


I have this humongous zit on my chest... it looks like a third nipple