Merry Christmas everyone!!

It's christmas!!

it's not as cold anymore, and i woke up with a neck and shoulder ache!!

Merry Christmas!!!

a book that i purchased!!!

i bought this really cute book!!! for 40 baht at a second hand book stall outside pantip!!!

one of the carols:

The first meow,
The angels did say,
Was to certain white Persians
On rugs where they lay,
On rugs where they
Lay trying to sleep,
Having dreams about cat life
That were so deep.
Meow, meow, meow, meow.
They'll get to do what they want, somehow.
Meow, meow, meow, meow.
They'll get to do what they want, somehow.

(The first Noel)


the holidays have commenced!!!

what did i do

on thursday, the very first day of the holidays, i went to bangkok with vivian, julie, lorena and PAPS!!! and i spent a fortune there, i'm so money-tight now that i don't think i would want to buy anything until school opens again

on friday, i had muscle sores and aches all over my body because we went to three malls the previous day, carrying my stupid heavy laptop, still i love it....ehheheheheheheh

saturday, i attempted the organ, made a few slips....and spent the afternoon watchin Stealth, and half of Team America....sungguh stups this movie

and today, i think i'm gonna try out the new books i just purchased and do some work tonight with the help of my friedns...

and please do check out my flickr, i think i'm uploading pictures.... ehheheheheheheh

hello there

i still have two more exams

i thought the exam this morning was gonna be hard, and i was pouring blood and sweat to study for the class, it's english literature to 1800. well now that it's done and over, i'm happy and looking forward to my next exam this afternoon, creative writing, hopefully my creative juice is still stored some where up there

well, it's the SECOND TIME it happened, it's like an insatiable hunger that comes periodically, like PMS. wish it would stop!!!!

congrats vivian!!!

gellow world

not that the world reads my blog but anyway

i would send my thanksgiving to the Lord cause my very good friend, VIVIan got baptized this morning...

it was a nice touching ceremony...

will write more later!!! more exams to come, a wedding to tackle and a holiday to enjoy!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Over!!!

The girls!!! looks so enchanting and enchanted one

Lemuel and I

Hayson and I

This person just walked up to me and asked for a picture... HAHAHAHAHAHA, joking joking...
Vivian and I
Madonna a.k.a Rochael and I a.k.a hottie

* * *

Man, I had the greatest sleep last night, until the alarm went off at 6 am.

my constant worries and sleepless nights... I think I deserved to worry about last night's concert. I got sick last saturday night and I was singing a solo right in the beginning of the concert. Everything went well though, even though I knew I could've done better if I were well, I think I gave my best. (Still, I would like to "do justice" as my boss puts it, to that wonderful piece of music).

This morning, I'll be going down to Bangkok, my mom warned me against it, but I promised myself that I'll take really good care of myself, drinking lots of water and making sure that I would not get sick again. Why do I want to go if I'm not feeling that well!!! I love the people in my group!!! They're just great!!! :D

Anyways, I have made a pledge to myself that I would really start considering the food that I consume, become a little bit more health conscious as I really am not in the mood of getting sick for my upcoming recitals and concerts!!!

Exams coming up!!!

being in the sick world

hello everyone

Those two pictures on the above are my most recent activities, first, i had the very first recital for this new school year, i sang!! YES I SANG... an italian song, the song was good i guess, but i should've practised more with my accompanist because she took it twice the speed...ahhahahahaha... okay i sang an italian song entitle "danza, danza fanciulla" by durante and i played on the piano chopin's etude #10 opus #4...i think ahhahahaha, i think i'm gonna do it again, a better version of it... not that i played terribly during the recital, but i was nervous, and probably a fresh new attempt would justify the amount of time i spent practising....

okay the next picture is my very great friends and I at the english trip, which was a blast and not a blast at the same time... we spent about a day, all in all, on the journey both going and coming back, lemuel got sick, and in the end, lem, pappu (he wasn't at the trip) and I ended up in the hospital for three nights. It was great because i could escape the college, didn't have to play piano for any worship services, and i wore the same shirt for practically the whole trip, if you were there you would know!! ahhahahahahahahahaha....

it's been quite some times since i logged into my blog and posted up anything at all... well here we go, i'm putting up a post!!!

i just had garlic, been painfully swallowing garlics for the past few days, it's both painful and temporarily relieving...

i just received my almost final work i had for creative writing, and all the improvements that i've made seems satisfying at this moment, but not knowing what would happen in the future, my works may extend, in length and meaning...hopefully

so i won't be always the blonde that vivian thinks i am!!! ahahhaahahahahahahahaha

i can't believe the year is already wrapping up, i'm thinking: what next? what would i do next semester? what would happen to me when all my friends graduate? will i be alone?! with whom will i hang out during my free time? with whom will i go to the markets with? whose bike will i borrow? who'll replace my late night calls (vivian is handling that duty right now - underpaid) I don't know!!!

i'm back

i spent three nights in the hospital!!

and came back to school, feeling like i didn't actually miss any classes. well, wait till all the homework piles up and then i can say how i feel! ahhahahahahaha

okay my mom's online and she needs my fullest attention.....

will update later

hello world

hello there

i'm back, i'm tired, i'm gonna have hot poop tomorrow.... just got back from the church practising, and ended up giggling in one of my recordings for aims...AIMS the recording is done already, so now your lou kong can practice nyanyi hari hari....

I have so much to do, everyone seems to be busy with one thing or another..... anyway i'm surviving, i will survive this week, next, and the weeks more to come...

I just had a hot dish of kai tot fried with chilli sauce, yum you know how it goes with Thai food, especially those that are spicy, kau punya berak pun pedas...sorry for the crude language, but sometimes we have to be honest with what we are bound to experience...

i'm supposed to write two poems, about death and love, respectively, hmmm i don't really feel in love right now, need some 'love making,' don't get me wrong people!! i'm over with my penjual business... i've recently raised my standards...ahhahaha, and in regards to the death poem... i pretty much feel dead right now, dead with exhaustion and all those petty pretty little things that make our lives liv-able...

I am supposed to be very very extremely very thrifty <- did i spell this correctly - this next few weeks until my duit comes in...but still i'm intending to go down to bangkok, have fun, grab some good food, meet some good-ol friends!!!

well so much for today, i'm gonna do my entry on singapore for tomorrow's class!!! tata everyone...

daron is signing off for now...
oh my gOooOonesssss, my report for critical reading class is not done yet!!!

wish me luck

a little bit more of dreamworld

from bottom to top: seconds before the hurricane, felly, ivonne, tina, aaron, lem, julie, daron, and pappu!!!; white christmas in dreamworld...with lem and aaron giving frosty the snowman a lick of his life!!! ahhahahahahah; kanak-kanak riang: lem, aaron, and I!!

yeah i've been dreaming right after coming back from school

it was a long day indeed and i slept till worship, and woke up with a banging head, wanting more sleep of course....

well i still have a 17 page story to read... and for the first time practise the scarlet cape with julie!! yays!!! gonna play for the music rendezvous!!!

break's over


so much for saying that i'm actually happy that the break is over,

well thinking about it, i am happy that the break is over.... i have to rewrite a report, but never mind.... not such a big deal..

first day of school is fun!!! u get to meet people in uniform... and i luv people in uniform muahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha, okay okay....

here is a scandalous picture... (note: i was just being 'breathless')


okay that was like one of the props u would see upon entering dreamworld!! ahhahaha, propernya inggeris, anyways, this was in front of the restrooms and tina and i just couldn't resist!!!!!!

oh my goodness, i think i said that like a thousand times yesterday!!!

it was great, it was SOOOO great, i thought i wouldn't be scared of the rides, but my insides were screaming on almost all the rides!!!! crazy crazy now i'm gonna present a summary of the escapade we had yesterday

first we went to the haunted "mantion" ahhahaha, dunnow why they spell wrong, it was so dark, and i purposely didn't bring my spectacles, worried that i might get blown off if i took the roller coaster, there were 'ghosts' everywhere i guess, i couldn't see much, only could see the glow of my white shoes... well i did have fun screaming for nothing... i guess

the viking: oh my gosh, this is one of the scariest, i sat on the second last row, the first few swings were fine but when we came to the 'climax' i could feel my insides and my body just went 'stiff' as lemuel put it, i couldn't bear looking down and i was just pinning myself against the seat, and there was this one gurl who fainted behind me...

Bumper car: this one was great, with lemuel swearing all over the place, could just imagine if it were real cars and we went crashing all over the place.... ahhahahahahahahahaha

Hanging coaster: shit this was another scary one... even though i was buckled, i was screaming all over the place until Lorena, who was sitting next to me and didn't feel a thing. she even made sure i was all right, even julie could hear me screaming "oh my goodness" like a million times, when it first took off, and i saw how high we were, i 'frizzled out'..ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Space mountain: i sat next to a stranger, couldn't menjerit, and couldn't menggetek because the stranger was still a kid!! ahhahahaha, this ride was awesome, was dark, only neon lights and blinkers and all those, trying to simulate the galaxy, and it was damn fast, and probably that was why i freaked out because it was so fast and dark, didn't anticipate the turns and rise and falls.... gila babi

Super splash... ahhahahaha, lem lost his spectacles in this ride but they found it again in the canal, or whatever u call it, the splash was magnificent... pappu told me not to close my eyes, and i didn't and it was 'simply amaaaazzzzing' ahhahahaha, then after the ride we went to the overpassing-the-canal bridge and stood there for the wave to come and it did and i was thrown 'aback' ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, luckily got julie's raincoat!!! :D

snowtown: i expected more cottages and all those cute little things u would find in santa's town, but there was just one big cookie cottage, and reindeers, and polar bears, and santa and christmas trees.. and it was damn freezing cold i could feel my toes, my fingers, and my mouth and nose and my mucous from my nose was just flowing out freely... they had sleighs though, plastic ones, and i had like 3 rides which were great!!!

HURRICANE!!! this was a great end to a great day!!! :D :D :D :D :D, at first i wasn't sure whether or not i could take the rides anymore because the other three rides were killing me, but i still went!!! and i didn't feel as scared as the other three, probably because in this ride, they lock u to the sit, pinning you tightly because it involved 360 degrees of turning, with the seats turning 360 also.... ahhahahahahaha, i was screaming even before it started, and when it actually did, i was having so much fun!!! ahhahahahhahahahaha, this is the greatest and i would go there again

okay so much for my essay, i think i'm gonna upload some pictures, but i might change my mind by the time i finish this paragraph, so i u guys, my faithful readers, don't see any picts, go to my flickr link, and i surely would have some picts there!!! :D :D :D

they had this hollywood thingy going on also, where the audience would be 'spectating' a live action performance, ada guns and grenades and missiles and all those jazz lah....

so i did have time to upload...ehheheh but anyway, please visit my newly established flickr account.


yes miss riani, and look at my nose!! ahhahahaha, kita sudah lama menjual bersama sama, usahlah bersedih karna teda pelanggan lagi yah!!!!! ahhahahahahahahahahah

iyah, dgn riani lagi, kamu ini suka mengacau orang bergambar lah!!! ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....
indons rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (me, riani, and sonya - for those who don't know who these great people are) :D

the three features of the day

Toshi Wakui, hmmmhhmm, this japenese dude didn't know my name for quite some time, and he admitted to me one glorious morning!!! so he's been calling me 'oi' for quite some times!!! Herkede!!!!

I did this ninja stint for him for cultural night, it was interesting, i got hit in the mouth, and some big hongkongese (oliver) was sprawled over me and they were beating him up...still had fun!!!

Okay now it's vuja's turn, she's in cambodia now, i miss the late night calls, where we would just beat around the bush and the receiver going no where, hoping that everything will blow over cuz like people are different okay!!!! i'm missing you already!!! one thing i can say is she's a GREAT POINTER!!! i bet she's pointing all over cambodia now!!!!

Donuts...haven't had them for ages, and i only had money to buy 2 pieces, how depressing!!! but still, i hung on to it from lotus to my room, just to take a picture of it before i digested it!! yum yum!!!!

*had a hongkongese guy's pict, but i accidently deleted it... there's always a next time right!!! :D

midterm break

midterm break, it's the midterm break, and i just bought amy tan's joy luck club.....

a few things that happened between wednesday to thursday

rochael, claire and i were walking back from the minibus, and we saw from afar two ladies walking towards us, so we buat macam besa lah because we don't know who they are! as they approached us, one of the ladies hid behind another one, so we thought they were just fooling with each other lah, suddenly the one who was hiding behind jumped out and gave a big 'booh!' scaring us konon, but rochael, claire and i didn't know who this lady was....and it was such an awkward moment...

and talking about awkward moments, on thursday i was working over time in the office then i had to rush for class meeting at the IT building, so i went to the meeting only at 10.30 not knowing that the meeting was already over, i saw only 5 people in the room, and i thought that those were the only 5 who showed i barged in and everybody looked at me....and i started giving them all these excuses why i was late, and i asked them, "everyone has left right?" and they nodded at me....turn out they were the 5 committee members who were discussing what the year activities would be...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, please laugh okay, or i'll feel awkward telling you guys all these!!! :D

a little conceit for everyone...

In literary terms, a conceit[1] is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs an entire poem or poetic passage. By juxtaposing images and ideas in surprising ways, a conceit invites the reader into a more sophisticated understanding of an object of comparison.

How savoury it could be, this chocolate bar of yours,

It gives you an inner glow

Which radiates warmth to those around you

Craving after the chocolate

Consume the carbs and the calories

Forget about the nutrition facts...

if any

So buy chocolate, quickly act!!!

drain me

drain me, drench me...suck the life out of me


dunno what to write about, i'm gonna sing tonight for my performance class, not sure whether i'm ready or not!! :D

it's all over and done!

yeah!! i did my last song service this morning, and i just woke up from a satisfying siesta!! ahhahahaha, can't believe it's already over...

i don't feel like going up anytime soon, i need a break and the audience need it too. So, i'm gonna vow to myself, to say 'no' to anyone who asks me to play or sing, and i'll do this for at least a week! :D. and i'll make sure it happens.

aku rindu rumahlah...

The week is coming to an end

I'm so happy that the week is almost to its end, that means to going up to the stage to sing or to dance or to do anything, bang the piano as well...ehehhehehehehehehehehehe

:D midterm is coming and i haven't practised a single bit for my piano 'exam'

life is JOYFULL!!!

musically me

this week sungguh musical

getting the leaders ready for Festival of Faith is sort of like a love hate relationship, i don't like the practise schedules but i enjoy listening to them sing/croak/stammer out the songs!!! it's so alive!! :D

i'm gonna have my piano lesson in about an hour, and i haven't practised much this week. sometimes though, when u haven't touched the piano for a while, u actually will get better at it... i'm hoping for that to happen!

it's wednesday! :D i'm glad the week is almost over!!

a little cheerful post

some time ago i met a friend, and my friend told me that i sound so gloomy on my blog.

Well, it's about time i changed that!

Thanks to my friend!! :D

Tonight, during the FOF meeting, i was sitting next to the sweetest girl you could ever imagine, the speaker was going on and on about how he loved his wife, and i was thinking to myself, all the FOF speakers that came to the campus talk about their wives. hmmm, it's getting a little too draggy, and this gurl sitting next to me was thinking about the same thing, minus the 'draggy' part, and she said: these pastors are so sweet, talking about how beautiful their wives are!"

i've been always a pessimist..

that's the dark side of me

i'm happy i realized that!! :D


i'm back with a new color, the previous template was SOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN LAST SEMESTER!!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

pappu says: "BODO!"

daron says: "I love you too!"

julie says: "I know, it's like a rags to riches story!"

fiona says: "I know, I know, it's so quaint and provincial!"

i've awaken

ehhehehe hello!!

kim's comment woke me up!!

recap of what happened to me in september...

i had a huge wart which is now reduced to a little black scar on my nose....

there is an ongoing peaceful coup here in thailand...

nothing else is new here, i'm still going crazy!!!! that's old news

oh yeah, haven't heard from my brother......WHERE ARE U!!!!


wake me up when september ends....


hello u guys

i had an accident today, i'm okay!! :D fell off a bike after piano lesson!!! :D

had ice cream to make up for the trauma.......


ahhahahahaha, it's saturday morning....and i nothing to english sucks and i have many pimples....!!!!!

hasil nukilan free writing semasa class creative writing:

"Air" in malay means water, but of course it's pronounced differently. Water. I need water right now. i have an almost empty bottle of water. but i won't drink from it till i'm done writing for 20 minutes. so my almost emptied bottle of water would be a sort of bribe fore me to complete this write up. i haven't written much in the last five weeks. only did minor writings like fillin up legal documents and jotting down friends' numbers. my head is pounding. pressure is rising. water, when pressurized would becom a lethal weapon. it could blow a plastic bottle to pieces. i saw this on mythbusters. the weight of water would relase pressure on solid matter thrown into the abyss of mystery...ahhahaha, the sea lah!!! :D i feel like i'm constantly swimming in this never ending waterin hold. i see others here. these others are the many things that i need to accomplish. unfortunately, i can't swim. so the current in the watering hole (i'm aware that watering holes don't have currents) is just pulling me into greater problems. trouble flow in like water gushing out from a leaked bottle. sometimes it explodes on me like the niagara falls. i've never been to the niagara falls before. luckily, there is a constant reminder of how nice it is to be relaxing under cool refreshing water.... my shower!!! water explosions are fun. i remember throwing plastic bags of toilet water with toothpaste from my fourth floor flat.....i remember my dad throwing me in the sea, hoping miraculously that i would learn to swim. i think i need water bombs thrown at me this very instant........i need to awake from this dry depressing state......wouldn't it be nice if i had a water bed? i like water, i need water yet still i get afraid of it. sometimes. i'm kinda watery now, all i need is reaching that freezing point where my molecules would stop vibrating and my mind and sould would hard as rock ice!!!

i'll drink my water now...

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



in a little while i'm going back...

reality check!!!! i'm flying back on the 29th of august...


part of me wants to go back, but another part of me wants to stay back, and there is another part of me that wants to just go somewhere else...probably an exotic place...ahhahahahahahahaha

don't know what i'm doing right now, i'm in my mom's office again, using the internet connection.... life is boring, and when we think that getting connected would help, many times, results would be the opposite...

okay don't know what i'm crapping about right now... i'm vamoosing...thanks to those who thought about dropping by to know what i'm drooling and brooding about right now...well right now i'm drooling over my bed....ahhahahahahahahahahaha and brooding about my body weight
see beyond the limits... Posted by Picasa
always look outside your window Posted by Picasa
unusual stuff happen sometimes, like this bike in my room Posted by Picasa

Julangan Pertama

Tiada insan yang
Kan ubah takdirnya
Tiada yang kan mengembalikan
Teman yang ku semat mekar di jiwaku

Tiada kuasa yang
Kan ubah hasratNya memisahkan
Tiada upaya dari ku hidupkan
Manis senyuman taman mesra, ku rindu

Kan ku kenangimu
Doaku kan setia denganmu
Abadi nan terindah
Oh teman

Kan ku takhtakan mu
Di mahligai taman hatiku
Kan ku takhtakan mu
Julangan permata
Yang terang...sinarnya

Kini kau tiada
Hilang, Pulang ke pangkuanNya
Ku redah pasrah dengan takdirNya
Teman hayatku yang hanya seketika

Takkan ku lupakan janjiku
Untukmu kuatkan azamku
Keikhlasan buat kau tersayang oh
Walau dikau telah tiada
Kau hidup hangat di jiwa
Selamanya selalu bersamaku

*Favorite song this week...

a turning point


had about 20+ great people over at my place..

it's nice to have friends nearby when something important is happening..


i'm older...

realization sinks in as we get older, well some ppl take ages to realize some things...well now is the stage where i should take full control of my life's direction... more decisions to be made... more shitty situations... yeah and all that jazz...

living life...

shopping therapy

yays...went shopping today with chervie and fiona....

NICOLE had this awesome sale!!!!! and i bought Maharani by Nikki...just love it!!!

yeah...have to sleep a lot because tomorrow so much to do for my birthday dinner... don't really like the word party because it sounds so kiddish...ehehhehehehehehe



drooling over how much money i 'spent' today
brooding over my younger years

small things

just like Samantha James' "oh-this-is-gonna-be-a-great-song" song...

Gaya Street people, they come and go
Small people they just don't know...

This morning my mom and i went to this coffee shop which we have been frequenting for the past 10 years, and yes i still order the same thing... cuz it's so freakin sedap... and guess what...

drooling over the food i just ate...
brooding over GRAMMAR!!!! it makes us all look stupid....

clock works

how much time has gone by...

i was in my room, okay i've been in my room from the very beginning of my so called holiday!!! minus today because i finally went out cycling...which made me soooo much breathless.....and still with all this vigorous exercise that's going on...i'm still breast-less!!! ahhahahhahahahaha

well, i was going through my old stuff, actually i haven't even unpacked some of the stuff i moved from my old house...anyways, i found some picts of me and my friends back from was so nice to see all of us together...i miss those days when we would go out and be all raunchy (minus the sexual denotation) and make noise around the school!! tsk tsk tsk...sob sob..sob....
sometimes being grown up..oh yeah i'm gonna be twenty this wednesday!!! i don't know what to do...i'm throwing a party though...still have yet to figure out my guest list...

drooling over normality, my high school friends and they still ARE MY FRIENDS!!!
brooding over avoidance


"DRAMA" by Ning Baizura, feat Nikki & Yanie


love Ning's husky voice...and Nikki's whistles!! simply amazing....
drooling over it right now...
a very unflattering picture of my behind...

my dear cousin and I Posted by Picasa

another day

hmmmmpphmmmm....another uneventful saturday...

met my cousin!!
yeah, we were supposed to go out and have dinner, but he didn't call and plan tak jadi...sungguh tidak syok, anyways....

a recap of what i did, spent my whole afternoon on my beloved bed... and spent a few hours with friends just now... gonna miss them when i get back to MC...

drooling over a really HOT person right now...
brooding over 'why' i'm drooling over that HOT person... :P


I want to thank you Lord for all you done
I want to Thank you Lord for the times of trouble
Thank you Lord for protecting me
Thank you Jesus for what you done for me


what lahhhhhh.......why so hard to find the right size for me!!!!!!!!! so shitty lah!!!!!!!!

1st week of august gone!!

yeah, august is here...drawing me near to turning 20!!!!!! ahhahahahaha...

well, i did manage to keep up to some great shows... both LOST and ALIAS came to a spectacular end!!!! and i can't wait for the next seasons to start!!!!

had great trips so far, went to the beach, went and watch pirates of the carribean 2!!!!! it was GREAT!!!!... and i went shopping and still am going tomorrow!!!!! ahhahahahahahaha, met some really great people!!! oh yeah, Farhan did really good on Spain last night!!!

well this week, what am i gonna going shopping, (again and again) and i'm gonna go do some visitation to the tailor... gonna get ready for my BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! YAYS!!!

okay yesterday, julie and i joined the witnesses, singing the majesty and glory of your name...and i played for divine which was kinda last minute (requested only on friday night) and the whole last minute playing thing was the chorister went up to announce the first song, which is found in LPMI 113, and guess what!?!! i played hymn # 114 till the second system and i was wondering to myself why ain't the congregation singing along...well i was to absorbed i guess at that time, but i did overcome my blondness and checked the song # and after realizing my foolishnes...hehehehehe, i played the correct pianist circle and I have this motto... the more mistakes, the more famous we get!!! so i guess i'm on top right now!!! ahhahahahahahahahaha

watched mean girls again.... alamak....i hope i'm not as blonde as karen!!! ahhahahahahaha

letting go...

it was hot today...and it is still hot...

with soaring temparature, it causes molecules to vibrate, and there would be kinetic movement which will cause the molecules to finally break away from its covalent bonds...

i had a long moment of thought today... :) thinking that at some point, we have to let go (anything), i guess being in the right time and the right place and being sane!!! we finally come to realize that some things in life are just worthless...i am letting go a portion of me right now, and i hope i would be strong enough to overcome this whole *shitty ordeal...

brooding over...
drooling over fresh air
THE SEA!!!!!! Posted by Picasa
me, shaun, julie, and lem at the beach!! :D Posted by Picasa
almost forgot...chervie and fiona came too!! :D (we had a bbq for my brother Nathan, who was going off to college) Posted by Picasa
this is my family!#$#%^ (sending off my adik kecil..the guy next to my mom).....i look so out of place kan, like not from the family HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Posted by Picasa
this hottie is so hard to seduce.... Posted by Picasa
choco with a piece of chicken in her mouth..ehehehehehehe

julie, shaun my dear abang and my dad in the background... Posted by Picasa
hehehehehehe...sungguh comel.... Posted by Picasa
this is my neighbour's puppy, (snoopy), which my parents gave...he likes coming over to see his mommy..ehheheheheeh Posted by Picasa
my siamese mimeow cet.... Posted by Picasa

i'm back

yes i'm back i'm back...

have new hard mattress...starting my dosage of proactive solution for my face
going shopping for lotion tomorrow...and i got the whole of LOST season two to watch this holiday!!!! muahahahahahahahaha




now i'm gonna do laundry and go makan and then go vamoos out from this campu...once and f0r all!!!

Finals once more

okay, last night i was awakened by the shrieks and screams and what not of cats fighting...couldn't sleep again after that...

i'm having my sacred literature exam today, haven't studied much cause i'm worried sick for my american literature which is tomorrow... can't wait to get over all these shit~* (in a good way)

okay i'm gonna go get my passport now, hope the liason officers are in today...
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