Merry Christmas everyone!!

It's christmas!!

it's not as cold anymore, and i woke up with a neck and shoulder ache!!

Merry Christmas!!!

a book that i purchased!!!

i bought this really cute book!!! for 40 baht at a second hand book stall outside pantip!!!

one of the carols:

The first meow,
The angels did say,
Was to certain white Persians
On rugs where they lay,
On rugs where they
Lay trying to sleep,
Having dreams about cat life
That were so deep.
Meow, meow, meow, meow.
They'll get to do what they want, somehow.
Meow, meow, meow, meow.
They'll get to do what they want, somehow.

(The first Noel)


the holidays have commenced!!!

what did i do

on thursday, the very first day of the holidays, i went to bangkok with vivian, julie, lorena and PAPS!!! and i spent a fortune there, i'm so money-tight now that i don't think i would want to buy anything until school opens again

on friday, i had muscle sores and aches all over my body because we went to three malls the previous day, carrying my stupid heavy laptop, still i love it....ehheheheheheheh

saturday, i attempted the organ, made a few slips....and spent the afternoon watchin Stealth, and half of Team America....sungguh stups this movie

and today, i think i'm gonna try out the new books i just purchased and do some work tonight with the help of my friedns...

and please do check out my flickr, i think i'm uploading pictures.... ehheheheheheheh

hello there

i still have two more exams

i thought the exam this morning was gonna be hard, and i was pouring blood and sweat to study for the class, it's english literature to 1800. well now that it's done and over, i'm happy and looking forward to my next exam this afternoon, creative writing, hopefully my creative juice is still stored some where up there

well, it's the SECOND TIME it happened, it's like an insatiable hunger that comes periodically, like PMS. wish it would stop!!!!

congrats vivian!!!

gellow world

not that the world reads my blog but anyway

i would send my thanksgiving to the Lord cause my very good friend, VIVIan got baptized this morning...

it was a nice touching ceremony...

will write more later!!! more exams to come, a wedding to tackle and a holiday to enjoy!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Over!!!

The girls!!! looks so enchanting and enchanted one

Lemuel and I

Hayson and I

This person just walked up to me and asked for a picture... HAHAHAHAHAHA, joking joking...
Vivian and I
Madonna a.k.a Rochael and I a.k.a hottie

* * *

Man, I had the greatest sleep last night, until the alarm went off at 6 am.

my constant worries and sleepless nights... I think I deserved to worry about last night's concert. I got sick last saturday night and I was singing a solo right in the beginning of the concert. Everything went well though, even though I knew I could've done better if I were well, I think I gave my best. (Still, I would like to "do justice" as my boss puts it, to that wonderful piece of music).

This morning, I'll be going down to Bangkok, my mom warned me against it, but I promised myself that I'll take really good care of myself, drinking lots of water and making sure that I would not get sick again. Why do I want to go if I'm not feeling that well!!! I love the people in my group!!! They're just great!!! :D

Anyways, I have made a pledge to myself that I would really start considering the food that I consume, become a little bit more health conscious as I really am not in the mood of getting sick for my upcoming recitals and concerts!!!

Exams coming up!!!

being in the sick world

hello everyone

Those two pictures on the above are my most recent activities, first, i had the very first recital for this new school year, i sang!! YES I SANG... an italian song, the song was good i guess, but i should've practised more with my accompanist because she took it twice the speed...ahhahahahaha... okay i sang an italian song entitle "danza, danza fanciulla" by durante and i played on the piano chopin's etude #10 opus #4...i think ahhahahaha, i think i'm gonna do it again, a better version of it... not that i played terribly during the recital, but i was nervous, and probably a fresh new attempt would justify the amount of time i spent practising....

okay the next picture is my very great friends and I at the english trip, which was a blast and not a blast at the same time... we spent about a day, all in all, on the journey both going and coming back, lemuel got sick, and in the end, lem, pappu (he wasn't at the trip) and I ended up in the hospital for three nights. It was great because i could escape the college, didn't have to play piano for any worship services, and i wore the same shirt for practically the whole trip, if you were there you would know!! ahhahahahahahahahaha....

it's been quite some times since i logged into my blog and posted up anything at all... well here we go, i'm putting up a post!!!

i just had garlic, been painfully swallowing garlics for the past few days, it's both painful and temporarily relieving...

i just received my almost final work i had for creative writing, and all the improvements that i've made seems satisfying at this moment, but not knowing what would happen in the future, my works may extend, in length and meaning...hopefully

so i won't be always the blonde that vivian thinks i am!!! ahahhaahahahahahahahaha

i can't believe the year is already wrapping up, i'm thinking: what next? what would i do next semester? what would happen to me when all my friends graduate? will i be alone?! with whom will i hang out during my free time? with whom will i go to the markets with? whose bike will i borrow? who'll replace my late night calls (vivian is handling that duty right now - underpaid) I don't know!!!