this weekend's concert was great....although we did bring in money but not as much as what we made for valentine's, but having a part in it was great, i hope it would be an annual thing and would improve from year to year! :D

thanks a lot to lyndelle who played almost all the songs, i was quite malu because he played all his songs by memory and i, who only played 2 songs, had to bring up my folder.....ehhehehehehehehehe

i have a test tomorrow afternoon, i have to read about 6 short stories.....have to review, but i'm stuck here on the computer..

thinking of moving rooms now, but what about my third room mate, nanti dia ingat we dislike him.. :p

thanks a million to vicky who helped me sell tickets, she's a really great salesperson.....and a friend!!!


okay today i really had it, this is really annoying me

let me go in a chronological order of what has been happening to me ever since this guy came to mission college.

first, he always says that i only befriend those who has 'standard.' in other words, he thinks that i'm arrogant and don't hang around with those who are not up to my standards. well after a few arguments about that, i got fed up.

second, he keeps telling me that i don't look at him and talk to him when his with us, or with my friends

third, he says that i embarrasses him in front of everyone

and lastly, which made me feel really insulted this morning, was when he asked me: why are u suddenly so close to mark? are u hanging out with him because he's sister is famous?!

and now, i asked him if his connected to the internet, he's playing a game but still u can be downloading something while playing a game and me not being to see whether or not he's online. and he snaps back: can't u see that i'm playing a game and that i'm not connected to the internet? who should i know!

fuck him, i'm gonna try to move out if i can't resolve this last problem.....

it's late at night, and now when i'm talking to me, he'll just stare at me and say 'i don't know'

my dad did come!!!

yeah!!! i did get to see my dad, but i only saw and talked to him for about 10 - 15 minutes and the other half an hour was spent talking to dr pak lee and dr wayne....how can this be?!?!?!?!?!?!

today i was supposed to submit my report and i was glad i finished it...BUT...when i gave the paper to my teacher, she looked at it questioningly and i was wondering what was the matter, then she told me that i was supposed to write a 3 page report+reflection (i only wrote 1 page without any evaluation) and doubled space +++ what the heck lah, do tonight again.....bodoh...

to anyone who reads my blog, there's gonna be a concert on sunday night at 6.30pm...if u need tickets please come to daron, or chervie, or dina.....tickets will be sold at the fellowship hall entrance as well.

we were talking about technology in class a while ago and how it affects our life....hahahahaha...good that they created a blog...i can lament and blog without even having to hand write.....ehhehehehehee =p


i really am homesick now, in addition to that, my dad is now in bangkok and he's busy there having meetings, and i'm busy here in muaklek having school and studies and other stuff....why can't we meet?!?!?!?!??!?! i want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!
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