you got my temperature rising

temperature skyrocketing

it's getting hot here in Thailand, and I'm getting sick, but i have faith in myself, i think i'm getting better and i'm looking forward to my weekend trip to cambodia!

But before i could rejoice and be glad, i'll first have to finish a heap of work. Not procrastinated work but homework for the week. Yes, i'll be over with Methods of teaching ESL in a month and i'm so looking forward to that day.

Yesterday night was yet another of our recital, and I sang and played, didn't record it though, but will next time!! overall performance, i know i can do better but I think i did my best, despite the coming soar throat and exhaustion. I am happy and proud of myself! :D ehhehehehehe

Sad news now,

My cat, Kiki, who was with me for ten years!!! 10 beautiful years, passed away this morning. It's old and skinny and yesterday evening my neighbor's dog attacked it. My mom had a box for Kiki to sleep in, and last night, it made its way to the box, curled in it, purring into a deep sleep, but not coming back, not seeing the light...


Music Rendezvous III
Music Rendezvous III

Chinese New Year dinner

Steve and I

Whatever Daron....

yet another week

another week passed...

i'm leaving for cambodia in one week, going to be staying there for four days. i have a hell lot of things to do and yes!

i have lots of things to say in today's post, but i might depress myself again. The journal i'm working with is almost done, i just finished the first 16 pages of the100 page journal, the journal used to be half that length but somehow my boss is accepting articles from all around and my workload is expanding.

well i'm going with lem later. looking forward to it. looking forward to going to church, and chamber choir practise later.

one more day

I'm supposed to be studying, so do some1000s of college students out there... right now, this very moment

I had a presentation this morning but that ain't the whole point of this post.

Last night, Valentine's Day night, was probably the worst night for this new year. I couldn't sleep, worrying over someone who means a lot to me. I called and messaged, but there was no response whatsoever.

You know how intuition works sometimes. Your heart tells you something might be wrong, out of place. This person who is dear to me, we've been together a lot, I respect this person very much, care for that person too. Wild thoughts lingered in my head, and I am most certain that this person would be out, knocking his senses away, killing some brain cells, stimulating the nervous system, finally passing out, oblivious to the whole foolishness of what was just done.

I met this person this morning, if I'd meet the person last night I would have scolded and screamed. But all I saw was courage, determination to be better. The person had this guilty, regretful look painted all over, what was I too say? I kept quiet, and I asked THE QUESTION, and my doubts were affirmed.

Silence followed, the remaining classes, my heart burned... disappointment, frustration, I was convincing myself not to angry, but I feel all the negativity in me sums up to being angry.

We then moved on, talked for about an hour after our last class. Thoughts exchange, hearts poured out. I asked the person, "Why did you break the pack? I thought you and I agreed?" Another chance, one more day.

We are vulnerable, I am too, to my feelings, especially those that concern my friends, especially those that are DEAR to me.


just woke up from a dream...

i had this bike, big bike, like pappu's, and i was at this quarry like place, it was flat and there pebbles/stones everywhere. Vivian, pappu and fiona were with me, and somehow i had pappu's bike key and i was driving it. I took out pappu's keys and then separated his bike and room keys so i could return his room key to him.

so i separated the keys, and then started the bike. Then did i realize that pappu and fiona were on a bike, like what i was on. so we had two of the same bikes?!??! After that it started to rain, and i ran out of gas. So vivian, who was on the bike with me, had to push the bike, like the flintstones. so vivian and i pushed the bike, and we were already near to the junction (don't know what junction is this) i suddenly realize that i forgot the keys, so we had to push it all the way back to this hut. and suddenly there were these japanese guys, (the one with the blonde hair and the short one on campus right now) who zoomed by us. as they were passing us, i said "shit man" and the blonde japanese guy also said "shit man..."

the end!!!

have loads of things to do today...dunno if can kasi siap!!!

piano blues...

now piano blues...

it's February now, and it'll be march soon and then next thing i now, summer would have started!

The days are just zooming by i can't even catch my breath sometimes.

will edit this post later!

a bike trip?

thanks to my official photographer...vivian a.k.a. vuja