It's glamorous being an English Major

Can you see Chervie and Deanna in the background?

universal grammar

do you believe that all of us are born with an innate device that will help us learn langauges easily, within the critical period?

I've bee reflecting on several ideas, pros and opps. My paper is very 'detached' incoherent. Hehehe, one paper a day!!!

towards the end

The semester is coming to an end. I realized that I haven't been blogging as often as I did before. Not quite sure what the reasons are to this, but I can assure you (if any is interested) and myself that my creative side is not diminishing. This weekend. Let me tell you about this weekend, this weekend was hectic. I have never, in recent months, done so much traveling. Hmm.. noticed I just changed my verb tenses. I got back from Bangkok an two hours ago, and I'm here in the library, trying to work out some outline to get me started on my tourism paper. I'm writing about winter tourism. I'm writing it because I've never actually had a real winter holiday, besides going to a man/machine-made snowtown, and the cold winters here in Muak Lek.

Yes, I'm telling myself again that the year is coming to an end. One and a half more weeks to finals, and I have half a dozen of papers to write.

Maybe I should say something about the concert in Bangkok this afternoon. The journey to the Church of Christ was really something, the bus had to stop three times to get some screw tightened in the engine. Then we got there, and there was this blast of yellowish or anything close to that, colors illuminating the concert hall. You don't need lights to find your way around even after the lights went out. We were number two in the program, and right after playing I went to the BTS and headed back to MC. Muak Lek is cold, Bangkok is hot. Thanks to polution.

Went back and thought about what a waste of water and detergent and electricity I've caused by wearing the clothes I had to wear. I went ot visit the other seniors having their photos taken and talked to the photographer for an extension. I hope he gets most of those ppl's pictures taken tonight. Met an old friend, an alumni to be exact, and we ended up talking about 'bastards' in the System. I won't be saying which system I'm talking about... Anyways, the issues of both spouses being wih each other suddenly came up. Yeah, I totally agree with something brought up in church discussion in EIS, we Adventists tend to focus on the negatives...for example: why aren't you doing this...this doesn't comply with the Church Manual...the union has this policy and YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW IT... then what if there is some flexibility? Oh, you're bad, you're not doing what you're supposed to do.... hmmmm you sure?

Well, I am very proud to say that I got to rebutt what the person say by stating this: Well, this this this will happen soon and I'm pretty sure people will stop talking about it... Walla!!! The guy just suddenly kept quiet. Thank you English teachers for all the critical thinking skills that you have instilled in us. :D

I'm gonna get back to my tourism paper.


i woke up feeling very conscious of myself, guilt ridden. I don't know why.

Maybe it's because of the many times I've procrastinated what needs to be done, but I've been doing that for so long already, why is it different this time? Or maybe I've come to known what insensitive scum I've become... ignoring people's feelings and rebelling against those I care for, and those that care for me.

new week

time seems to be slipping by quickly, punya banyak kerja mau buat.........

This weekend is going to be a busy one, a hectic one, I might even have to go down to Bangkok on Sunday to play for a group, I am not looking forward to that because I haven't practiced the piece yet, I actually don't want to play the piano until next semester...

Pray that I finish my projects by this week!!!

(man this is a lousy post - i don't think i even thought much while writing this....i'm so lazy)

one more month to go

another month and a half then i might be back home again...where is home now? ahhhahahahahaha...

i'm trying to figure out what to write for my theories of language acquisition class...

wanted to write about universal grammar but why should i bother when a theory receives so much criticism from other linguists...

oklah, i vamoose first

wELL AFTER a long hiatus

i haven't been writing for quite some time now... anyone missed me? anyone misses me?

FOF was just last week, and I'm happy it happened, and I'm happy it's over, happy because i don't need to go play the theme song for every meeting, happy that i do not need to anticipate for an unpredictable song leader, who apparently is the speaker as well, i think this week i'll let my ears rest from all the high-strung decibels that i've been hearing for the past week...

I just got back from the library and two friends came over to chit chat, well everything was fine until the second friend came... hmmm second friend is actually closest friend, but somehow, things don't seem to click.... there is friction.... here and there, probably he's not so close as i've always wanted him to be.... ahhahahha, who cares, i might call him up and clear the murky water, if...there is even any murky water that needs cleaning....

tomorrow, we'll be studying a poem by Elizabeth Bishop...The Fish, Malay transliteration: Itu Ikan....HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, dell, viv, and i got this thing going on last week, translating english movie titles into malay, we got so much belly laugh i think we have developed what appears to be in the likeness of abs....

i have flab, yes i'm skinny, but i think i have a tummy bulge....i need to go work out some more

i'm gone for now :D

oh yeah, i got a new phone.....i lost my phone at the bible camp..remember?


Sunset at the beach

Me, Pisonya, Rochael, and Covido tumpang glamour in the background...

The Beach

Paps, Shiez, and Katie building something on the sand.

Me and my behind

There are still pictures to come, I'll be collecting from friends and such... but for now, here are more for the pleasure of your eyes....

new house

Yes, I haven't been blogging for a while now. I believe I told myself that I was busy, but hey, all of us are busy! I just got back from a wonderful beach-camp, the midterm break just started, and I think I got a tan. What more could I ask for, oh yeah, and I just lost my handphone and I'm broke....anyways, I'm blogging profusely on the first day of the break....Above is my bedroom and where I do my computer stuff. I have another bed there, that's for anyone who is interested in spending the night with me *wink*
This is my other room where I have this giant steel desk. This is where I put my books and clothes. Disclaimer: That is not my guitar, that is shimona's guitar.

The living room

The kitchen
The trapdoor that leads to the underground whatever... this is for Vivian...

surprise surprise

i'm not living in the dorm anymore....

another day

many times you wonder why things have to end up in such ways that is not pleasing to you...

This morning I woke up at five, and had to make a phone call, and during the conversation, or was it after, i'm not sure anymore, i twisted my neck, how? i really don't know...right now, my neck hurts, and of i want to turn left or right, I have to turn my body instead of just my head.

it's so true that you won't feel the loss of someone you care for until they have actually left. I'm left, many times, and right now regretting those times spent were probably not as good as it should be. But still I still do remember those times... I don't know what i'm talking about right now, I think it's the prestress of my parents' arrival, my classes, piano lessons, and all that.....

I'm going to go....

blog some more later

I miss 'you'

A long day

Well, it's Monday. Everyone hates Monday it seems, there always seem to be an explosion of information students just need to know on Mondays. Yes, Mondays and Tuesdays aren't such great days for me, I have class till 6 in the evening... today I didn't get back to the room till half past eight.

I'm in the computer lab now, not wanting to use my laptop tonight. I'm worried I'll end up doing something else, right now, I'm not doing my work either, I'm just taking a very short break from outlining "The Red Badge of Courage" it's a very interesting war story

I was at two practices this evening, one was for Shimona's concert this weekend, and the other will be fore Wai Kru Day this Thursday... It's a day where we honor our teachers, our acharns

I can't wait for the weekend, it always seem to be looming rapidly, which I like, and don't like, at times because it doesn't give me enough time to prepare and finish things I need to finish during the week.


Yesterday, my very dear friend Deanna and Ms Julie Cook brought me out for a massage!!! :D Actually they planned to surprise me to a spa, but unfortunately the spa was fully booked till 4pm, and we didn't have much time. So, we headed to the massage parlour at Muak Lek. It was all good, Thai massage for almost two hours, and thanks a lot to the president's wife Mrs. Shipton for bringing us over, and waiting for us patiently!!!

Man, the positions the Masseuse had me in.... was incredible, she started with my feet, my toes, my heels and slowly worked her way up, there were times when I felt she shouldn't be massaging, but I just kept my compose, I did let out a few grunts of discomfot, but probably she didn't understand my paralanguage. The finale was, as Ms Julie puts in, the flying position, where the masseuse will brace us from our backs with their knees and send us flying, arms and legs spread out... I had a 'creak creak creak' moment, nevertheless, I've never had someone do that to me before!!!

I'm so looking forward to a next time...Ms Julie was telling us about Swedish massage and I simply am excited....there are just so many things to try out di dalam dunia yang fana ini.... ehhhehehehehehe

more picts from the weekend

Sondang dengan Daron

Tentera Singapura, Jimmy and Shimona

pictures this weekend

please come to shimona's concert this sunday
cantik kah poster yang saya buat? hihihihihihi :P

paparazzi in the church....

fellow Indonesians.

Freshies from Sabah...Bjorn and Switzerlyna

Lelaki Jepang (Toshi), Perempuan Indon Terakhir (Pisonya), and I don't know the other one (Terry)...


Well, it's been quite some time since I blogged, and I think tonight is a good night to blog.

First of all, I've been caught in a storm, where there seems to be no other easy way out than just to brave it... ehhhehehehe, sungguh poetic lah kan!! :D There's this concert coming up on Saturday evening, not sure if I'm actually involved, I don't want to, but there's this giant vacuum sucking me in... well I'll just have to let it suck me, lest I want my clothes to be stripped off me...ehhehehhehe

Things have been coming along just fine, like a smooth train slowly chugging down the track, but the stress has left its mark on me, physically, now I can prove to people how much things have been bothering me, the regions of acne on my face is hard rock evidence...I have one region dedicated to Shimona, another one to Carol, and another to other things and myself...ehhehehehehe

The weather seems to be changing, I was hoping for the monsoon season to skip this year, but who the hell am I to stop mother nature? yep, It rained, I got wet in the rain, but thanks to Shimona for her bike, and her brother's jacket...hmmmhmmmmm ahhahhahahaha!!! I made it back in one piece...talking about coming back just now, on my way back to the college, I saw two blue sparks in the sky, probably from the electric lines, but I got so freaked out - remembering a horror story I heard back I sped back like it was nobody's back just in time to give Ken a copy of Words, print out the baritone part for that song, and passed the parts recordings to Pappu, and even made it in time to listen to complaints about tonight's rehearsal, well the world isn't perfect, stop pointing fingers at each other, it will go no where...

got back just in time for Vivian....

I don't know how I'm gonna end the night, will probably read up Sacred Literature, looking forward to this weekend!!!

the things you can do...

you can't access youtube in the library, but you can in the room...huh?!?!?

i can't get into hallmark to send ecards to friends...because the site is blocked...huh?!?!?!?

Blogger just added a new you can also add videos....well you can embed the URL and stuff...but now there's that 'add video' icon next to the 'add picture' icon... :D

wanting to wash clothes but my suite-mate is still in the bathroom...thinking of things i need to do tomorrow in the library...

the latest post

It's Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday, that's a true and factual statement. What's the difference between true and factual anyways?

I started teaching piano yesterday, it was nice, in a way to see someone learning to play an instrument that you enjoy deeply... ahhhahahahahahahahahahaha...

this morning, in American literature we had a debate, the basis of the debate is from the story "A pair of silk stockings" by Kate Chopin, written just before the 20th century. Well, I found out that I really need to learn how to control rage... I wasn't actually angry, but you know when you are in an argument... you just raise your voice over and over again... till you say things that aren't supposed to be said... well i didn't cuss or curse at anyone, but there was just twisted info because I read the story a few days ago, and I've forgotten like 60% of the details. Anyways, the debate was an impromptu... no one was ready... and all of us did well... except for the fact that sometimes God was brought in... which was somewhat irrelevant, not that I don't think God is part of the story, just that under some circumstances, his relation to literature, should be carefully considered. :D But I'm for God being any where and any time!! :D

where love has always been enough for me... don't regret this life you chose for me...

I'm supposed to be doing a lot of things this weekend... it's good that the new students are leaving the campus for orientation camp... new students from january till now.... I have to prepare some numbers for a tour that I'm proposing for my English for Tourism class, then I have to play for vespers tomorrow night, and there's gonna be the church choir auditions, and then on Sunday I'll be running down to Bangkok for some light shopping... I have a bunch of reading to be completed...there are Thai girls laughing like mad outside my room, there are bikes racing by, and the sign clearly shows that you have to be driving only at 30kmh...

Thinking twice of the recital now, Mr Gerald didn't mention a thing, maybe it didn't cross his mind that I memorized the 5 pieces out of 7 because I wanted to have my recital... I'll hint to him next week, and if his radar isn't working, I'll just tell him!!! :D

Will be having an exam tomorrow on preliterate, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Hinduism sacred literature... three books on Children's acquisition of language and development to read... and a life to live!!!

Viva Daron!!! :P

the weekend

I started another book, "Marley and ME" by John Grogan... and man the first 30 pages were great, funny and witty!! :D That really made my night last night!

It's Friday, and all Fridays this semester I'll be having only one class, and 3 hours of work in the English Dept, then I'll have to run back to the room to clean up! :D

What shall I do for the weekend? Maybe get a head-start to the many projects I'm supposed to finish by the end of the semester...

We had an English welcoming party last night, and the department was expecting about 80 people, and i think only half of the amount came. Work in the department has been okay so far, just going through books again... man, after four years of working there, this is the only time I rather do something else... like the Scriptor...ahahhahahahahha

I met Mr Gerald on Wednesday, and we talked..briefly...and I remember how much I've been complaining to him about all the hardships of work and all that, and when he asked me, "Are you still working for the department?" I gave him a timid response, "yes..." and he rolled his eyes!!! ahhahahahaha, so much for not liking my job but ending up working there again...

anyways....will blog some more later!

first week of school

well the first week of school is always interesting, u meet new people, u meet the same old teachers...well not quite old, since i've been in their classes for the past few semesters. It's my 7th sem and I have one more to go. Not a very exciting thought, the pressure becomes greater as you near the end. I think a lot will agree with me on this. I just don't know why, the thought of the probability of getting a C in my last few semesters is 10Xhorrormovies....

There's the malaysian party this weekend, and I'm looking forward to it, I'll be having a few parties this week, the next one is for the english dept. welcoming the returning as well as the new students. Then on saturday, I'll be playing for sabbath school..ehehehhehehe, promising myself that I'll play less, but people jsut get around in persuading me to play...especially if the person asking is close to me....

Met all my friends, made some new one, saw some changes in some, but everything is good!!!

I met this guy on my flight to KL....gave him a 20 Baht bill and scribbled my number on it...HAHAHAHAHAHaaaa...JOKING, didn't give him my number, but i did give him the an incentive for him to leave me alone...ehehehhehehe :P

will blog some more!!! suddenly life seems so exciting!! ahahhahahahahaha, i'm drunk

I'm back

Back to school again.

Let me write and extra long post once I'm inspired.

Classes begin tomorrow.

The Queen of the Night

My dad insisted us to take pictures of the Queen of the Night every half an hour... It's one of my parents' pride and joy... ehehhehehehe

after midnight

I got back at about 10 past midnight, second time to get back this late in my 5-week hiatus from Mission College. A bunch of us went over to UMS to support our very own Mae in a singing competition yang mempertandingkan lagu-lagu patriotic, it was an inter-university thing so there were a lot of audience.

We got to the recital hall, which is called Dewan Resital (Malay should seriously start considering coining new and original Malay words) at about 7.35 pm and man was the place packed with students in pink baju kurung and baju melayu. Well, we felt a little overdressed - jeans. So we waited for Clarvie and Clarice to join us, so the more the merrier and the less embarrassment felt. After a few minutes of delay trying to locate each others' cars, we met up and strutted right to the entrance. We hesitated for a moment, because there was a guard at the door, and Valen went up to the guy and told him that we were with the Education Dept. So we made our entrance, we had to stand for a while before one of the female ushers showed us some available seats. Well I was sitting in the middle of Muslim women who were fully clad. It was warm, there was no air-con, probably so that the instruments will stay in tune and probably to tune down the performers' nervousness. Anyway, the show went on and on and Mae's turn came. It was a trio though but Mae got the LEAD and she was fantastic!!! In her pink modern kebaya with a pink choker!!! :D Well, let's just say that her other singing counterparts didn't do quite enough justice for the piece. Some of the performers were worth applauding, trying not to sound like a stereotype Malaysian artiste whatsoever, but a majority of those singing did sound alike. Hmmm....

The jury was made up of professionals, Dato Johari, and Adnan Abu Hassan and I didn't get the third guy's name. Anyway, UMS got first... Congrats to Sabahans, and the naib johan and tempat ketiga i lupa sudah....

I want to type more but my fingers are not cooperating with my head... Just want to mention one last thing, the somporing a.k.a. bamboo saxophone performance was superb, the MCs were crapping around though

We went to McD and I had a Big Mc.....good good good...

My Missing Cat

Okay, I'm getting worried, my Siamese cat hasn't returned since last night. When I got back from town last night around midnight, I heard a cat screaming, I thought it was another cat since it was coming from my neighbor's house, now I can't find Samy. >_<


Some of my friends that were caught on camera

An ongoing card game, under the watchful eye of Encik Stephen...
I'm not quite sure what game they were on, but anyone who loses will have to drink a cup of water or eat a piece of chicken... ehehehehe

YES! another interesting year down memory lane. Yesterday evening was great, I came back late, and there were already some friends waiting for my arrival, I had to tag along to UMS to pick Mae up since she couldn't find any means of transportation to get back to good old SASS! I got back at about 6.30pm and my dear mother was finishing the dish I said I will cook... that's why we have mothers and that's why we should love them!!! ahahahhahaha Then we jumped straight into eating, it was a little strange this year because Shaun would usually be around, and it was only Nathan and I that were going from group to group, making sure that everyone was okay. I think I stayed the longest with the guys, which Clarvie called as the 'gay' group....ahahahahah and the gay group was fun!!! :D

I got an assortment of presents, books, I love the books I got! There were cards of course, and from my dear Mark Londoh, I got a box of tissue, how thoughtful! :D

Last night went downtown to send my friends back after the party, it was an adventure for me, because I can't drive and I always think that KK is so big, apparently it seems big because there are so many 'sois,' ahahhaha, okay, hidden lanes that I've never ventured through before. Choco, me and my brother sempat again try out the McDonald's drive through, and amazingly the service was fast and good! I had my fifth cup of ice-cream, I got myself a McFlurry (oreo) for the evening, had too much at home, since there was no cake! :P

Came back 10 past midnight and started replying all the birthday wishes I got on Friendster, I think the sugar got me so hyped up...

I still have one more week to go, 2 more pieces to memorize (I'm done with 5!!!), a research to start and to complete, shopping to do, and more weight to gain!!! :D

Yes, and I think I'm settling down with this template... I think I changed it three times since coming back to Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia!!!

Die Hard blooper?

Pre 21st Birthday jitters. I'm trying to throw a party to celebrate myself as I always claim doing... but I haven't finalized who to invite, and what I'll serve, probably I'll just smear chocolate syrup and whipped cream on my badan and sprinkle a little bit of chocolate rice... ahahahhahahahaa

Watched Die Hard 4.0 last night with my brother, and my favorite scene is when Willis (McCain) was beating Maggie Q - Mai Linh - not quite sure with her name, anyways, after Maggie Q supposedly beat Willis up, she was moving over to Justin Long, and Willis stood up again, and end up throwing Maggie against a shelf and apparently yanked off a lot of her hair, she then got to her foot again and started kicking Willis, who ended up falling probably from the 3rd or 4th floor to the street down below, THIS IS THE INTERESTING PART... at the beginning of the fight, when Maggie Q first defeats Willis, she gives him (who is lying on the floor) a 'look' and walks away, and the second time she beats him, the 'look' appears, and this second look is, I think, recycled from the first fighting scene when she won, cause there was no cuts or bruises and her hair was still okay, as opposed to her devastated state (cuts and bruises and her hair was all over the place) after Willis flung her into the shelves. Hmmmm Die Hard blooper? ehehehehehehe

okay, I'm gonna go work on my guest list and start preparing lunch! :D

So far so good

I found myself waking up earlier than usual, it's the third week of my holiday, two more weeks to go and I'm back in school.

I haven't actually ventured out from my house since coming back. I did got out to town a few times the first two weeks I was back, but that's that, I've not been out since. I'm keep myself indoors, eating, and hoping to get fat. :D

LOST and ALIAS and The Nanny have kept me entertained, besides me entertaining myself.

I just can't believe that things will be eventually different when I go back to Mission College. Yes, probably will not stay in the dorm any longer than one more month! But I LOVE the dorm, and I will somehow miss the cafe food. Not that I can't dine at the cafe anymore, it's just why would I go there if I could just go back home and make a meal for myself. Home: where is home now? I've never been to China before, and living in a patriarchal society (not really sure about this) that makes my Dad's whereabouts my whereabouts as well. Yes, I'm looking forward to going to China any time soon, with AirAsia!

I went to this birthday party last Sunday at Pulau Kelapa. It was one of the Bangkuai's b'day. The sun was doing its job pretty well, sunning and tanning all those under it. I had to stand and wait till 2 before the party actually started, by the time I reached the crowd surrounding the table, (buffet style, and when it comes to lining up during this type of kenduri, there's isn't actually a line, you just sisip yourself in any opening available) I felt so dizzy and faint, probably pale, some people might have thought that I was starving. Saw the decapitated buffalo's head on the way to get my lunch...

It's Friday again. I am not planning to attend PMC tomorrow... probably join my brother and his entourage to a singing appointment.

ello luve

I'm hiding from reality for the moment.

What have I been up to these past few days. Let me see, banging the piano, concocting close-to-Thai dishes, finishing the latest Harry Potter (Thanks to Kim), and that's about it, and yes of course, seeing friends, and cashing out on meals.

The other day I went to a Choir workshop and they were having a concert to mark the close of the two day program. St Francis was first to perform, and I could just imagine Fiona singing, and Deanna taking her place at the piano. Man, the pianist deserves an applaud for memorizing the piece. There were a few other opera singers, the soprano, with her very Chinese accent. Instead of sounding Italian, it came across sounding more like Chinese opera, minus the heavy headgear, makeup and costume.

I just had mee-soup and my stomach feels a little weird.

Well last night at the heat of chatting with so many friends, the lights suddenly went out, and rain started to pour, it was really pouring, pouring cows and goats. And electricity didn't come back until the next morning. Fortunately it was raining, and it was cool, only with my underwear on... ahhahahahahaha!

Been waiting for streamyx to come to my house, but till now, no sign of any tmnet guys hovering around.

Still have things to do. Will update more, and I promise pictures the next time I update my blog.

Sorry lah

hello hello

I am sorry because I have not been updating my blog. My life is right now going through a continuum, yes I got sick on Sunday evening, and now I feel much better although not fully recovered yet.

I'm still thinking of a new template for this blog.

Thinking of going down to town tomorrow.
i'm calling people from the library, like rumah sendiri only, haven't studied for finals tomorrow, i'm afraid the worse will come... i don't know lah

everything is just so hectic i want to go back to my home

one of the last posts for the week

I'm flying back to Sabah this weekend, and I have a line up of final presentations and finals and of course, studies to do, on top of that, piano lessons and a bit of clearing up things before I vamoose from this place.

Hence, I probably won't post much till I get back to Sabah. Oh, and I will be picking a new template for the summer (it's already the summer lah... :P)

unnecessary paranoia

life is full of dung...

I woke up this morning, before my alarm rang, which is good, because it somehow shows that I got enough sleep. I had another row again last night with you-know-who, I tried to be emphatic to the person and asked the person you didn't have to go out and have dinner alone (not knowing that the person was with a bunch of friends) and the person gladly said to me: "You're not on the invitation list... what would my friends think if I brought you?!?"

Well, the person didn't bother me much after that as I found a friend who made up my night. We laughed and laughed... and laughed until 11 pm at night.

I'm giving my persuasive speech this morning on Food Additives, I was supposed to consult my speech lecturer yesterday afternoon but I overslept, I missed practice too because of that.

I hate all this unnecessary paranoia people are causing around me... for calling out loud, this is the 21st century. grow up. wtf.

I'm hairless

Not exactly without hair, I just did a little grooming today, thanks to the persuasion of Maggie, my classmate. Look at the above picture (if you're not sure where I am, I'm the guy with the folder and green sweater - This was taken on Wednesday night, there was a birthday party, but I had to run to practice - yeah, I'm boring.) Notice that I had hair between my nostrils and lips. Now what am I trying to pull, I have to idea. Some people think I'm 27, with or without a mustache. I think I left it to grow to filter the air I breath in. Pandai kan! :D

Now tuan-tuan and puan-puan, after having a goatee and a mustache for one month, I took the razor and mowed the lawn. I did a little editing to the lighting to conceal the acne that is tormenting my once smooth face.

Yes, selepas menggunakan pisau pencukur Bic, Daron boleh senyum gembira. Lihat gambar di atas, tiada lagi bulu-bulu liar. (I think I look good in this picture :P)

berita hangat

what's more hangat than knowing that I now weigh



Say Hello

Lem didn't quite make it after setting the camera on self timer....

Muka saya macam saya kencing saja... :P

I'm lost...

another group picture

I still have three more weeks left here in Thailand, then I'll be leaving on a jet plane. I apparently did not do much today, much to my surprise, I thought of working on some projects, but I think they can wait. I'm not procrastinating, but I'm just giving myself time to recuperate from the hectic weekend.

Went out with friends after church, we went to the waterfall, bought fried chicken and drinks on the way, and just splashed and had fun. I've never went out with these guys before, but let me tell you something, they're a FUN BUNCH!!!

I have another presentation tomorrow. Almost ready, I still need to review the information I got about a week ago... see, I'm not procrastinating! :D

Don't know what topic to choose for my persuasive speech, I'm open to suggestions right now, feel free to give! :D

another day, another time

This afternoon I will be giving a speech on "snoring." There was a quote I really liked while researching about my topic, "Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and the world leaves you!" :D

I am not quite sure what I am up to today, I have a number of practices tomorrow evening, and yes, I am having a midterm tomorrow Morning for English Usage, 3 chapters, so this evening will be dedicated to drooling over my books.

Three more weeks to go and I am out of here. I'll be back in Sabah, dancing about with exotic insects, not that Thailand doesn't have any, I just prefer the Malay ones. Besides indulging, I've made a promise to myself to practise practice practise... in preperation for my coveteous mind to have a solo recital by the end of the year. I'll cross my fingers, kick my arse, and make sure I make it then.

Bring your dancing shoes, I'll be stumbling over the keys on the piano tomorrow as I attempt contemporary genres of worship music. Why can't they just Beethoven compose some famous worship song that I can play.

It's been raining these past few days, I've been wanting to work on my latest poem, "All You Soprano Wannabes," reflecting on how the diva in me embraced the fact that I actually am a bass/baritone/2nd tenor.

Ombra Mai Fu,
Di Ve ge Tabile
Ca Raed Amabile
So A ve Pui...

I miss singing that song, I sang that at the last performance class.

The vegetable song, some call it.

Blah, I don't even know why I wrote the highlighted section.


After much delay, I finally made it to Roy and Amy's place!! Man, this place is awesome, I'm blogging from their apartment, and they gave me a king's sized bed! So tonight I can guling from one end to the other, they even have a serviced swimming pool and fitness center. Shit lah, I can't wait to get my own place.

I want to stay here longer, but it seems that I might have to make an early trip back to the college tomorrow, it all depends on whether I feel like going to practice or not. Since wishing for the practice to be postponed seems impossible. Well, miracles happen, and I hope it happens tomorrow because only God knows how tiring it is to be practicing with so many people. Yes, use my talents, but I need a break too sometimes. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all those who have trusted me to play for them. I feel that I have improved a lot since coming to Mission College.

Bangkok was rainy. I was planning to drop by Prathunam, but the stupid rain ruined by Sabbath afternoon espionage. I guess it wouldn't be wise for me to go shopping right after church service. :{p I'm now using moustached smileys because I myself am desperately growing one.

Today I learned something really important and interesting at the AY seminar at the BAH. Many times we hear people saying, both young and old, that youth is the future. They will be the ruling generation in years to come. But then, Pastor George and Pastor Michael said something really REALLY true, Youth is not the future, but it is the present. Many have seem to grasped the notion that it should be the older ones who gets to determine what is to be done, and leaving out the younger ones with the thought that they are not quite mature yet. But I agree that youth, though younger and may be somewhat naive, should be given the freedom of voice too. Yes, that probably won't work here in Southeast Asia where the social organization is hierarchical, nevertheless, bright ideas don't come with age alone, it comes with innovation, creativity, determination, and enthusiasm. Youth find themselves many times unenthusiastic when there are organized programs, why? The only sound reason I can think of now, it's not the only, but one of the major reasons, is because these programs do not identify with what the younger generation needs.

Enough philosophy for now... Hope tomorrow I can stay longer here!!! :D

Thanks to Amy and Roy for their hospitality. It's such a great honor to be hospitalized!! :P

5 more weeks!!!

I still have five more weeks left here in MC before I go back to the tropical island of Borneo!!!

These are the things I want to do:
-wake up late
-eat like crazy (The Chinese restaurants at Gaya Street - lots of mee soup!, the Malay restarants where I'll get mee goreng ayam, the Indian restaurants, roti canai yum yum!!!)
-Gain weight??!?! and work out... ehehehehe :P
-Watch TV

Next week will be a busy one, I'm going down to Bangkok next weekend (Amy if you read this, I'm wondering if I could crash over at your place!) There might be a few more piano appointments, counting on my salary from the piano lessons I'm giving.

Semantics is crazy, so is English Usage, getting Bs for these classes would suffice, at this point of time!! Speech is fun, can't wait to get over with it.

I'm going to hang my clothes now,


Well some of you must be wondering how I look like. Now here is the most recent picture of myself, as you can see, roughly, that I am trying my hardest to grow some fur around my oral area. This is to enhance my oral performance, take it anyhow you want readers!

I just had my presentation postponed for the second time, just because we didn't have enough time in class. I have been waiting since Monday, but now I'll be presenting along with my room mate, Lemuel on Friday.

I started teaching piano again today, I will have 4 students this inter semester and I will be only teaching for five weeks. Dear readers, if you are interested in taking lessons, don't hesitate to tell me! :D

Bubye now!!! :D

A New Week

I'm stuck, well not really stuck, but I'm just not fully inclined to go out and enjoy the bright sunshine at 6.52 in the morning. I woke up at 6 am and man was it bright out there. I started reading my speech book for my quiz later, hoping that I'll be able to absorb what I have just read. I wanted to go to the gym, but here I am stuck to the computer, chatting with Shaun, downloading movies. Thanks to Lem who has weights in the room - a 10kg dumb bell.

I've been practicing with this Band called fusion. I think I'm the one who's totally lost there. I'm being overexposed, which is good, to so many music genres.

What happened last week, I found out that compound words need not be words that are coined together by sticking them together or hyphenating them. Today, we are given the 'liberty' to coin new lexical items, which may or may not be institutionalized in the dictionary. Anyway, I didn't know that phrases can also be compound word(S). This is a new revelation!!! wakaka...

I'm going to shower first

swimming lessons

Madam Shiez patiently giving instructions to me.

"Now Daron, kick your legs like that...KICK KICK KICK!!!"

It's the weekend again, Saturday, Sabbath, I'm playing for today's second service and playing again for AY.

Yes, and yesterday I had semantics at 1 pm and the class was for two hours. Imagine having a 2-hour class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'm supposed to be on my bed, digesting my lunch and my daydreams at that time.

I have recently acquired a tan, thanks to the swimming trips I've been making. I never knew how difficult it is to swim. Well, for those who took lessons when as toddlers, I would like to extend my heartfelt jealousy. Nonetheless, I think I'm improving baby-steps... :p

Last night, I got really spooked on my way back to the dorm from the church. Fortunately, my knight in shining armor, well the knight was actually Ms Dorothy, and ESL teacher, who used to teach me too in the English department, and she had a bike instead of a horse. I saw 'green lights' but to my dismay, it was just a lamp tucked within the bush, and the leaves reflecting the light... thus having 'green lights.' One of those blond moments.

I'll blog some more later... maybe after another swim... ehhhehehehehe

this morning

This morning, I kinda woke up at six in the morning. Not exactly waking up from the bed and doing stuff, but just lying there and having a few episodes of morning siestas.

It's hard to communicate to someone, who's especially close to you, and they seek for your support and approval for something not necessarily right.

Well, enough being all moody. This morning, I had Speech, a class that is supposed to be for First or Second years. I'm doing my final year here in MC, and I'm only starting this class. Nothing extraordinary Daron, :p. Sitting through the class, my heart was pounding, and I felt nervous for I don't know what. Maybe I feel alienated.

Went back to the room and the room was warm, warm enough to give me reasons to strip down, but I didn't feel sexy enough to do so this morning. So, I packed my laptop and here I am in the library passing the time. Will get to my homework later...

I hope to post more later...

Here we go again...

Yes, it's summer school again. I'm not quite sure if I'm excited or not.

So here's the scoop of the morning, I woke up exactly at 5:59 am, 1 minute before the dreadful screech of my 6:00 am alarm. I didn't get up immediately, I rolled around the bed, thought of being sexy, for about 15 minutes. I got up, changed, and took the basketball to the basketball court. On the way, I felt like a total idiot. Well, at least it was early in the morning and the only people around were those jogging on the track. So, I brought the ball to the furthest ring, and started popping some hoops. It was focus, aim shoot! All the way through, but of course the number of times missing the hoop was greater than the number of times I actually scored. I will certainly consider doing this again on Wednesday.

After my little stint with the basketball, I went off jogging/walking. I was still tired from swimming yesterday so I didn't want to run too much. So I was jogging - around the campus, I came to the bend near the nursery, the bend that leads into the monument/roundabout, and there I saw this lady walking towards me. I looked and noticed that it was Auntie, I shan't say who. When we approached each other, I pretended to wipe my eyes, as if I didn't notice her. She, too, started wiping her eyes! Hahahahahahahahaha, when we were near to each other, I said, Hi Auntie! She just stared at me, and I just kept smiling at her. She replied, Parents kau sudah balik kah? Kenapa dorang balik saja? Bila lagi boleh jumpa dorang?

I just walked past her and smiled, and when she was about 10 feet away, I said "See you!" No reply.

First class today will be English Usage followed by Semantics after lunch.

the end of the holidays...hmmphm

It's Thursday, I am still in the library, which is good! :D

I did a little cleaning this morning, and I went to the office this morning too.

I don't know what I'm going to do this afternoon, I'll see if I'll be inspired enough to blog later this evening.

here goes

English Majors

It's rather self-explanatory why Sondang and I are around JJ.

Last picture together

Happy Tuk Tuk passengers.

Love them!!! Paps and Fie.

another semester wrapped up. I'm not saying that time flew by, I would want to say that it actually rolled by, every single roll was something worth remembering, the good shit and the bad shit.

It's a new page, and trust me, this new page will be as exciting as the previous. I have some new resolutions in line, reading up books, reflecting on relationships, because some I've found out has no substance at all. I'm done being air, I just need a new start.

I'm not going to mourn over really good friends who have left College, I'll resume life here as it has always been, just because I feel them near me, even now.

I have a new room mate, I'm happy that he moved in, but I miss my old room mate too. I miss him a lot. :p

It took my quite some time to decide whether I was prepared to blog. With so many things going at once. Studies, friends... Friends, yeah, whether they're okay or un-okay, they're all full of crap sometimes, I'm full of crap... thank goodness for carbon tablets.

Some friends, would I call them friends? Well, they've made me realize things, they made me realize that what we have on the outside is superficial, a facade... They appear nice on the outside, but the more they try to hide, the more obvious it becomes. This/these person/people, I don't know how to go about hanging out with you again, you have let your guard down, and I'm not sure if I could look at you in the same light. Seriously, the next time I see you, things will be definitely different. If you think you're the person(s) I'm talking about, I hope you realize quickly, before it's too late.
Dinah (Soprano) and Daron (toto bears) in action...

Well, I love the words "well, actually, nothingness, blow over, ardent yearning for cloudburst, and the list goes on." Another recital down, and hell knows how many more I'll have next semester. One thing for sure, I can't wait to have MY OWN! I am not through with playing for others yet, no worries. I still enjoy playing for people! But I want to feel having my own thing. It's different, totally = this word is lame. Let's have a chronological sequence of the whole evening. May be boring but here is how my evening went. I started getting ready at 4 pm, showered for 15 minutes, ironed clothes and stuff. Amazingly, I still had time to chat and surf the internet. Wished I was actually surfing the sea, rather than going on cyberspace doing
bullshit. Just noticed that the pictures are a little too big. My friend is trying to talk to my in Thai right now but he's not making any sense at all. I forget to mention that the picture on the above is me with my newest wardrobe purchase, a barong straight from the Philippines. I paid a fortune out of that, and just found out that a really good friend of mine bought one today for 98% less of what I paid. Now, this is Dinah, who is graduating this year and who is also getting married. I salute this girl for her energy to handle so many big things in a week. The recital started out with the stopping of the rain and the still cool air that lingered at the nave of the church. People floated in like clouds, sesuai dengan the theme of the recital: "I wandered lonely as a cloud." Dinah first sang her four songs, starting off with William Wordsworth's "I wandered lonely as a Cloud." Followed by a German song by Schubert, and
then a Handel's piece, entitled "Oh, had I Jubal's Lyre." That piece is challenging, but Dinah executed it effortless, with all the ongoing, cascading, waterfalling runs. Man, she showed off how much time she's dedicated in perfecting the song. Next was a French song, entitle "Chanson Triste," which I messed up a little because I started the song in G flat minor when it's supposed to be E flat major, most didn't notice, thankfully. Next, were her solo pieces. She did four pieces, and man am I proud of her, proud of her enthusiasm of learning the pianoforte. She came to Mission College with minimal knowledge of the keyboard, but tonight she's shown that she has progressed a million miles. I just am so proud and admire those who really put their time and effort in making something happen, making something work. I shouldn't be writing this with this fabulous post, sorry it may be a little lengthy, but I have to fill in the spaces in between these pictures. I am through with people who keep complaining of the misfortunes they have and even though they have the power to change, they refuse to take any, and
i mean, ANY action whatsoever. Okay, a shift in topic, this is a picture of Gerald, my piano teacher, as well as Dinah's, and our vocal teacher, Tanya Anderson. I'm gonna miss all these music events we have every year, since I was here, almost three years ago.

The Music I Hear

Awoke to drills and unstoppable fire alarms, or whatever alarms you call it, Sunday rolls in gracefully, with the birds twittering and the monkeys in the TV room chattering. Ugh...

I woke up at 8, and simply rolled away into thoughts for about an hour before actually really getting up. Then I met my knight in shining armor, Pappu, whom I went to the cafeteria with for brunch. Met the sexy force on his way back from the cafeteria, and he said there's a baby snake there by the gutter. Paps and I, and Dael and Vivian went to where Lem was pointing, but nobody saw a thing. I think because when Lem pointed to where the snake was, all of us were busy talking to each other and at the same time acknowledging his presence but not exactly paying much attention to him. So much for being sexy.

Well if its not me again and my suggestive template-d blog. Here goes another day, another day of daydreaming and drooling. I will have to try my best to study, study and study. I still have two more classes to study for, actually three: News writing, Literary Analysis and Criticism and Cross cultural communication.

There'll be another music recital tonight, by Dinah Wee, featuring me the wannabe accompanist (someone's cooking in the kitchen right next to my room right now... and it smells damn nice) so till then, I really REALLY really hope that there will be some studying that actually took place. Will include pictures of the recital...

Very happy with Advanced Grammar. I don't have to take grammar deductively anymore!!! Everything else will be inductive... unless I write a book on Grammar when I am old and insane.

To close, I shall include a photo...


the morning

well the most amazing thing happened to me, never has this happened to me in my 2 and a half years of being here in Mission College.

I woke up this morning at 6, and chatted with my family as usual, they were going to the beach, so they were wanting to leave early. After our goodbyes, I went back to sleep for about an hour, occasionally woken up by some calls. Initially, I was planning to go to church with Vivian, however, her Amazonian side overruled her maternal instincts, whatever that means. Anyway, I was on the way to church alone, wanting to stop by the cafe first. I met Kishen and Aaron on the way and said my "Hi!" to the boys. I strutted up to the cafe entrance and tried the door. The Damn Doors were locked, and I bet all those eating in the cafe were staring at me. I just waved my hand, and left. I LEFT! UNFED AND DISSATISFIED.


Listen to the song here in my heart
a melody I start but can't complete
Listen to the sound from deep within
Its only beginning to find release

Ohh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own, all 'cause you won't listen

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

There was someone here inside
Someone I thought had died
So long ago
Oh I'm screaming out
And my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed Aside or turned
Into your own
All 'cause you won't listen

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

I don't know where I belong
But I'll be moving on
If you don't, if you won't

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start, but I will complete

Now I am done believing you
You don't know not what I am feeling
I'm more than what you've made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me

But now I got to find my own - my own

There goes the bell

Well, just in time for worship i presume. I just finished looking through the last chapter in my grammar book, and I'm contemplating whether I should go to the morning worship or not. I guess I should, after I take the quickest shower I could've ever imagined.

I am so looking forward to finishing this morning's exam.

There goes Advanced Grammar.

Ain't it a pretty night

The recital Decor

Performer's taking a quick cooling down session before the start of the recital

All set and geared up, soprano, Shimona Kee, accompanied by Daron (piano), Julie (page flipper and Violin 3), Dael (Violin 1), Chervie (Cello)

After the recital, Shioman, Chervie, Dael, Julie, Steven (Violin 2), Daron
Yays, Shimona & Daron