another day, another time

This afternoon I will be giving a speech on "snoring." There was a quote I really liked while researching about my topic, "Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and the world leaves you!" :D

I am not quite sure what I am up to today, I have a number of practices tomorrow evening, and yes, I am having a midterm tomorrow Morning for English Usage, 3 chapters, so this evening will be dedicated to drooling over my books.

Three more weeks to go and I am out of here. I'll be back in Sabah, dancing about with exotic insects, not that Thailand doesn't have any, I just prefer the Malay ones. Besides indulging, I've made a promise to myself to practise practice practise... in preperation for my coveteous mind to have a solo recital by the end of the year. I'll cross my fingers, kick my arse, and make sure I make it then.

Bring your dancing shoes, I'll be stumbling over the keys on the piano tomorrow as I attempt contemporary genres of worship music. Why can't they just Beethoven compose some famous worship song that I can play.

It's been raining these past few days, I've been wanting to work on my latest poem, "All You Soprano Wannabes," reflecting on how the diva in me embraced the fact that I actually am a bass/baritone/2nd tenor.

Ombra Mai Fu,
Di Ve ge Tabile
Ca Raed Amabile
So A ve Pui...

I miss singing that song, I sang that at the last performance class.

The vegetable song, some call it.

Blah, I don't even know why I wrote the highlighted section.


After much delay, I finally made it to Roy and Amy's place!! Man, this place is awesome, I'm blogging from their apartment, and they gave me a king's sized bed! So tonight I can guling from one end to the other, they even have a serviced swimming pool and fitness center. Shit lah, I can't wait to get my own place.

I want to stay here longer, but it seems that I might have to make an early trip back to the college tomorrow, it all depends on whether I feel like going to practice or not. Since wishing for the practice to be postponed seems impossible. Well, miracles happen, and I hope it happens tomorrow because only God knows how tiring it is to be practicing with so many people. Yes, use my talents, but I need a break too sometimes. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all those who have trusted me to play for them. I feel that I have improved a lot since coming to Mission College.

Bangkok was rainy. I was planning to drop by Prathunam, but the stupid rain ruined by Sabbath afternoon espionage. I guess it wouldn't be wise for me to go shopping right after church service. :{p I'm now using moustached smileys because I myself am desperately growing one.

Today I learned something really important and interesting at the AY seminar at the BAH. Many times we hear people saying, both young and old, that youth is the future. They will be the ruling generation in years to come. But then, Pastor George and Pastor Michael said something really REALLY true, Youth is not the future, but it is the present. Many have seem to grasped the notion that it should be the older ones who gets to determine what is to be done, and leaving out the younger ones with the thought that they are not quite mature yet. But I agree that youth, though younger and may be somewhat naive, should be given the freedom of voice too. Yes, that probably won't work here in Southeast Asia where the social organization is hierarchical, nevertheless, bright ideas don't come with age alone, it comes with innovation, creativity, determination, and enthusiasm. Youth find themselves many times unenthusiastic when there are organized programs, why? The only sound reason I can think of now, it's not the only, but one of the major reasons, is because these programs do not identify with what the younger generation needs.

Enough philosophy for now... Hope tomorrow I can stay longer here!!! :D

Thanks to Amy and Roy for their hospitality. It's such a great honor to be hospitalized!! :P

5 more weeks!!!

I still have five more weeks left here in MC before I go back to the tropical island of Borneo!!!

These are the things I want to do:
-wake up late
-eat like crazy (The Chinese restaurants at Gaya Street - lots of mee soup!, the Malay restarants where I'll get mee goreng ayam, the Indian restaurants, roti canai yum yum!!!)
-Gain weight??!?! and work out... ehehehehe :P
-Watch TV

Next week will be a busy one, I'm going down to Bangkok next weekend (Amy if you read this, I'm wondering if I could crash over at your place!) There might be a few more piano appointments, counting on my salary from the piano lessons I'm giving.

Semantics is crazy, so is English Usage, getting Bs for these classes would suffice, at this point of time!! Speech is fun, can't wait to get over with it.

I'm going to hang my clothes now,


Well some of you must be wondering how I look like. Now here is the most recent picture of myself, as you can see, roughly, that I am trying my hardest to grow some fur around my oral area. This is to enhance my oral performance, take it anyhow you want readers!

I just had my presentation postponed for the second time, just because we didn't have enough time in class. I have been waiting since Monday, but now I'll be presenting along with my room mate, Lemuel on Friday.

I started teaching piano again today, I will have 4 students this inter semester and I will be only teaching for five weeks. Dear readers, if you are interested in taking lessons, don't hesitate to tell me! :D

Bubye now!!! :D

A New Week

I'm stuck, well not really stuck, but I'm just not fully inclined to go out and enjoy the bright sunshine at 6.52 in the morning. I woke up at 6 am and man was it bright out there. I started reading my speech book for my quiz later, hoping that I'll be able to absorb what I have just read. I wanted to go to the gym, but here I am stuck to the computer, chatting with Shaun, downloading movies. Thanks to Lem who has weights in the room - a 10kg dumb bell.

I've been practicing with this Band called fusion. I think I'm the one who's totally lost there. I'm being overexposed, which is good, to so many music genres.

What happened last week, I found out that compound words need not be words that are coined together by sticking them together or hyphenating them. Today, we are given the 'liberty' to coin new lexical items, which may or may not be institutionalized in the dictionary. Anyway, I didn't know that phrases can also be compound word(S). This is a new revelation!!! wakaka...

I'm going to shower first

swimming lessons

Madam Shiez patiently giving instructions to me.

"Now Daron, kick your legs like that...KICK KICK KICK!!!"

It's the weekend again, Saturday, Sabbath, I'm playing for today's second service and playing again for AY.

Yes, and yesterday I had semantics at 1 pm and the class was for two hours. Imagine having a 2-hour class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'm supposed to be on my bed, digesting my lunch and my daydreams at that time.

I have recently acquired a tan, thanks to the swimming trips I've been making. I never knew how difficult it is to swim. Well, for those who took lessons when as toddlers, I would like to extend my heartfelt jealousy. Nonetheless, I think I'm improving baby-steps... :p

Last night, I got really spooked on my way back to the dorm from the church. Fortunately, my knight in shining armor, well the knight was actually Ms Dorothy, and ESL teacher, who used to teach me too in the English department, and she had a bike instead of a horse. I saw 'green lights' but to my dismay, it was just a lamp tucked within the bush, and the leaves reflecting the light... thus having 'green lights.' One of those blond moments.

I'll blog some more later... maybe after another swim... ehhhehehehehe