New Year

Every now and then a fusion of sparks light up the cloudless night.  Music and cheers echo from a distance away. 

Daron is online.  Those who aren’t online are either out partying or simply avoiding from being online so others would think that they are actually out partying.  ha! 


I wonder what next year will be like?  These things I’m grateful for: family, friends, job (though I’ve quit it), God.  I hope next year I’ll still have those. 

We had a barbeque at my neighbor’s.  It was nice.  I got to hang out with the Malaysian students.  Probably my last time to hang out with them before leaving for Sabah on the 7th.  Yes, I’m leaving Thailand on the 7th of January, 2009.  I’ll only reach Tamparuli on the 9th though, since I’ll be going to Sandakan to meet up with Julios and Renie.  The two hot brothers.  I’ll be around and about in the land below the wind for less than two months before boarding yet another flight to a distant land.  I shall not name this destination just yet.  I don’t want to be feeding coal to an already burning fire. 

So for those whom I won’t see again, this is an early farewell to you.  Bubye now!  I love Thailand and I will certainly return to the land of smiles… to meet my friends and to SHOP!

This is a timeline dedicated to my hair.

If you see carefully my hair never actually changed… well you can’t tell in the picture of me in the blue camouflage

Enjoy your new year while it lasts! 

okay i'm taking a break

I woke up just in time to say good bye to my brother who was leaving for Sabah. I thought I won't join them to the airport since I'll be seeing him in about a week or so.

I just finished my really late rush. Everything is just so late today, thanks to me for going to bed late last night... ehhehehe watched a really old movie "Duets" - boleh tahan juga...

what break am i taking? I've been sifting through junk belonging to both me and lem, and I'm not done yet.

anyway: here are pictures of my first and probably the only trip to Chok Chai Farm:

my boss brought the whole office, and the secretaries in the office's immediate vicinity

my steak!!! - we ordered "setik lek" which means small steak... tapi ini pula yang datang...

dustin - you left. thanks for coming over looking for food. you're a jerk, most of the time, but i think i still love you? i don't know what switz is doing in the picture.

one more weekend!

First things FIRST

Congratulations Lerie and Bayu!!

Lerie and Bayu were really great friends of mine from college.  We were in SC together, etc (can’t really remember what other extra curricular activities we were involved with). 

I remember this one time, it was raining heavily and I was on my way back to the dorm.  I bumped into Lerie, who was drenched… and later on Bayu… who was looking for her in the rain.  Such a sweet couple :) 

Here are some picts from the wedding

new 150

new 146

new 197

new 215

Going out for lunch later.  My boss is bringing the whole office for a meal.  

how many more days?

how many more days to my good friends’ wedding?

how many more days before my mom and brother arrive?

how many more days to christmas?

how many more days before new students arrive?

how many more days to new year?

how many more days before the English Proficiency Exam?

how many more days to me leaving Thailand?

i don’t know how i’m going to bring my room mate back…

she’s stuck to my wall…not me


I Try So Hard

I’m counting down to the very last day of work, what does that make me?  I did enjoy my work, and I am still enjoying it.

I’m trying to write a blog post here but a prospective student’s father is chatting with me.  WHERE DID MY LIFE GO?


He was walking down the aisle.  Not disturbed by the perturbed glances thrown by students eyeing the cheese bun he is chewing nonchalantly.  From afar he makes out the shape of the lady whom he despises.  She walks towards him swiftly, raises her eyebrows, and asks “when are you leaving.”  The man, being polite, replied to her, “the seventh.”  Upon hearing his response, the lady pulls an agitated face. 


I could have just said, “it’s none of your business” or just walked away without saying anything.  She thinks I’m arrogant and snobbish, but I haven’t the slightest clue what wrong I did to her.  I hope she _________________

I need a backrub.

Even Celebrities Fall

Last night I’ve had my third fall – to date.  It ranks 2nd in Daron Loo’s Hall of Falls.  p.s. the list of falls in the Hall of Falls is still to be expanded

#1 FALL – 2002?

PMC Tamparuli, Malaysia – A young aspiring pianist was walking towards the grand piano when an unprecedented fall stirred hushed giggles throughout the church.  It is reported that the pianist, who refused to be named, had stepped on an aluminum strip at the edge of the elevated stage where the piano was, slipped, and was on his knees.

#2 FALL – December 13, 2008

MC Church, Thailand – The now aspired pianist was helping clear away props for the AY Christmas production, Bethlehem’s Treasure.  It was done in a frenzy due to the incivility of an imposter (who stole this young pianist’s name,thinks his name is better just because it’s spelt differently).  While walking through a narrow aisle, the victim’s foot got caught in the floor-length curtain, and fell flat on the Styrofoam.  The chief decorator, who was a bystander, commented “the fall was so powerful that the air behind me stirred.”

#3 FALL – April, 2007

Jurong Church, Singapore – After more than a week touring West Malaysia and Singapore, the young aspiring pianist, who also sings on the side, was finally doing their last gig at Jurong Church.  The choir members thought that a good way to mark their final act was to sing shoe-less.  The ladies rid their stilettos while the men took off their shoes but kept their socks on.  This was due to the general assumption that ladies have more well-manicured toes. At the end of the first part of the concert, the young aspiring pianist/singer was walking down the steps of the stage, which had the edges laced with aluminum strips, AGAIN.  Well, he had socks on, and was stepping on aluminum, so go figure. 

More falls to come. 


another end

we just got back from the college christmas party. 

this weekend has been really long.  i’m glad it’s over. 

I’m sitting in my living room right now having a facialSnapshot_20081208_1

It’s almost christmas people! :D


I just handed in my resignation letter, ten minutes ago.  My boss won’t see it until Monday next week.  Unless, of course, for some reason she decides to pop by the office over the weekend. 

I though I’d do it late in the evening when no one is about. 

The inevitable end is looming ahead.  I feel like having a countdown clock to mark my final working day.  People usually count down to something they’re excited about.  I am excited about leaving my job, but at the same time there’s that sense of not wanting to let go.  I’ve grown attached to this place.  I should’ve listened to Dael, don’t get TOO attached.  Well, I’d rather be involved than being distant (not that Dael was distant.  Dael please don’t get me wrong, I care for you dearly :D)

Honestly, speaking I’ve been complaining way too much about this job.  I was a downright bitch.  I’m not saying that to get my readers’ attention.  But that’s just how I feel.  I feel that I have a love-hate relationship with this job. 

I’m happy the airport is opened. 

I was at the Theology Club party.  Got a present from Santa Claus but I gave it to a little girl who had one too many misfortunes today.

Happy Birthday King of Thailand!

By the way, welcome back bloghopper.  I kinda missed you.


Sorry Shimona, I went to Bangkok yesterday and I didn’t tell you. 

Things I did at Bangkok yesterday,

1. Accompanied Renie to China Town to get material for Lerie’s Wedding

2. Went to Queen Sirikit Convention Center – These was an Educational Expo there.

3. Went to Phanthip to buy a new cable for my old laptop; bought a silicon protector@kondom for my ipod

4. Went to Platinum and spent 2 hours looking for a dress (not for me)

5. Went to Siam Paragon

Total Travel Time: 14 hours ++ with Julios and Pisonya

right now I’m having a slight fever:


I wore this fantastic barong on Sabbath


I don’t have a full body shot.  Will post one up when I get hold of one.

Winter is Back

It’s like lovers parting and meeting again.  The temperature plummets, cool air caressing your…

(bah you imagine lah which part of your body you suka kena caress…) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


 Picture 115

gunalah shampoo herbal essences untuk mengurat katak katak.

(use herbal essences to draw the attention of frogs!)

I’m not Smiling with Dtac Anymore

I reloaded my phone via my ATM machine last week.  It didn’t go through.  I did again this week and it didn’t go through…AGAIN!


Who Said I Don’t Lounge?


I was sitting on those really long couches… not long lengthwise but leg-wise… like beach chairs but this was an actual couch which was built into a verandah and it could easily take 50 Daron-size humans. 

I hope they have built these chairs for those protestors protesting at the airport in Bangkok.  Seriously, there are not enough seats for the passengers that go through that airport!

It’s my favorite day of the week.  THURSDAY.  I think it’s my favorite because I don’t have any appointments on Thursdays this whole semester.  It won’t be long till I am jobless, again.  How does it feel being jobless?  I freak out at times when I think too much about it.  Being jobless would be an opportune time for me to revisit my piano skills.  It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to play pieces that I WANT to play (I won’t play the Hallelujah Chorus unless someone pays me for every single note written on that music).  Here are some music which I really REALLY  miss playing


Debussy’s La Cathedrale Engloutie, Preludes 1 No. 10


Chopin’s Etude Opus 10 #4

My mom thinks I won’t even bother playing the piano when I am finally home but I’ll try to prove her wrong :P

Zip up the End

I've been coming to the office with this thought in mind: "My replacement is already here, why do I still need to come?"

I graduated and started this job the very next day. I had four days to learn how to be the "New Clara" - she was the person whom I replaced. There is still about a month to go before I officially resign, but my replacement is already here, getting a feel of how things are run.

I'm being selfish today. I don't think it's fair. I would rather go back to Malaysia now and enjoy Christmas in Tamparuli. Then again, there's that voice that keeps telling me that I should stay here till my contract is over... for the money.

Money. People would do anything for money. They have good and bad intentions. I don't know what my intentions are.

Working here is interesting. You get to memorize names and be the ultimate stalker (I scared an American girl after I started naming all the new students who came in August), you get to learn the different types of Education system (who knew that in DR Congo, if you scored higher than 50% in the state examination [equivalent to GCE] your name will appear in the newspapers and your whole family will be feasting. Besides all these, throw in a bit of office gossip and conspiracy.

Okay I should stop, I sound jiwang CORNY

I'm going to Muak Lek in a while with Renie the hot decorator. He needs styrofoam and I need spaghetti sauce and drink for tonight's party!

Just found out that Airasia has started KL - London flights! LONDON HERE WE COME!!! :D


Yes, that’s the name of the singing group I’m in.  Me and a bunch of friends started singing a couple of years back.  Members have gone and come… gosh don’t get me started I WANT TO CRY…sobs.

Here are some pictures of practices we have.  We believe in having food and fun during practice time.  You know how vocalists emphasize the activeness of bridge between our eyes during singing and vocalization/warm-ups. We, instead of looking silly with crazy eyes while singing, opt for another type of stimulant… DONE prior to practice.  DUMPLINGS!!!!

Picture 501

Picture 502

Picture 503

Picture 505

Picture 507 Picture 508

Picture 512

I’m so going to miss these beautiful people.


It really amuses me when I realize a particular scene in a movie is reused.  It definitely amuses me even more when a particular scene is repeated twice in ten minutes.  My apologies for being too observant. 

I just watched X-Files: I Want to Believe.  The movie brought back memories if me and my family watching the series back in the 90s.  I was particularly fond of that hideous grey creature from the sewers who had this leech-like mouth.  Back to the movie I watched.  Towards the end of the movie, while Scully and Skinner were driving, thinking where Mulder could be, there was a scene…  which was re-used! It was right before Scully asked Skinner to reverse the car.  This repeated scene was with Scully looking out of the window.  Then there’s a conversation with Skinner.  Then we find the same scene again with Scully looking out of the window.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember things particularly well… even though I just saw it once.  Gosh… I have nothing else better to do… that’s why I remember :P

It was rather obvious too, that in this movie, there was a lot of snow.  (Duh… it was set in winter).  I remember from the first movie too that the climactic ending was set in Antarctica.  There must be something going on between Chris Carter and snow.  Probably they thought snow would better scare the audience if the plot-line wasn’t chilly enough.

A Public Embarrassment



Let’s get down to business.  POS MALAYSIA – SUCKS.  I really am amazed at the number of scoundrels hired at this place.  Probably the management simply took those beggars who were all able-bodied (these beggars loiter in front of the post-office, and they obviously were capable of being productive NONE OF THEM WERE HANDICAPPED), to work at their office. 

A month ago my brother in the USA sent me and my younger brother a parcel.  Since working as an International Students Relations at a private university, I have come to know that international mail – NORMAL MAIL… NOT REGISTERED MAIL… takes only about two weeks to reach its destination.  Moving on, the parcel addressed to me reached me in exactly two weeks.  However, the parcel for my younger brother is lost.  DID SOMEONE POCKET THE PARCEL?  I DON’T KNOW, BUT I’M VERY INCLINDED TO BELIEVE SO!

It’s been a month now and my younger brother has not seen anything.  Just thinking of it makes me nauseas.  First of all, I live in a village for goodness sake.  MY MAIL GOES THROUGH HANDS OF VILLAGERS… and my PARCEL GETS THROUGH.  NOTHING IS LOST.  EVERYTHING IS INTACT.  What about my younger brother’s?  Our post box is in the city.  IN THE FREAKIN CITY.  I thought City people, developed city people, civilized civil people should be able to handle more ‘EXPENSIVE’ items. 

This just shows that though you may seem more advanced than some people, you are still a bag of scum when you can’t even keep your hands tied down to your own pockets when handling THINGS THAT BELONG TO OTHERS. 

This is just an angry reflection, induced by the loss of a parcel sent via ordinary mail.  I WILL WRITE AN EPIC AND make sure it appears in anyone who googles up ‘POS MALAYSIA SUCKS.’

Good Night

Well I’m glad I feel a little better.  I’ve been waiting for the sign and it came today.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about some supernatural hocus pocus that descended from the heavens above.

Things will eventually fall into place – THIS I’m praying for.  I have found myself talking to God unrestricted.  I talk to Him the first thing in the morning.  Before turning on the laptop and lifting weights, even before thinking of what to wear to the office.  I’m just happy that some things happened, even though at times I dread they did.  Things happen for a reason.  KARMA.  That’s some Asian grandma’s tale some would say.  But it does exist. 

I met an old friend today.  He was with Joshua Chee.  Josh was chatting with me on MSN and this friend of mine happened to be nearby.  It’s always nice to meet old friends.  Didn’t meet too many though at the Alumni Homecoming. 

I was going through the SASS-ians on Facebook page and saw some really old pictures.  I did find a couple of pictures of my mom and her friends in her high school days.  Man that was so long ago, more than 30 years ago.  I wonder how I’ll look like when I’m 52? – 30 years from now.  I think I look old at this age when I don’t shave for two weeks.  

Picture 375 I don’t think I look old…

This is me enjoying carrot cheese cake which Amy bought for me from Secret Recipe.  No pictures of the cake because I’ve downed it by the time this picture was taken.  FYI: I WASN’T TRYING TO LOOK CUTE BY POUTING.

I spent most of the time in the office shredding paper.  Can’t wait to get back to that tomorrow.  Sometimes I prefer doing that than staring all-day-long at the computer screen. 

Winter Solace

The chill creeps up the hills and vales

like a beggar,

it arrives without pomp and circumstance

Alumni Weekend

Picture 322

The New College Choir

Picture 327

Deanna’s Hot Shoes

Picture 345

Aaron Bingku’s Piano Debut

Picture 330

Class of 2008.  Not even a handful came :(


This has been going on, and is still an ongoing appointment, for the past four years.  Every Saturday morning, the whole Loo family will be online.  Only recently did all of us manage to get our own webcams.  So now we can not only chat/type, but also look at each other and actually talk!!!


Out of wanting to be up-to-date, I installed Windows Messenger Beta.  Unfortunately, I won’t run.  So much for being the LATEST messaging tool.  In spite of that, I discovered WINDOWS LIVE WRITER BETA!  This tool allows me to instantly post up blog posts, without having to log into blogger anymore!  Well, I will still log into blogger once in a while.  I really didn’t want to get tool installed, but it seems when you’ve installed Windows Live, there’s no turning back.  I can’t get it uninstalled.  Well, better make use of it!

My Media Friends.  It’s good to have friends in HIGH PLACES

Picture 296 Daron, Wichan, and Bang

Picture 300 Seiha

Picture 309 Cheng Soing

Picture 310 Teerapong

Picture 316 The Boss and I

This is where and who I hang out with most of the time… when the Service isn’t so interesting.  hehehehe :P

motion in stillness

teerapong and i

seyha and i

top and bottom pictures: dustin, switz, and i

hello hello! I haven't been blogging. I am having a headache and I don't even know what I'm going to blog about. Nothing spectacular has happened thus far. I'm always hoping something big will descend upon my boring and monotonous life.

These are the scenarios I would like too see myself in:
1. Getting fired - not that I want to get fired, but I would like to know how it feels like
2. Getting a raise tomorrow
2.1 buying a super grand piano
2.2 travel the world
3. Elope
3.1 run away and be a volunteer in some remote jungle
4. Win a Noble Prize/Grammy/Emmy/Oscar

I'm so glad it's Tuesday. Why? Because tomorrow's Wednesday!

The Epic Weekend

Ban Sang Beach
(photo credits: Julios Ubara, Deanna Majilang, Mark Simpul, Elvin Walemba)
We are on the race to find what suits us best. We never seem to miss a beat when it comes to satisfying our sinful insatiable needs. You may be wondering what silliness is Daron brewing here.

Just look at the anxious faces on the picture on top. "Where am I going to sit?" "How will the resort look like?"

Stillness was broken that Friday morning when about 130 people boarded wheel-supported, engine-powered, metal-works driven by our very own kind, to a beach four distant hours away. Isn't that sad, we go through all sorts of measure to ensure "machines" don't fail their creators, but it is still THE creator that handles the MACHINES.

"I don't care, I want my own seat!" Asia has recently had an influx of Diva-ish beings. These once hierarchy-leaning society is now crumbling, deconstructing themselves into a horizontal and flat community. Take for example this man in the picture with the brown shirt. He is flat.

He would definitely have trouble finding a comfortable spot to snuggle into.

Look at how peaceful and calm this dog is. Why can't we lower ourselves down to standards as such? We always strive to be on top. We try and try and try. Our quest to be on top has become so narrowed that Tyra Banks can't think of a better catch line for ANTM that she had to use the simple interrogative sentence: Do you want to be on TOP?"

You can't always be on top:

The five top banana models prepping to be on top. Off they rode into the was mid-afternoon: off they rode into the _________________ (fill in the blanks)

The Challenge: To stay on top.

p/s: Off we went! We were circling about a kilometer away from the shore. The ride was great! We were screaming at the top of our lungs... btw, I can't swim.

Nobody can ever be on top. We fell of this banana 5-6 times. We literally crashed into the sea and it's not fun.

My dear friend Julios giving my hair a spa treatment. Did you know that the sand granules clear the pores of the hair.

I don't know what we were looking at. That's the biggest irony of life. We wander aimlessly. Like the banana boat. Realization only sinks in when you are thrown off.

When the storm starts to blow, you begin prancing around. You tie yourselves down and conform to what is considered normal. While everything else is moving around you, you are stuck in your room... your safe-haven, the bottomless pit

Storm clouds wrap around your shelter. Nothing falters. Trees, leaves, sand, are all shrieking in anticipation for the rain to pound on them, shape them, mold them, and you are protected by the concrete confinement you have subject yourself to.

If you have found my philosophical spasms corny, please do leave comments. I am revisiting my literary side.