There goes the bell

Well, just in time for worship i presume. I just finished looking through the last chapter in my grammar book, and I'm contemplating whether I should go to the morning worship or not. I guess I should, after I take the quickest shower I could've ever imagined.

I am so looking forward to finishing this morning's exam.

There goes Advanced Grammar.

Ain't it a pretty night

The recital Decor

Performer's taking a quick cooling down session before the start of the recital

All set and geared up, soprano, Shimona Kee, accompanied by Daron (piano), Julie (page flipper and Violin 3), Dael (Violin 1), Chervie (Cello)

After the recital, Shioman, Chervie, Dael, Julie, Steven (Violin 2), Daron
Yays, Shimona & Daron

Sabbath Morning

Carol and I

Daron, Harry, Vivian, and Carol Flores

Daron, and Sondang!!! :D

fighting hunger

Done with one recital, did I say this in my previous post? I still have Dinah's recital to worry about. I'm happy that I won't be playing as many songs for Dinah's recital, at least I will have a breather before graduation. I expect many MANY things to happen during graduation. Whatever that means.

Right now, I am hungry. But I'm not going to eat until I've jogged with Steven later. Lucky me, I've found a supporting sport who is willing to jog with the weird guy out!

I am having 17 chapters for my Advanced Grammar final tomorrow, then Business communication on Tuesday.

Grammar is never easy, you have to live with it, eat with it, shower with it, and all the other verbs you could think of. It's like math basically, practice, practise....

I'm getting better each other, and some aren't
Sorry for them, but if they don't stop feeling sorry for themselves, then they will never
get better?

Till tomorrow.

The Change

Sometimes you just wonder how many changes one would experience before really settling down with one permanent one. I don't think there's a permanent one. Change is: change, alteration, addition, adjustment, advance, break, compressions, contraction, conversion, correction, development, difference, distortion, diversification, diversity, enlargement, innovation, metamorphosis, modification, remodeling, reversal, revision, revolutions, shift, surrogate, switch, tempering, transformation, transition, transmutation, turn, turnover, variance, variation, variety, vicissitude...

Lately, I've got to know so many. So many to the verge that I lost touch with who I am? What do I want. I found out that deep within, within our skin and flesh, within our bone marrow, there's another person. Another entity fighting its way out, uncontrollable...

I'm still in control.

Mission College Chamber Choir and String Ensemble


one day, i saw this curly girl, she was curly... like everywhere, from head to toe, like a true rags to riches story...


and then everything happens, the big bang

i was jogging last night, trying to put up some muscle,
buffer, to sponge the incoming penetration...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yeah, and it seems like others are running away from me too.

why?! guilt? i'm controlling?!?!? heish...
i just can't blog right now...

The trip

Well, I've been on the road for the past week, and okay, i'll blog later, lem wants to talk to his honey...ehhehehehehe

love the world

Thread and Needle

On the left,
my fingers clutch
on the wide-eyed wound.
Gaping back at me,
waiting for the needle’s pierce
and fragile thread.

A loop around
will not suffice,

I have to go round and round,
closing the lids of this worn out eye
bracing it with
the thread’s might.

Another wound may stir
from firm slumber,
exposing yet what lays within.

My needle and thread
go round.

Letting go

Why do I have to feel so overwhelmed with emotions sometimes. Why do I even have to have 'close' friends, when they don't even bother of how I feel, what I stand for?

I'm want to let go, I want to be liberated, no obligations, no strings attached, I want to be liberated, like how I felt after completing the Scriptor.

I want to have my girlfriend with me right now, I want to have my family with me right now. I'm so sick and tired of friends who are ignorant, and too stuck up in their own world.

I'm here...

I'm in the library, doing my project for Advanced Grammar.

Well, it's been a week since I wrote anything at all. Thanks to Vivian, who is right next to me, pushing me hard from behind... to write something.

I came up with the Creative Writing Class blog again, so far, I've made Lorena check her email and got her so sign up with the blog, have not been successful in the other 8 authors.

Yesterday, I played the piano for church after many weeks of rest from playing for church. Redundant. Dandruff. And in the afternoon, we had an AY program and it was really nice. I had gastric later that night, I just watered myself immensely.

Watched 300 after church yesterday, wished I had a physique like a Spartan. Everyone will be drooling over me, especially myself!!! ahhahahahahahahahaha

Woke up this morning with the rays of sun
shining through my pores (I love this word)
I turn to my side,
And calmness sees me
I turn facing the brightness again
I squint my eyes
I see fairies
prancing around
drunk at dawn

I had a little chat with my parents and brother on Sabbath morning. This time I had the privilege of keeping quite, most of the time, as my mom was interrogating my older brother. I checked out some more music schools. It's like a deep dark secret which I keep to myself. Hoping that nobody will notice. Anyways, I told them that my gf's uncle wanted to meet me. Suddenly the focus is on me. My mom told me my dad just fainted after the revelation.

I downloaded Fergie this morning: Glamorous. To help boost self esteem, I'm having a bad hair day. Everyday is a bad hair day. Body hair included.