to the left, to the left

After a week-long longitudinal study on stress by Daron Benjamin Loo, he found out that it has two obvious effects. 1. Motivation
The subject was given various tasks which required thinking skills at different levels. In addition, a deadline was to be met by the subject. The subject had limited resources for the tasks. However, since the subject had an upbringing which emphasized the concept of prioritizing, the tasks did not pose any difficulties. The subject was able to consecutively complete all the given task, with a still-motivated spirit.
2. I Don't Give a Damn Anymore
Daron wants to be here.

pictures pictures for everyone!!! :D

in the library this afternoon

was i talking to someone?

gleefully going through pictures

it's youth worship tomorrow... hope to post up nice picts!!!

"The Future becomes the present, the present becomes the past, and the past becomes a regret..."

woi to the left lah!!

Some pictures I got from Pappu... (sentimental music playing in the background) and also from Sonya...

I Keep on Falling

I have been wanting to blog about this.

The four falls I remember the most, one of them being the most recent one. I am sure I have had more falls than four.

The falls are arranged on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being the most notable.
1. There was a crossroad concert at PMC, Tamparuli, my home church. There were more than three visiting churches. As I made my way to the piano, I suddenly disappeared. The audience gasped. They looked for me. I suddenly emerged again. Apparently I missed my footing and fell to my knees onto the floor below the stage.

2. In Singapore last April. I was walking down the stage tiers, which were laced with aluminum strips (to halt the carpet). The girls were tired from walking around in heels the whole morning, so we decided to sing barefooted. The boys, we just took off our shoes and left our socks on. Cotton socks and + steel = slippery. I slipped, managed to grasp one of the sopranos, not sure who. Saw people smirking.

3. On the way to Church one delightful morning. I was walking. Was entering through the side, where there is the kitchen and the small flight of steps up. Saw some young girls wearing miniskirts and high-heels. Said to myself, What's wrong with the world mama? Let me show them how to strut. As I marched up the steps, I missed one of the steps and fell forwards. Didn't dare look back at those girls.

4. Last Sunday, I was walking up to the church. I was just admiring the architecture, and snapping my camera away. Imagined I was a professional photographer. I missed one step, and came crashing down again. Walked quickly back.

That's about it folks.

Only on my 3rd page of my 15-page report

Good luck to the rest of the world. :D

it's been 10 days

Yiruma, Passing By

The little intro that Chelsea and I did...


I haven't updated my blog for ten days. Probably I couldn't deal with how pathetic I felt after playing Beethoven's pathetique on Saturday night's concert.

Who cares if I messed up terribly that evening.

But I haven't really touched the piano since. Well I did play a couple times, but it's kinda different now. I am more aware of what I'm doing, which is not really good... I get so stiff on the piano.

There's another concert tonight, I kena turun pangkat, singing backup saja. Doing 'ooh' and 'ahh' pantings... you know, like how pussy cat dolls like to do... :P

After this I won't get myself involved in anything.

it's getting hot in here

the temperature's rising, no 98 degrees is not back... I think MC just has too many hot people around *cough cough....

I think with all the amount of work everyone has right now, the temperature will remain the same... and probably even escalate as we reach the end of the semester. But I don't think it will get any cooler if people had finished their work in time.

Wednesday is up, I'm half satisfied with my progress this week. I know I can do more!!! YES I CAN!!

tuesday morning

*panting panting panting panting pants pants pants

Monday's gone, Tuesday's here, less days to accomplish what I WANT to accomplish this week. I hope the concert this weekend will be okay, I don't want to be running around growing pimples because of the stress it's causing.

Nothing else to write, if i write about stuff that's bugging me I'll only get even more bugged down.

Au revoir

Hello Hello!!

Well, for those who were wondering where I went for the past two months - I've been around, but wasn't quite inspired to write anything in this Blog. Finally, I am posting this up for my fellow friends to read. February was nice, I was still procrastinating along with a majority of the MC students...

Let me explain what the pictures are. The first one is of a poster for an upcoming concert, it will be strictly non-vocal... The AY trying to milk as much money from MC people. The second, third, and last pictures were taken last weekend on my trip to Pattaya with the MC Faculty and Staff. It was actually an outing for those working here. Since my Dad works here, I tagged along. The sign on the tree, we saw on Saturday right before church... we were strolling down the streets of Pattaya and there it was... perched high up on the tree, it's hard to notice, because there's just so many close to naked tourists flaunting and strutting around. The picture with the elephants is taken from Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, they had a cultural show and presumably all the faculty and staff wanted to watch it... (I don't remember them asking for a general consent) but anyways, the show was great... A couple of hours after the show, Deanna and I were having lunch at the food court and guess who we saw, the dancers with heavy make-up coming to grab some food... and apparently a couple of them were boys... dressed up as girls...

Probably the last time going there...