Two Down, One To Go

Two more weeks before Graduation. How do I feel? Excited of course, all those cliched emotions that one would feel before completion.

Tomorrow I'll be having my last exam, Christian Worship and Music.

I have less words to say today, but more pictures to show.

Dry ice, first time for me to see.

Deanna and Max

Bjorn and Max

My piano student and her 'Prada' bag

Switzerlyna and her mark.

Sondang senyum malu-malu

The Buff Indian

Partner in Crime

My neighbor at Hysteria Lane

Me, my orange phone, and my pink shirt

it's so hot

it's so hooooooooooooooooooooooooooot last night i couldn't sleep. I was thinking I should be sleeping in my own room now since my Dad will be back at the end of this week, and that means no more aircon for me. BUT IT WAS again SO HOT!!! Like last week during Songkran, I was wondering why it was so hard for me to sleep...I thought it was stress or something, then I realized that the temperature was actually high....or probably I was too hot, then even I can't sleep at night. :P

JUST FINISHED reWRITING MY LAST PAPER!!!! ahhahhahahahahahah

Finals start on Thursday

what can i do to make you love me?

the title has nothing to do with the post.

It's school again tomorrow. stayed indoors throughout Song kran. played water in the showers. :P

I have a final presentation this tuesday, and three other finals to write, which schedules I am not aware of yet.

my week(s) in photos and some words

Duong asleep while Chervie, Bjorn, and I got massaged. This we did while we were at Hua Hin, the weather wasn't cooperative so we were not able to do much at the beach, so we settled for the massage parlor.

This is my room mate, besides Angelina Jolie, mr spider has been residing with me for more than two months now. We get along just fine.

Lately we've been having eerie yet beautiful sunsets. Wish I had a better camera of course.

Weekends are mostly practices.

Weekdays for me to get dirty.... :P

Flower in front of my house. I don't have much of a yard here in MC.

Paps and Sendy backstage

The backups vocalists. No, Rochael and I are NOT holding hands.
Sepa lagi cina?
David and Daron (hihihihihihihihi)

I didn't have much to say for this post. But I must comment on an assignment I'm doing rite now: B O R I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday Morning Rain is Falling

It's not raining, unfortunately. It was a humid night last night, and my longer hair and facial hair isn't keep things cool. It IS already Wednesday. Time really is not waiting for anyone at this point. Somehow I feel as if I have completed work that needs to be done, which is just my hallucination because there are things that need to be done ASAP.

Two nights ago, Deanna and I went out to Las Vegas to have a meal. On our way back, we ran out of fuel, so we had to walk the rest of the way back. I was pushing the bike, and Deanna talking audibly so it would seem as if we had no problem at all. Two bikes stopped for us, but we politely refused any help since my house was pretty near. I thought we were in a horror movie: fuel ran out, stuck in the middle of the road, very dark, there's strong winds and it was beginning to rain... but I guess I didn't pass the scream test to make it for the part.

I haven't been in the office for two days now. I don't want to be there.

Here are some pictures that Deanna took of us Last Sabbath. Really really nice!