surprise surprise

i'm not living in the dorm anymore....

another day

many times you wonder why things have to end up in such ways that is not pleasing to you...

This morning I woke up at five, and had to make a phone call, and during the conversation, or was it after, i'm not sure anymore, i twisted my neck, how? i really don't know...right now, my neck hurts, and of i want to turn left or right, I have to turn my body instead of just my head.

it's so true that you won't feel the loss of someone you care for until they have actually left. I'm left, many times, and right now regretting those times spent were probably not as good as it should be. But still I still do remember those times... I don't know what i'm talking about right now, I think it's the prestress of my parents' arrival, my classes, piano lessons, and all that.....

I'm going to go....

blog some more later

I miss 'you'

A long day

Well, it's Monday. Everyone hates Monday it seems, there always seem to be an explosion of information students just need to know on Mondays. Yes, Mondays and Tuesdays aren't such great days for me, I have class till 6 in the evening... today I didn't get back to the room till half past eight.

I'm in the computer lab now, not wanting to use my laptop tonight. I'm worried I'll end up doing something else, right now, I'm not doing my work either, I'm just taking a very short break from outlining "The Red Badge of Courage" it's a very interesting war story

I was at two practices this evening, one was for Shimona's concert this weekend, and the other will be fore Wai Kru Day this Thursday... It's a day where we honor our teachers, our acharns

I can't wait for the weekend, it always seem to be looming rapidly, which I like, and don't like, at times because it doesn't give me enough time to prepare and finish things I need to finish during the week.


Yesterday, my very dear friend Deanna and Ms Julie Cook brought me out for a massage!!! :D Actually they planned to surprise me to a spa, but unfortunately the spa was fully booked till 4pm, and we didn't have much time. So, we headed to the massage parlour at Muak Lek. It was all good, Thai massage for almost two hours, and thanks a lot to the president's wife Mrs. Shipton for bringing us over, and waiting for us patiently!!!

Man, the positions the Masseuse had me in.... was incredible, she started with my feet, my toes, my heels and slowly worked her way up, there were times when I felt she shouldn't be massaging, but I just kept my compose, I did let out a few grunts of discomfot, but probably she didn't understand my paralanguage. The finale was, as Ms Julie puts in, the flying position, where the masseuse will brace us from our backs with their knees and send us flying, arms and legs spread out... I had a 'creak creak creak' moment, nevertheless, I've never had someone do that to me before!!!

I'm so looking forward to a next time...Ms Julie was telling us about Swedish massage and I simply am excited....there are just so many things to try out di dalam dunia yang fana ini.... ehhhehehehehehe

more picts from the weekend

Sondang dengan Daron

Tentera Singapura, Jimmy and Shimona

pictures this weekend

please come to shimona's concert this sunday
cantik kah poster yang saya buat? hihihihihihi :P

paparazzi in the church....

fellow Indonesians.

Freshies from Sabah...Bjorn and Switzerlyna

Lelaki Jepang (Toshi), Perempuan Indon Terakhir (Pisonya), and I don't know the other one (Terry)...


Well, it's been quite some time since I blogged, and I think tonight is a good night to blog.

First of all, I've been caught in a storm, where there seems to be no other easy way out than just to brave it... ehhhehehehe, sungguh poetic lah kan!! :D There's this concert coming up on Saturday evening, not sure if I'm actually involved, I don't want to, but there's this giant vacuum sucking me in... well I'll just have to let it suck me, lest I want my clothes to be stripped off me...ehhehehhehe

Things have been coming along just fine, like a smooth train slowly chugging down the track, but the stress has left its mark on me, physically, now I can prove to people how much things have been bothering me, the regions of acne on my face is hard rock evidence...I have one region dedicated to Shimona, another one to Carol, and another to other things and myself...ehhehehehehe

The weather seems to be changing, I was hoping for the monsoon season to skip this year, but who the hell am I to stop mother nature? yep, It rained, I got wet in the rain, but thanks to Shimona for her bike, and her brother's jacket...hmmmhmmmmm ahhahhahahaha!!! I made it back in one piece...talking about coming back just now, on my way back to the college, I saw two blue sparks in the sky, probably from the electric lines, but I got so freaked out - remembering a horror story I heard back I sped back like it was nobody's back just in time to give Ken a copy of Words, print out the baritone part for that song, and passed the parts recordings to Pappu, and even made it in time to listen to complaints about tonight's rehearsal, well the world isn't perfect, stop pointing fingers at each other, it will go no where...

got back just in time for Vivian....

I don't know how I'm gonna end the night, will probably read up Sacred Literature, looking forward to this weekend!!!

the things you can do...

you can't access youtube in the library, but you can in the room...huh?!?!?

i can't get into hallmark to send ecards to friends...because the site is blocked...huh?!?!?!?

Blogger just added a new you can also add videos....well you can embed the URL and stuff...but now there's that 'add video' icon next to the 'add picture' icon... :D

wanting to wash clothes but my suite-mate is still in the bathroom...thinking of things i need to do tomorrow in the library...

the latest post

It's Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday, that's a true and factual statement. What's the difference between true and factual anyways?

I started teaching piano yesterday, it was nice, in a way to see someone learning to play an instrument that you enjoy deeply... ahhhahahahahahahahahahaha...

this morning, in American literature we had a debate, the basis of the debate is from the story "A pair of silk stockings" by Kate Chopin, written just before the 20th century. Well, I found out that I really need to learn how to control rage... I wasn't actually angry, but you know when you are in an argument... you just raise your voice over and over again... till you say things that aren't supposed to be said... well i didn't cuss or curse at anyone, but there was just twisted info because I read the story a few days ago, and I've forgotten like 60% of the details. Anyways, the debate was an impromptu... no one was ready... and all of us did well... except for the fact that sometimes God was brought in... which was somewhat irrelevant, not that I don't think God is part of the story, just that under some circumstances, his relation to literature, should be carefully considered. :D But I'm for God being any where and any time!! :D

where love has always been enough for me... don't regret this life you chose for me...

I'm supposed to be doing a lot of things this weekend... it's good that the new students are leaving the campus for orientation camp... new students from january till now.... I have to prepare some numbers for a tour that I'm proposing for my English for Tourism class, then I have to play for vespers tomorrow night, and there's gonna be the church choir auditions, and then on Sunday I'll be running down to Bangkok for some light shopping... I have a bunch of reading to be completed...there are Thai girls laughing like mad outside my room, there are bikes racing by, and the sign clearly shows that you have to be driving only at 30kmh...

Thinking twice of the recital now, Mr Gerald didn't mention a thing, maybe it didn't cross his mind that I memorized the 5 pieces out of 7 because I wanted to have my recital... I'll hint to him next week, and if his radar isn't working, I'll just tell him!!! :D

Will be having an exam tomorrow on preliterate, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Hinduism sacred literature... three books on Children's acquisition of language and development to read... and a life to live!!!

Viva Daron!!! :P