a little bit more of dreamworld

from bottom to top: seconds before the hurricane, felly, ivonne, tina, aaron, lem, julie, daron, and pappu!!!; white christmas in dreamworld...with lem and aaron giving frosty the snowman a lick of his life!!! ahhahahahahah; kanak-kanak riang: lem, aaron, and I!!

yeah i've been dreaming right after coming back from school

it was a long day indeed and i slept till worship, and woke up with a banging head, wanting more sleep of course....

well i still have a 17 page story to read... and for the first time practise the scarlet cape with julie!! yays!!! gonna play for the music rendezvous!!!

break's over


so much for saying that i'm actually happy that the break is over,

well thinking about it, i am happy that the break is over.... i have to rewrite a report, but never mind.... not such a big deal..

first day of school is fun!!! u get to meet people in uniform... and i luv people in uniform muahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha, okay okay....

here is a scandalous picture... (note: i was just being 'breathless')


okay that was like one of the props u would see upon entering dreamworld!! ahhahaha, propernya inggeris, anyways, this was in front of the restrooms and tina and i just couldn't resist!!!!!!

oh my goodness, i think i said that like a thousand times yesterday!!!

it was great, it was SOOOO great, i thought i wouldn't be scared of the rides, but my insides were screaming on almost all the rides!!!! crazy crazy crazy..so now i'm gonna present a summary of the escapade we had yesterday

first we went to the haunted "mantion" ahhahaha, dunnow why they spell wrong, it was so dark, and i purposely didn't bring my spectacles, worried that i might get blown off if i took the roller coaster, there were 'ghosts' everywhere i guess, i couldn't see much, only could see the glow of my white shoes... well i did have fun screaming for nothing... i guess

the viking: oh my gosh, this is one of the scariest, i sat on the second last row, the first few swings were fine but when we came to the 'climax' i could feel my insides and my body just went 'stiff' as lemuel put it, i couldn't bear looking down and i was just pinning myself against the seat, and there was this one gurl who fainted behind me...

Bumper car: this one was great, with lemuel swearing all over the place, could just imagine if it were real cars and we went crashing all over the place.... ahhahahahahahahahaha

Hanging coaster: shit this was another scary one... even though i was buckled, i was screaming all over the place until Lorena, who was sitting next to me and didn't feel a thing. she even made sure i was all right, even julie could hear me screaming "oh my goodness" like a million times, when it first took off, and i saw how high we were, i 'frizzled out'..ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Space mountain: i sat next to a stranger, couldn't menjerit, and couldn't menggetek because the stranger was still a kid!! ahhahahaha, this ride was awesome, scary...it was dark, only neon lights and blinkers and all those, trying to simulate the galaxy, and it was damn fast, and probably that was why i freaked out because it was so fast and dark, didn't anticipate the turns and rise and falls.... gila babi

Super splash... ahhahahaha, lem lost his spectacles in this ride but they found it again in the canal, or whatever u call it, the splash was magnificent... pappu told me not to close my eyes, and i didn't and it was 'simply amaaaazzzzing' ahhahahaha, then after the ride we went to the overpassing-the-canal bridge and stood there for the wave to come and it did and i was thrown 'aback' ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, luckily got julie's raincoat!!! :D

snowtown: i expected more cottages and all those cute little things u would find in santa's town, but there was just one big cookie cottage, and reindeers, and polar bears, and santa and christmas trees.. and it was damn freezing cold i could feel my toes, my fingers, and my mouth and nose and my mucous from my nose was just flowing out freely... they had sleighs though, plastic ones, and i had like 3 rides which were great!!!

HURRICANE!!! this was a great end to a great day!!! :D :D :D :D :D, at first i wasn't sure whether or not i could take the rides anymore because the other three rides were killing me, but i still went!!! and i didn't feel as scared as the other three, probably because in this ride, they lock u to the sit, pinning you tightly because it involved 360 degrees of turning, with the seats turning 360 also.... ahhahahahahaha, i was screaming even before it started, and when it actually did, i was having so much fun!!! ahhahahahhahahahaha, this is the greatest and i would go there again

okay so much for my essay, i think i'm gonna upload some pictures, but i might change my mind by the time i finish this paragraph, so i u guys, my faithful readers, don't see any picts, go to my flickr link, and i surely would have some picts there!!! :D :D :D

they had this hollywood thingy going on also, where the audience would be 'spectating' a live action performance, ada guns and grenades and missiles and all those jazz lah....

so i did have time to upload...ehheheh but anyway, please visit my newly established flickr account.


yes miss riani, and look at my nose!! ahhahahaha, kita sudah lama menjual bersama sama, usahlah bersedih karna teda pelanggan lagi yah!!!!! ahhahahahahahahahahah

iyah, dgn riani lagi, kamu ini suka mengacau orang bergambar lah!!! ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....
indons rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (me, riani, and sonya - for those who don't know who these great people are) :D

the three features of the day

Toshi Wakui, hmmmhhmm, this japenese dude didn't know my name for quite some time, and he admitted to me one glorious morning!!! so he's been calling me 'oi' for quite some times!!! Herkede!!!!

I did this ninja stint for him for cultural night, it was interesting, i got hit in the mouth, and some big hongkongese (oliver) was sprawled over me and they were beating him up...still had fun!!!

Okay now it's vuja's turn, she's in cambodia now, i miss the late night calls, where we would just beat around the bush and the receiver going no where, hoping that everything will blow over cuz like people are different okay!!!! i'm missing you already!!! one thing i can say is she's a GREAT POINTER!!! i bet she's pointing all over cambodia now!!!!

Donuts...haven't had them for ages, and i only had money to buy 2 pieces, how depressing!!! but still, i hung on to it from lotus to my room, just to take a picture of it before i digested it!! yum yum!!!!

*had a hongkongese guy's pict, but i accidently deleted it... there's always a next time right!!! :D

midterm break

midterm break, it's the midterm break, and i just bought amy tan's joy luck club.....

a few things that happened between wednesday to thursday

rochael, claire and i were walking back from the minibus, and we saw from afar two ladies walking towards us, so we buat macam besa lah because we don't know who they are! as they approached us, one of the ladies hid behind another one, so we thought they were just fooling with each other lah, suddenly the one who was hiding behind jumped out and gave a big 'booh!' scaring us konon, but rochael, claire and i didn't know who this lady was....and it was such an awkward moment...

and talking about awkward moments, on thursday i was working over time in the office then i had to rush for class meeting at the IT building, so i went to the meeting only at 10.30 not knowing that the meeting was already over, i saw only 5 people in the room, and i thought that those were the only 5 who showed up...so i barged in and everybody looked at me....and i started giving them all these excuses why i was late, and i asked them, "everyone has left right?" and they nodded at me....turn out they were the 5 committee members who were discussing what the year activities would be...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, please laugh okay, or i'll feel awkward telling you guys all these!!! :D

a little conceit for everyone...

In literary terms, a conceit[1] is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs an entire poem or poetic passage. By juxtaposing images and ideas in surprising ways, a conceit invites the reader into a more sophisticated understanding of an object of comparison.


How savoury it could be, this chocolate bar of yours,

It gives you an inner glow

Which radiates warmth to those around you

Craving after the chocolate

Consume the carbs and the calories

Forget about the nutrition facts...

if any

So buy chocolate, quickly act!!!

drain me

drain me, drench me...suck the life out of me


dunno what to write about, i'm gonna sing tonight for my performance class, not sure whether i'm ready or not!! :D

it's all over and done!

yeah!! i did my last song service this morning, and i just woke up from a satisfying siesta!! ahhahahaha, can't believe it's already over...

i don't feel like going up anytime soon, i need a break and the audience need it too. So, i'm gonna vow to myself, to say 'no' to anyone who asks me to play or sing, and i'll do this for at least a week! :D. and i'll make sure it happens.

aku rindu rumahlah...

The week is coming to an end

I'm so happy that the week is almost to its end, that means to going up to the stage to sing or to dance or to do anything, bang the piano as well...ehehhehehehehehehehehehe

:D midterm is coming and i haven't practised a single bit for my piano 'exam'

life is JOYFULL!!!

musically me

this week sungguh musical

getting the leaders ready for Festival of Faith is sort of like a love hate relationship, i don't like the practise schedules but i enjoy listening to them sing/croak/stammer out the songs!!! it's so alive!! :D

i'm gonna have my piano lesson in about an hour, and i haven't practised much this week. sometimes though, when u haven't touched the piano for a while, u actually will get better at it... i'm hoping for that to happen!

it's wednesday! :D i'm glad the week is almost over!!

a little cheerful post

some time ago i met a friend, and my friend told me that i sound so gloomy on my blog.

Well, it's about time i changed that!

Thanks to my friend!! :D

Tonight, during the FOF meeting, i was sitting next to the sweetest girl you could ever imagine, the speaker was going on and on about how he loved his wife, and i was thinking to myself, all the FOF speakers that came to the campus talk about their wives. hmmm, it's getting a little too draggy, and this gurl sitting next to me was thinking about the same thing, minus the 'draggy' part, and she said: these pastors are so sweet, talking about how beautiful their wives are!"

i've been always a pessimist..

that's the dark side of me

i'm happy i realized that!! :D