Sorry lah

hello hello

I am sorry because I have not been updating my blog. My life is right now going through a continuum, yes I got sick on Sunday evening, and now I feel much better although not fully recovered yet.

I'm still thinking of a new template for this blog.

Thinking of going down to town tomorrow.
i'm calling people from the library, like rumah sendiri only, haven't studied for finals tomorrow, i'm afraid the worse will come... i don't know lah

everything is just so hectic i want to go back to my home

one of the last posts for the week

I'm flying back to Sabah this weekend, and I have a line up of final presentations and finals and of course, studies to do, on top of that, piano lessons and a bit of clearing up things before I vamoose from this place.

Hence, I probably won't post much till I get back to Sabah. Oh, and I will be picking a new template for the summer (it's already the summer lah... :P)

unnecessary paranoia

life is full of dung...

I woke up this morning, before my alarm rang, which is good, because it somehow shows that I got enough sleep. I had another row again last night with you-know-who, I tried to be emphatic to the person and asked the person you didn't have to go out and have dinner alone (not knowing that the person was with a bunch of friends) and the person gladly said to me: "You're not on the invitation list... what would my friends think if I brought you?!?"

Well, the person didn't bother me much after that as I found a friend who made up my night. We laughed and laughed... and laughed until 11 pm at night.

I'm giving my persuasive speech this morning on Food Additives, I was supposed to consult my speech lecturer yesterday afternoon but I overslept, I missed practice too because of that.

I hate all this unnecessary paranoia people are causing around me... for calling out loud, this is the 21st century. grow up. wtf.

I'm hairless

Not exactly without hair, I just did a little grooming today, thanks to the persuasion of Maggie, my classmate. Look at the above picture (if you're not sure where I am, I'm the guy with the folder and green sweater - This was taken on Wednesday night, there was a birthday party, but I had to run to practice - yeah, I'm boring.) Notice that I had hair between my nostrils and lips. Now what am I trying to pull, I have to idea. Some people think I'm 27, with or without a mustache. I think I left it to grow to filter the air I breath in. Pandai kan! :D

Now tuan-tuan and puan-puan, after having a goatee and a mustache for one month, I took the razor and mowed the lawn. I did a little editing to the lighting to conceal the acne that is tormenting my once smooth face.

Yes, selepas menggunakan pisau pencukur Bic, Daron boleh senyum gembira. Lihat gambar di atas, tiada lagi bulu-bulu liar. (I think I look good in this picture :P)

berita hangat

what's more hangat than knowing that I now weigh



Say Hello

Lem didn't quite make it after setting the camera on self timer....

Muka saya macam saya kencing saja... :P

I'm lost...

another group picture

I still have three more weeks left here in Thailand, then I'll be leaving on a jet plane. I apparently did not do much today, much to my surprise, I thought of working on some projects, but I think they can wait. I'm not procrastinating, but I'm just giving myself time to recuperate from the hectic weekend.

Went out with friends after church, we went to the waterfall, bought fried chicken and drinks on the way, and just splashed and had fun. I've never went out with these guys before, but let me tell you something, they're a FUN BUNCH!!!

I have another presentation tomorrow. Almost ready, I still need to review the information I got about a week ago... see, I'm not procrastinating! :D

Don't know what topic to choose for my persuasive speech, I'm open to suggestions right now, feel free to give! :D