early mourning


Some people are just so fortunate, they don't have much homework to do, they have nothing stressing them besides school work, they have good looks....and the list goes on

saya sangat kemalasan nie.....i have so much things to do till i even forgot to do my homework last week.... :(

sad week for me, and i think i'm getting sick again after drinking green tea with honey.....
Daron Benjamin Loo
ID # 200400224
Introduction to Literature

Rain and Snails

Rain came for the past few days,
disrupting outings, yet preparing a fresh place for us to tread.
Rain, and rain.
My clothes are dank and damp, and they are starting to smell.
How could I possibly get over another day
without warm, clean clothes to wear?
But I know that Rain is supplying,
Rain, rain and some more rain.
Puddles form, ponds fill, flowers bloom, and frogs croak.
Is it just nature that celebrates the coming of rain?

Why the stubbornness?
Gliding across the street, fearing not the leg of men,
coming out from hiding, to enjoy
the coolness of the night.
Oh, I wish that I was like the snail and rain,
Gliding through life’s difficulty,
And sharing blessings abundantly.

These are some of the poems I did for my literature class, enjoy!
I had my first class this morning at 6 am. It was quite an unusual time to have class but I did enjoy it anyways. We walked to the back of the campus and exited into a little clearing where there were dead sunflowers and almost bare trees, it was a wonderful site. It would be more beautiful if the sunflowers were still alive, but still the almost dead flowers were a good source of inspiration as well~* It was a very picturesque view, if I could paint, i would totally frequent that place! I might go there again to take photos, who knows how different it would be in a few weeks, when every single plant yellows and the lands barren.

I chatted with some ppl when i got back to the room, and one particular friend was probably mocking me and those who were in this unrecognized private institution. Never mind him, I'll just focus on my studies and prove him wrong. Something for this person to note is, "Do not jump to conclusions". About jumping to conclusions, I think it's a very Sabahan thing to talk about something we don't know, besides spreading rumours. It finally struck me how vain these people are back home, something big happens and they're making so much speculations even though I haven't the slightest idea of what and who they're dealing with. I just finished my Advanced Composition Class, and I have a new classmate in that class: My room mate, Lemuel!! And he didn't even come to class..ahhahahahaha, I came back to the room after our 2 hour period and found him listening to Josh Groban and asleep on his bed.

During class we were asked to think of something we would want to write, and topics that came to my mind was: Why am I Chinese?, The joy of being skinny, and the 16-year-old hypocrite!
went to lotus today, so fun, did some shopping for pants and shoes....got three in my basket at first, but i only ended up buying one! hahahahahahaha, want to balik sana beli banyak seluar nie.........ehhehehehe, got some food stuff! vono mushroom soup!!!!!!!!!!! sungguh sedapssss....

this week has been okay, first week are usually the longest i don't know why, then after a while when u've got used all the class sequence and stuff like that then the weeks would just fly by..i'm still here in the same room, and i really want to move out...............don't know why, move out with lem to somewhere else......kami dua saja! ahahahahahahahahahahahaha......sdg bercakap dgn jc.........nanti saya blog lagi

hello world


i'm over with the day...it's almost 11 pm and i'm not asleep yet....malas lah, this semester will be a struggle! i know that!!! :D mark is hanging around here, remembering the past!!!

ehehheheheheheh, banyak betul gangguan...nantilah saya blog lagi
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my new dog: snowy!!!  Posted by Picasa


ahhahahah, i'm back in sabah now, i'm so happy that i'm back....i have two new dogs...brownie, and snowy, and it's raining like hell here......everything is moldy.........and i checked my results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i'm so happy because aku lulus dgn baik!!!!!!!!! :D

tidak percaya that i got A for college grammar, but i got a B+ for introduction to literature, for which i was hoping an A....ehhehehehehehehehe........still no Cs yet, so i hope i won't get a single
C until i graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!