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Green Hijau

You Are Emerald Green

Deep and mysterious, it often seems like no one truly gets you.
Inside, you are very emotional and moody - though you don't let it show.
People usually have a strong reaction to you... profound love or deep hate.
But you can even get those who hate you to come around. There's something naturally harmonious about you.

i'm prepared

here i am again...

haven't been blogging for quite some time. I have been busy. Rather busy. Very busy. It's Saturday morning, and the more I feel guilty this morning.

I have a talent show to organize this evening, I have a recital to perform at this evening. Tomorrow I have a final. And in the afternoon I'll have a food fair to organize as well.

Life is not that simple. And please don't get jealous of others if you're on life is complicated. I feel that way. I felt like that on Thursday night, when I was on the verge of giving up. When I wanted to push myself over the cliff.

I will blog some more later.

i'm done with

I am done with...

The Scriptor

102 pages in total

Now let me spill

Spill what, spill milk, spill words, spill vomit, spill anything.

Things I really want to get over with,

First I want to get over with the Scriptor, it's a journal I'm working on. This is my third issue, and third year with the editorial team, and I'm the only one doing the formatting and layout, basically. The only thing that my boss does, which is quite the same like all other bosses, is to sit, receive the manuscript of every single page and critique/criticize it.

Second, I want to quit vocal. I think I can do more, but not here, not with this establishment, not with my schedule, not with the fact that the school lack practice room and professional personnel.

Third, I want to get over with myself. Not much of a surprise for some of you! No, not the Diva part of me, that will stay until you guys leave. Sometimes I have this urge, besides the urge to bitch around. Insatiable hunger as you could call it... Sounds like a hmm hmm that I saw a couple years back.

I'm not a saint, I'm less than perfect, I'm full of cliches, I'm a not a big Kahuna, although I wish I was, I'm not a Diva, obviously.

Well, so much for this post, I have to go back to my journal entry for Cross Cultural Communication, love that class.

Genocide Museum, Tuol Sleng (Former Khmer Rouge S-21 Prison)

The high school turn detention camp
One of the many rooms where people were tortured to death
A cell
Many cells

First thing that greets me as I made it pass the immigration. I'm not quite sure what this statue means, one thing I know is that it distracted me and it took me quite a while to look for my gate. I was just standing there, in awe of such exquisite design... as i have said, it may cause some difficult hindrances to passengers as they make their way to their respective gates, being summoned to gaze upon this out of the world creation. Well not actually out of the world, this may be very normal for Buddhists. I did make my way to the gate, on time, and I met this lost-looking Asian guy whom I thought was a bit 'off' in the beginning, I spied on his transit card and apparently he was lost, the worst thing was the lady behind the counter who was checking us through couldn't help him. So much for a big airport but with services that didn't quite meet the international demands.
Sunrise from the terminal, after finding my seat. The plane was warm, warm all the way to Cambodia. Probably to prepare the passengers for the heat they are about to experience once settled on Cambodian soil. The flight, as usual, was uneventful, sat next to Ken, and Dr Connie Meyer was sitting with us too. Took my sweet time filling in the arrival and departure cards and all those. The flight was only about an hour long, tried to sleep, but couldn't do it comfortably because I had a long-legged tourist pushing against my seat, and it wouldn't be nice if i just leaned my seat back. We reached the airport, and I saw some waiting for the plane to park. There wasn't much people hanging around waiting for people, and the airport wasn't quite busy. I like small airports, you don't have to walk around so much.
So leaving the airport, we made our way to the school. Shacks, mansions, rubbish, and hardly any working traffic lights. All these are common sights in Phnom Penh. And there were lots of motorcycles. It looked pretty much of an extended version of Muak Lek, minus the dust and rubbish. Even though Muak Lek is in the suburbs, it's still a good place to live in because it's much more cleaner. We arrived at the school and there were a bunch of kids playing football. I kept a distance, as I remembered getting smacked in the face by a football, a few times to be precise. Anyways, these two cute girls immediately bonded with Fiona. Fiona's great with children, no doubt of that. I met a student who went to MC to study ESL, he called me the international pianist and I call him the 'rocker,' still remembered his rocking feats he had at MC.
On the other hand, Dael and Shimona quickly attached themselves to the swings. Guess we college students do not have the priviledge of having any playgrounds on campus. It was nice though, especially swinging at night. And yeah before I forget, Mr Gerald commented when he saw them (Dael and Shimona on the swing), "The Swingers." We swung whenever we had free time. Mrs. Tanya probably got a little 'amused' at our antics. Well, we were just touching base with our 'child' side, if that's the correct way to put it.
This is the 2nd day of our trip, Sabbath morning, as the sun rose and bathed the CAS classrooms with heavenly rays! It was so nice and cool to see such classrooms, haven't seen one of this sort in ages.


I'm back in school. Not very excited about it, but I'd rather have myself busy with my classes than watching movies the whole day - I did that yesterday after flying back from Cambodia, watched all the movies i bought till 12 midnight.

First, let me say a little something about Cambodia.

Going to cambodia has changed my perspective on Cambodians. The first few things that I saw (midair from the plane) were the dust roads and the scattered buildings tinting cambodian terrain. I was even amazed when i exited the international airport. Typically in my country, and probably elsewhere, you will see billboard signs like "Say no to drugs, or alcohol, or smoking, or vandalising"... but instead i saw "say no to firearms" nevertheless i'm not generalizing that weapons are common in cambodia, but still hold the truth that there are possibilities for a lunatic carrying a gun shooting randomly at people. The rich, with their mansions and fenced compound, stands tall amongst the squatters that make up the rest of the population in Cambodia.

The school that we went to, CAS was great. The cafeteria food is great, the cook is from China and i was able to talk to her a couple of times. The students are great! so are the teachers, especially the volunteers there. They really inspired me and drove me even more to volunteer when I'm done studying here, which will be in a year. Probably will want to go to Cambodia, or China! :D

We went to the genocide museum, and it was an eye opener for me. I could almost feel how much the people have suffered, and here i am complaining about the lack of all the things that are unnecessary, while people over there are hanging by the thread, trying to make it through another day. I guess going to that place explained partially why Cambodia is what it is now.

The school kids were a great inspiration to me too. Never have i met a bunch of students who are so enthusiastic in learning, especially when we were conductiong the music workshops.

I really want to say more, but I have to run to class right now. Have to get over with my ESL methods class. Happy that it is an intensive course, and i'll be over with it by the end of this month.

Will update later, with pictures from Cambodia.