uhuh uhuh


semalaman, ku membuat projek-ku,
sampai tengah malam ku tidak tertidur
tidak ku duga ini akan terjadi
dua projek-ku, sudah siap!!!!

it rained again last night, which was actually nice!
what is nice?
is it when you're feeling up
because of what is around you?

hasn't it become
an automatic reaction
to say "i'm fine"
when you're actually having a shitty day

Same Shit Different Day
However bad that can be,
We can still have
Saucy Sluts Different Day!!!!!


aku sedang pre-giler ni karang, my room mate is still asleep....he's always asleep!!! ahhahahahaha......this afternoon going shopping with friends!!! so excited lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
must buy santut hitam.........
sexy kan saya....... Posted by Picasa
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feeling good

last night was great, i played in the rain! I caught a frog and i think the last time i held a frog was probably 5 or 6 years ago!

The recital wasn't like what i expected it to be, i was ready i told myself before the recital, but all the songs that i played were screwed up.....next time have to destress before playing a song so i won't destroy it.........

haven't been thinking last night when i was showering in the rain, and also in my shower.....i thought to myself......i have so many friends here, i really do enjoy being with them....and somehow i've always enjoyed the company of Asians and i'm quite uncomfortable being in a place full of pharangs......i just become more concious......probably it's just me

shopping therapy

ahhahahaha....just went shopping just now, in the mud with shimona, deanna, nok, julie!!!! bought two new shirts, love them thanks to shimona for her good sense of color coordination!!! :D

i still need to cut my hair, i still need to buy myself a new pair of black pants, and dye my hair......and buy a pair of shoes.....

was just contemplating whether or not i should stay here in MC, should i move on... is what i'm doing now another form of 'moving on?'

my boss does not want to sign my recommendation letter.........i would so like to curse her, but never mind..........
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luka di lutut ku...... Posted by Picasa

malang tidak berbau

i woke up at 6 am and went online to chat with my mom and brother....

then i got ready for church, and went to church at 9 am, that day was my first time to join sabbath school lesson discussion in a few months...

i played for divine service, and had to do a last minute piece for offertory...

i had lunch at the cafe and went to mrs ritha's place at 3 to cook for the english department party that evening...

went to AY because i had to supervise...

went to the English deparment party...

after the party, i sent mrs ritah's stuff back for washing, and after that deanna and julie came to pick me up

we had two big jugs with us, and as we were driving down from the science building, julie lost control of her bike because the jug that i was carrying was blocking her arm and she couldn't turn properly...we crashed and were sprawled over the road...made so much noise that people actually saw...

nasib baik i'm still alive

a normal life it is

i just came back from piano performance class...finally i got through chopin's etude!!! i'm not sure which one but it doesn't matter!!! :D

surapee has been bugging me about SC again today...malas me, i'll say 'No!' tomorrow...i big fat NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lem and birdie has been swearing for the past 2 nights in the room......main game punya pasal, until 2 in the morning, and i cannot tidur....curse them :p

sleepless night

sudahlah panas, bising lagi bilik saya.....susah betul mau tidur oh skarang!!!

tomorrow is monday......how exciting........
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it's windy out there, and it seems like it's gonna rain!!! yuhuuuu!!!!!

just came back from class at the soccer field, it was so much fun!!! :D kami telah berkumpul di sana untuk mendapatkan inspiration!