It's glamorous being an English Major

Can you see Chervie and Deanna in the background?

universal grammar

do you believe that all of us are born with an innate device that will help us learn langauges easily, within the critical period?

I've bee reflecting on several ideas, pros and opps. My paper is very 'detached' incoherent. Hehehe, one paper a day!!!

towards the end

The semester is coming to an end. I realized that I haven't been blogging as often as I did before. Not quite sure what the reasons are to this, but I can assure you (if any is interested) and myself that my creative side is not diminishing. This weekend. Let me tell you about this weekend, this weekend was hectic. I have never, in recent months, done so much traveling. Hmm.. noticed I just changed my verb tenses. I got back from Bangkok an two hours ago, and I'm here in the library, trying to work out some outline to get me started on my tourism paper. I'm writing about winter tourism. I'm writing it because I've never actually had a real winter holiday, besides going to a man/machine-made snowtown, and the cold winters here in Muak Lek.

Yes, I'm telling myself again that the year is coming to an end. One and a half more weeks to finals, and I have half a dozen of papers to write.

Maybe I should say something about the concert in Bangkok this afternoon. The journey to the Church of Christ was really something, the bus had to stop three times to get some screw tightened in the engine. Then we got there, and there was this blast of yellowish or anything close to that, colors illuminating the concert hall. You don't need lights to find your way around even after the lights went out. We were number two in the program, and right after playing I went to the BTS and headed back to MC. Muak Lek is cold, Bangkok is hot. Thanks to polution.

Went back and thought about what a waste of water and detergent and electricity I've caused by wearing the clothes I had to wear. I went ot visit the other seniors having their photos taken and talked to the photographer for an extension. I hope he gets most of those ppl's pictures taken tonight. Met an old friend, an alumni to be exact, and we ended up talking about 'bastards' in the System. I won't be saying which system I'm talking about... Anyways, the issues of both spouses being wih each other suddenly came up. Yeah, I totally agree with something brought up in church discussion in EIS, we Adventists tend to focus on the negatives...for example: why aren't you doing this...this doesn't comply with the Church Manual...the union has this policy and YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW IT... then what if there is some flexibility? Oh, you're bad, you're not doing what you're supposed to do.... hmmmm you sure?

Well, I am very proud to say that I got to rebutt what the person say by stating this: Well, this this this will happen soon and I'm pretty sure people will stop talking about it... Walla!!! The guy just suddenly kept quiet. Thank you English teachers for all the critical thinking skills that you have instilled in us. :D

I'm gonna get back to my tourism paper.