the weekend

I started another book, "Marley and ME" by John Grogan... and man the first 30 pages were great, funny and witty!! :D That really made my night last night!

It's Friday, and all Fridays this semester I'll be having only one class, and 3 hours of work in the English Dept, then I'll have to run back to the room to clean up! :D

What shall I do for the weekend? Maybe get a head-start to the many projects I'm supposed to finish by the end of the semester...

We had an English welcoming party last night, and the department was expecting about 80 people, and i think only half of the amount came. Work in the department has been okay so far, just going through books again... man, after four years of working there, this is the only time I rather do something else... like the Scriptor...ahahhahahahahha

I met Mr Gerald on Wednesday, and we talked..briefly...and I remember how much I've been complaining to him about all the hardships of work and all that, and when he asked me, "Are you still working for the department?" I gave him a timid response, "yes..." and he rolled his eyes!!! ahhahahahaha, so much for not liking my job but ending up working there again...

anyways....will blog some more later!

first week of school

well the first week of school is always interesting, u meet new people, u meet the same old teachers...well not quite old, since i've been in their classes for the past few semesters. It's my 7th sem and I have one more to go. Not a very exciting thought, the pressure becomes greater as you near the end. I think a lot will agree with me on this. I just don't know why, the thought of the probability of getting a C in my last few semesters is 10Xhorrormovies....

There's the malaysian party this weekend, and I'm looking forward to it, I'll be having a few parties this week, the next one is for the english dept. welcoming the returning as well as the new students. Then on saturday, I'll be playing for sabbath school..ehehehhehehe, promising myself that I'll play less, but people jsut get around in persuading me to play...especially if the person asking is close to me....

Met all my friends, made some new one, saw some changes in some, but everything is good!!!

I met this guy on my flight to KL....gave him a 20 Baht bill and scribbled my number on it...HAHAHAHAHAHaaaa...JOKING, didn't give him my number, but i did give him the an incentive for him to leave me alone...ehehehhehehe :P

will blog some more!!! suddenly life seems so exciting!! ahahhahahahahaha, i'm drunk

I'm back

Back to school again.

Let me write and extra long post once I'm inspired.

Classes begin tomorrow.

The Queen of the Night

My dad insisted us to take pictures of the Queen of the Night every half an hour... It's one of my parents' pride and joy... ehehhehehehe

after midnight

I got back at about 10 past midnight, second time to get back this late in my 5-week hiatus from Mission College. A bunch of us went over to UMS to support our very own Mae in a singing competition yang mempertandingkan lagu-lagu patriotic, it was an inter-university thing so there were a lot of audience.

We got to the recital hall, which is called Dewan Resital (Malay should seriously start considering coining new and original Malay words) at about 7.35 pm and man was the place packed with students in pink baju kurung and baju melayu. Well, we felt a little overdressed - jeans. So we waited for Clarvie and Clarice to join us, so the more the merrier and the less embarrassment felt. After a few minutes of delay trying to locate each others' cars, we met up and strutted right to the entrance. We hesitated for a moment, because there was a guard at the door, and Valen went up to the guy and told him that we were with the Education Dept. So we made our entrance, we had to stand for a while before one of the female ushers showed us some available seats. Well I was sitting in the middle of Muslim women who were fully clad. It was warm, there was no air-con, probably so that the instruments will stay in tune and probably to tune down the performers' nervousness. Anyway, the show went on and on and Mae's turn came. It was a trio though but Mae got the LEAD and she was fantastic!!! In her pink modern kebaya with a pink choker!!! :D Well, let's just say that her other singing counterparts didn't do quite enough justice for the piece. Some of the performers were worth applauding, trying not to sound like a stereotype Malaysian artiste whatsoever, but a majority of those singing did sound alike. Hmmm....

The jury was made up of professionals, Dato Johari, and Adnan Abu Hassan and I didn't get the third guy's name. Anyway, UMS got first... Congrats to Sabahans, and the naib johan and tempat ketiga i lupa sudah....

I want to type more but my fingers are not cooperating with my head... Just want to mention one last thing, the somporing a.k.a. bamboo saxophone performance was superb, the MCs were crapping around though

We went to McD and I had a Big Mc.....good good good...

My Missing Cat

Okay, I'm getting worried, my Siamese cat hasn't returned since last night. When I got back from town last night around midnight, I heard a cat screaming, I thought it was another cat since it was coming from my neighbor's house, now I can't find Samy. >_<


Some of my friends that were caught on camera

An ongoing card game, under the watchful eye of Encik Stephen...
I'm not quite sure what game they were on, but anyone who loses will have to drink a cup of water or eat a piece of chicken... ehehehehe

YES! another interesting year down memory lane. Yesterday evening was great, I came back late, and there were already some friends waiting for my arrival, I had to tag along to UMS to pick Mae up since she couldn't find any means of transportation to get back to good old SASS! I got back at about 6.30pm and my dear mother was finishing the dish I said I will cook... that's why we have mothers and that's why we should love them!!! ahahahhahaha Then we jumped straight into eating, it was a little strange this year because Shaun would usually be around, and it was only Nathan and I that were going from group to group, making sure that everyone was okay. I think I stayed the longest with the guys, which Clarvie called as the 'gay' group....ahahahahah and the gay group was fun!!! :D

I got an assortment of presents, books, I love the books I got! There were cards of course, and from my dear Mark Londoh, I got a box of tissue, how thoughtful! :D

Last night went downtown to send my friends back after the party, it was an adventure for me, because I can't drive and I always think that KK is so big, apparently it seems big because there are so many 'sois,' ahahhaha, okay, hidden lanes that I've never ventured through before. Choco, me and my brother sempat again try out the McDonald's drive through, and amazingly the service was fast and good! I had my fifth cup of ice-cream, I got myself a McFlurry (oreo) for the evening, had too much at home, since there was no cake! :P

Came back 10 past midnight and started replying all the birthday wishes I got on Friendster, I think the sugar got me so hyped up...

I still have one more week to go, 2 more pieces to memorize (I'm done with 5!!!), a research to start and to complete, shopping to do, and more weight to gain!!! :D

Yes, and I think I'm settling down with this template... I think I changed it three times since coming back to Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia!!!

Die Hard blooper?

Pre 21st Birthday jitters. I'm trying to throw a party to celebrate myself as I always claim doing... but I haven't finalized who to invite, and what I'll serve, probably I'll just smear chocolate syrup and whipped cream on my badan and sprinkle a little bit of chocolate rice... ahahahhahahahaa

Watched Die Hard 4.0 last night with my brother, and my favorite scene is when Willis (McCain) was beating Maggie Q - Mai Linh - not quite sure with her name, anyways, after Maggie Q supposedly beat Willis up, she was moving over to Justin Long, and Willis stood up again, and end up throwing Maggie against a shelf and apparently yanked off a lot of her hair, she then got to her foot again and started kicking Willis, who ended up falling probably from the 3rd or 4th floor to the street down below, THIS IS THE INTERESTING PART... at the beginning of the fight, when Maggie Q first defeats Willis, she gives him (who is lying on the floor) a 'look' and walks away, and the second time she beats him, the 'look' appears, and this second look is, I think, recycled from the first fighting scene when she won, cause there was no cuts or bruises and her hair was still okay, as opposed to her devastated state (cuts and bruises and her hair was all over the place) after Willis flung her into the shelves. Hmmmm Die Hard blooper? ehehehehehehe

okay, I'm gonna go work on my guest list and start preparing lunch! :D

So far so good

I found myself waking up earlier than usual, it's the third week of my holiday, two more weeks to go and I'm back in school.

I haven't actually ventured out from my house since coming back. I did got out to town a few times the first two weeks I was back, but that's that, I've not been out since. I'm keep myself indoors, eating, and hoping to get fat. :D

LOST and ALIAS and The Nanny have kept me entertained, besides me entertaining myself.

I just can't believe that things will be eventually different when I go back to Mission College. Yes, probably will not stay in the dorm any longer than one more month! But I LOVE the dorm, and I will somehow miss the cafe food. Not that I can't dine at the cafe anymore, it's just why would I go there if I could just go back home and make a meal for myself. Home: where is home now? I've never been to China before, and living in a patriarchal society (not really sure about this) that makes my Dad's whereabouts my whereabouts as well. Yes, I'm looking forward to going to China any time soon, with AirAsia!

I went to this birthday party last Sunday at Pulau Kelapa. It was one of the Bangkuai's b'day. The sun was doing its job pretty well, sunning and tanning all those under it. I had to stand and wait till 2 before the party actually started, by the time I reached the crowd surrounding the table, (buffet style, and when it comes to lining up during this type of kenduri, there's isn't actually a line, you just sisip yourself in any opening available) I felt so dizzy and faint, probably pale, some people might have thought that I was starving. Saw the decapitated buffalo's head on the way to get my lunch...

It's Friday again. I am not planning to attend PMC tomorrow... probably join my brother and his entourage to a singing appointment.

ello luve

I'm hiding from reality for the moment.

What have I been up to these past few days. Let me see, banging the piano, concocting close-to-Thai dishes, finishing the latest Harry Potter (Thanks to Kim), and that's about it, and yes of course, seeing friends, and cashing out on meals.

The other day I went to a Choir workshop and they were having a concert to mark the close of the two day program. St Francis was first to perform, and I could just imagine Fiona singing, and Deanna taking her place at the piano. Man, the pianist deserves an applaud for memorizing the piece. There were a few other opera singers, the soprano, with her very Chinese accent. Instead of sounding Italian, it came across sounding more like Chinese opera, minus the heavy headgear, makeup and costume.

I just had mee-soup and my stomach feels a little weird.

Well last night at the heat of chatting with so many friends, the lights suddenly went out, and rain started to pour, it was really pouring, pouring cows and goats. And electricity didn't come back until the next morning. Fortunately it was raining, and it was cool, only with my underwear on... ahhahahahahaha!

Been waiting for streamyx to come to my house, but till now, no sign of any tmnet guys hovering around.

Still have things to do. Will update more, and I promise pictures the next time I update my blog.