a little bit of that and this

this morning, woke up feeling as if i had enough sleep... but i still wish that i was in bed right now!! The weather is great and it would be awesome enjoying it on my bed...

anyways, i'm in school now, going to class in a bit and i have a little bit too much wax and styling paste..as they call it, on my hair........

i feel like i'm in the renaissance now where people had big stiff puffy hair


i just finished a test for cross cultural communication, jawab sampai mata i pun menjadi cross. one more week to music rendezvous and i hope i will be able to post up some pictures then, lama already i no include gambars dalam journal saya yang hebat ini.

anyways, nothing has been going on. let's see, i think i'm stressed out because only this past week i've had like two arguments with two different people, one is our dear beloved thai lady librarian who works in the counter, today she's wearing i think lavender or pink, and she has her mata sepet without her round gold rimmed glasses. last week i bergaduh dgn dia..i know sometimes i can be such a biatch...and only last night during chamber choir i had this argument with my fellow friend from chamber choir. i love, but hate him more!! ahhahahahahahaha, there wouldn't be anything to dispute about if he were not in chamber choir.

i'm surviving advanced english grammar, i know that i would not retain EVERYTHING from that class, but i guess as i go along, i'll start surfacing whatever is hidden in my subconscious, probably even my long gone good looks!!! ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

mondays and tuesdays are usually the longest days, and i'm just escaping from life's threadmill, mine is different because the speed is increasing every minute. Not thrown off yet, and i do hope that they'll get me those cycling machines where i sit and paddle, instead of stand and run.

oklah, my readers are diminishing, alongside my age and my youthfulness. i still love you guys, i don't know who i'm referring to, i don't care!!!!!


maybe next time the next post will be accompanied with a poem

haven't written anything lately!!!!
some say it's mental block, i would rather say it was laziness. Well have i been lazy these past few months? Well, i think i have been. The older you get, the lazier you become, the more routine things seem to you, you don't seem to find any joy or need to accomplish tasks that are familiar?

Have i been blogging to long? i don't think so! i have lots of things to say to ppl, and to myself as well, most of them crap. I'm in a really tight situation right now. But thanks to the ppl around me, especially my new room mate who seems to set things accordingly, I can see clearly now the rain of shit is gone!! I could say that now. It's nice hanging out with someone who has a strong sense of purpose. Well there, i'm writing about my new room mate! what about today in school... well the dumbest thing happened, i received some UHU stick on the wall goey playdos, or whatever you call it, and she gave me and i was talking to her, my usual crappy witty lines which are purely idiotic. and i lost what my friend gave me, and she gave me three stripes and they cost almost 100 baht in the college store. Talk about ripping off under your nose, which isn't quite obvious, what about...ripping off right off your face....that would be more dramatic, more ME!!!

with a rushing urge from my room mate to finish this post, i shall wind up this post with a thought. well a thought that i thought off long ago....not quite long, it was this afternoon when i was having lunch with two chinese girls, one which i didn't quite enjoy being with, and my english teacher. and a concerned chaplain who managed to advice us on relationship for 20 mins.

"When is feeling full full, as in enough"

and i give up forever to touch you

i just had my nails painted black, and had someone line the curves of my eyes...

never actually painted my nails and line my eyes with eyeliner!!

nothing happened today, you can say... but i feel like shit! :D

nothing glamorous about that right!

some new students just arrived...

can't sleep

aiyhooooo i couldn't sleep last night.... sungguh angry ni sekarang..

my room mate went to bed late and i woke up and i just don't know why i couldn't sleep anymore after that...

this week...this week has been a busy one, sleeping late almost every night, and it's been one week since i moved in here

today play piano again for church

happy sabbath!!

oops i did it again?

oh my goodness.....

don't know when all this bullshit will stop man!! everytime it occurs, i'm so driven, like oh my goodness, in full gear some more!!! manual okay, not automatic...

and the next day it will be a day with bags of uncertainties, will there be a facade... as vivian puts it: FaSadae...

as much as my good friends need help, which i am not naming in this blog, I NEED HELP...so here goes...



happy new year everyone...

the new year again, who would have known the old year would bring so much visible change. sometimes, last year, i imagined that i have finally found a proper footing into what life would bring, yet again and yet AGAIN, something conveniently pops up, causing re-evaluations, pondering, thinking, regrets, and all that jazz. Its now the second week into the very first month of the year 2007 and the first week of school. I am now aware of how my schedule would be like this semester, with an attempt to pull of 18 credits of class, plus other extra curricular stuff.

Right now, I am just thinking whether all the pressure i place on myself is worthwhile. I love the challenge, I love what I do, but will it benefit me in any ways? Will roads be paved? As Robert Burns puts it, his love is so strong that it would remain even when the 'sea gangs dry.' Well I guess it's still up to me to find out right!!! :D Let's see what happens this week and the next!