i'm back with a new color, the previous template was SOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN LAST SEMESTER!!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

pappu says: "BODO!"

daron says: "I love you too!"

julie says: "I know, it's like a rags to riches story!"

fiona says: "I know, I know, it's so quaint and provincial!"

i've awaken

ehhehehe hello!!

kim's comment woke me up!!

recap of what happened to me in september...

i had a huge wart which is now reduced to a little black scar on my nose....

there is an ongoing peaceful coup here in thailand...

nothing else is new here, i'm still going crazy!!!! that's old news

oh yeah, haven't heard from my brother......WHERE ARE U!!!!


wake me up when september ends....


hello u guys

i had an accident today, i'm okay!! :D fell off a bike after piano lesson!!! :D

had ice cream to make up for the trauma.......


ahhahahahaha, it's saturday morning....and i nothing to do...my english sucks and i have many pimples....!!!!!

hasil nukilan free writing semasa class creative writing:

"Air" in malay means water, but of course it's pronounced differently. Water. I need water right now. i have an almost empty bottle of water. but i won't drink from it till i'm done writing for 20 minutes. so my almost emptied bottle of water would be a sort of bribe fore me to complete this write up. i haven't written much in the last five weeks. only did minor writings like fillin up legal documents and jotting down friends' numbers. my head is pounding. pressure is rising. water, when pressurized would becom a lethal weapon. it could blow a plastic bottle to pieces. i saw this on mythbusters. the weight of water would relase pressure on solid matter thrown into the abyss of mystery...ahhahaha, the sea lah!!! :D i feel like i'm constantly swimming in this never ending waterin hold. i see others here. these others are the many things that i need to accomplish. unfortunately, i can't swim. so the current in the watering hole (i'm aware that watering holes don't have currents) is just pulling me into greater problems. trouble flow in like water gushing out from a leaked bottle. sometimes it explodes on me like the niagara falls. i've never been to the niagara falls before. luckily, there is a constant reminder of how nice it is to be relaxing under cool refreshing water.... my shower!!! water explosions are fun. i remember throwing plastic bags of toilet water with toothpaste from my fourth floor flat.....i remember my dad throwing me in the sea, hoping miraculously that i would learn to swim. i think i need water bombs thrown at me this very instant........i need to awake from this dry depressing state......wouldn't it be nice if i had a water bed? i like water, i need water yet still i get afraid of it. sometimes. i'm kinda watery now, all i need is reaching that freezing point where my molecules would stop vibrating and my mind and sould would be...hopefully....as hard as rock ice!!!

i'll drink my water now...