I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



in a little while i'm going back...

reality check!!!! i'm flying back on the 29th of august...


part of me wants to go back, but another part of me wants to stay back, and there is another part of me that wants to just go somewhere else...probably an exotic place...ahhahahahahahahaha

don't know what i'm doing right now, i'm in my mom's office again, using the internet connection.... life is boring, and when we think that getting connected would help, many times, results would be the opposite...

okay don't know what i'm crapping about right now... i'm vamoosing...thanks to those who thought about dropping by to know what i'm drooling and brooding about right now...well right now i'm drooling over my bed....ahhahahahahahahahahaha and brooding about my body weight
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Julangan Pertama

Tiada insan yang
Kan ubah takdirnya
Tiada yang kan mengembalikan
Teman yang ku semat mekar di jiwaku

Tiada kuasa yang
Kan ubah hasratNya memisahkan
Tiada upaya dari ku hidupkan
Manis senyuman taman mesra, ku rindu

Kan ku kenangimu
Doaku kan setia denganmu
Abadi nan terindah
Oh teman

Kan ku takhtakan mu
Di mahligai taman hatiku
Kan ku takhtakan mu
Julangan permata
Yang terang...sinarnya

Kini kau tiada
Hilang, Pulang ke pangkuanNya
Ku redah pasrah dengan takdirNya
Teman hayatku yang hanya seketika

Takkan ku lupakan janjiku
Untukmu kuatkan azamku
Keikhlasan buat kau tersayang oh
Walau dikau telah tiada
Kau hidup hangat di jiwa
Selamanya selalu bersamaku

*Favorite song this week...

a turning point


had about 20+ great people over at my place..

it's nice to have friends nearby when something important is happening..


i'm older...

realization sinks in as we get older, well some ppl take ages to realize some things...well now is the stage where i should take full control of my life's direction... more decisions to be made... more shitty situations... yeah and all that jazz...

living life...

shopping therapy

yays...went shopping today with chervie and fiona....

NICOLE had this awesome sale!!!!! and i bought Maharani by Nikki...just love it!!!

yeah...have to sleep a lot because tomorrow so much to do for my birthday dinner... don't really like the word party because it sounds so kiddish...ehehhehehehehehe



drooling over how much money i 'spent' today
brooding over my younger years

small things

just like Samantha James' "oh-this-is-gonna-be-a-great-song" song...

Gaya Street people, they come and go
Small people they just don't know...

This morning my mom and i went to this coffee shop which we have been frequenting for the past 10 years, and yes i still order the same thing... cuz it's so freakin sedap... and guess what...

drooling over the food i just ate...
brooding over GRAMMAR!!!! it makes us all look stupid....

clock works

how much time has gone by...

i was in my room, okay i've been in my room from the very beginning of my so called holiday!!! minus today because i finally went out cycling...which made me soooo much breathless.....and still with all this vigorous exercise that's going on...i'm still breast-less!!! ahhahahhahahahaha

well, i was going through my old stuff, actually i haven't even unpacked some of the stuff i moved from my old house...anyways, i found some picts of me and my friends back from highschool...it was so nice to see all of us together...i miss those days when we would go out and be all raunchy (minus the sexual denotation) and make noise around the school!! tsk tsk tsk...sob sob..sob....
sometimes being grown up..oh yeah i'm gonna be twenty this wednesday!!! i don't know what to do...i'm throwing a party though...still have yet to figure out my guest list...

drooling over normality, my high school friends and they still ARE MY FRIENDS!!!
brooding over avoidance


"DRAMA" by Ning Baizura, feat Nikki & Yanie


love Ning's husky voice...and Nikki's whistles!! simply amazing....
drooling over it right now...
a very unflattering picture of my behind...

my dear cousin and I Posted by Picasa

another day

hmmmmpphmmmm....another uneventful saturday...

met my cousin!!
yeah, we were supposed to go out and have dinner, but he didn't call and plan tak jadi...sungguh tidak syok, anyways....

a recap of what i did, spent my whole afternoon on my beloved bed... and spent a few hours with friends just now... gonna miss them when i get back to MC...

drooling over a really HOT person right now...
brooding over 'why' i'm drooling over that HOT person... :P


I want to thank you Lord for all you done
I want to Thank you Lord for the times of trouble
Thank you Lord for protecting me
Thank you Jesus for what you done for me


what lahhhhhh.......why so hard to find the right size for me!!!!!!!!! so shitty lah!!!!!!!!

1st week of august gone!!

yeah, august is here...drawing me near to turning 20!!!!!! ahhahahahaha...

well, i did manage to keep up to some great shows... both LOST and ALIAS came to a spectacular end!!!! and i can't wait for the next seasons to start!!!!

had great trips so far, went to the beach, went and watch pirates of the carribean 2!!!!! it was GREAT!!!!... and i went shopping and still am going tomorrow!!!!! ahhahahahahahaha, met some really great people!!! oh yeah, Farhan did really good on Spain last night!!!

well this week, what am i gonna do.....am going shopping, (again and again) and i'm gonna go do some visitation to the tailor... gonna get ready for my BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! YAYS!!!

okay yesterday, julie and i joined the witnesses, singing the majesty and glory of your name...and i played for divine which was kinda last minute (requested only on friday night) and the whole last minute playing thing was interesting....so the chorister went up to announce the first song, which is found in LPMI 113, and guess what!?!! i played hymn # 114 till the second system and i was wondering to myself why ain't the congregation singing along...well i was to absorbed i guess at that time, but i did overcome my blondness and checked the song # and after realizing my foolishnes...hehehehehe, i played the correct song....my pianist circle and I have this motto... the more mistakes, the more famous we get!!! so i guess i'm on top right now!!! ahhahahahahahahahaha

watched mean girls again.... alamak....i hope i'm not as blonde as karen!!! ahhahahahahaha

letting go...

it was hot today...and it is still hot...

with soaring temparature, it causes molecules to vibrate, and there would be kinetic movement which will cause the molecules to finally break away from its covalent bonds...

i had a long moment of thought today... :) thinking that at some point, we have to let go (anything), i guess being in the right time and the right place and being sane!!! we finally come to realize that some things in life are just worthless...i am letting go a portion of me right now, and i hope i would be strong enough to overcome this whole *shitty ordeal...

brooding over...
drooling over fresh air