Sunset at the beach

Me, Pisonya, Rochael, and Covido tumpang glamour in the background...

The Beach

Paps, Shiez, and Katie building something on the sand.

Me and my behind

There are still pictures to come, I'll be collecting from friends and such... but for now, here are more for the pleasure of your eyes....

new house

Yes, I haven't been blogging for a while now. I believe I told myself that I was busy, but hey, all of us are busy! I just got back from a wonderful beach-camp, the midterm break just started, and I think I got a tan. What more could I ask for, oh yeah, and I just lost my handphone and I'm broke....anyways, I'm blogging profusely on the first day of the break....Above is my bedroom and where I do my computer stuff. I have another bed there, that's for anyone who is interested in spending the night with me *wink*
This is my other room where I have this giant steel desk. This is where I put my books and clothes. Disclaimer: That is not my guitar, that is shimona's guitar.

The living room

The kitchen
The trapdoor that leads to the underground whatever... this is for Vivian...