and when i am alone, give me jesus

hemmmppmmmmm, it was i again who did the cleaning on sucks, but better just face the reality of it, my room-mates would never budge unless i go around shrieking at them like a banshee!!!!!!!!!! anyways, i did manage to keep my emotions under control.......

and this morning, came back from practise from down under, and my friend, who was apparently not keeping the sabbath, was cursing about how the bad line is...........some shouldn't expect too much, i think......................................

playing the piano again, for the first time after a long time! ahhahaha wish me luck~*

haiya sakit kepala

woke up, well i actually can't say i woke up because i was awake the whole night....steve and tedson was at my room until 3: 33 am!!!!!!!!! giler bangat, and i'm a person who can't sleep if there's the slightest hint of noise and light.....and i'm having a headache now, thanks to them :(
This is the food we had at the party!!!!! sungguh sedap, especially the sayur yang i masak...ehhehehehehehe, mengampu sendiri! but i paling suka the beef yang yvette masak!! sungguh sedap Posted by Picasa
love my new hair, thanks to my new found hairstylist! Bob@A hairrie Posted by Picasa
3 sekawan from SASS Posted by Picasa
Miss Yvette, who did the cooking too.. :D Posted by Picasa
Steve, tukang masak for the sabahan dancing group party Posted by Picasa

break away!!!!!

i had piano lesson today....still have to learn how to control my left hand, and i still have to relax while playing my piece.....still trying to attempt to memorize the whole movement for Beethoven's sonata pathetique, opus 13. Not only does the title pathetique mean pathetic literally in latin (i think) it's the 13th opus, and 13 is an unlucky number! superstitious lah.....anyways, the second movement is my favorite!!!!

was talking with mr gerald about my upcoming weekend activities...and i told him i will probably spent/waste my holiday watching movies, and he told me like: don't waste your time on useless activities, and labeled movies as escapism, which i totally agree! ahhahahahahaha, well anyways, i'll try to pratise more on my piano and also finish up my papers for the society class i'm in.

i'm now listening to ku berserah by amylea, i like the lyrics lah...

work this afternoon was okay, i did a bunch of correction for my dear bos, Dr Beulah, and she told me that i have to work till 5 tomorrow, sungguh sedih lah = s0 sad.....

i have to help her invigilate one of her classes which would be having an exam tomorrow, and i have an exam tomorrow as well, college grammar, which will cover six chapters....i did some light reading and will do the other heavy stuff tomorrow morning and also in society class. that class isn't quite interesting, i still preferred the first and last human quest series, well i have yet to compare to the 2nd class which is human quest: in search for sefl..

chatted with old classmate, he tole me that marsha still goes to church with 2 bodyguards...hmmpphhhmmm, so much for being a celebrity! i hope she converts her muslim bodyguards to SDAs...ahhahahahahahahahahaha

read a prose today, The End of the Party, loved the development, but i hated the twist!!!

oklah, enough for today, i wanted to write more, but i want to upload more picts...ehhehehe
julie and fiona cooking on sabbath afternoon! hihihihi we should do this more often Posted by Picasa
last sabbath with amy! :D Posted by Picasa
check this out!!!! :D miss shimona!! Posted by Picasa

as the.....

today was great, we had a test for linguistics this afternoon, after choir and it was okay, i just wished we had more time to write the test.....

choir was okay, just that some of the guys are still not quite up to the standard that they should be in...well, what is the standard anyway, i was listening to this singer behind me in choir and there he was in his own world, singing his own bass version of the song.....

classes were okay, ms nebres saw me and she said: daron, what happened to you? you look tired.....alah, muka saya nie mungkin tambah buruk after the damage pimples did to my once youthful face!!!!! so sad...................sob@#$%%^

i had to play for the men's dormitory worship this evening, wonder why the so called 'religious officer' for the dorm council isn't the one who arranges people to lead the worship. one thing i noticed about mission college, is that they don't have any fixed schedule of anyone playing for church or just for worships. probably they think that it's not necessary and that they could just drag anyone to play upfront, but i think with a proper set schedule everything would be much easier, and it would be a blessings for all of us musicians.......

chamber choir was coolness....had this solo part! part of me wants to sing, but part of me is shying away, come on, the last time i sang a solo was probably a decade ago!!!! and here i am now, a 19 year old boy who is so good at 'mengumpat' doesn't have the guts to sing!!!! well, i did practise with ms tanya, and i wasn't giving enough, she said....use your full voice, and i did only once out of the 5-6 should i handle this, i think i'll just have to practise more and be careful with the words 'the' which should be pronouned 'tha', 'da'....

this is surprising, i'm still awake, memberikan support to lemuel who is doing his reports for his psychology class....

anyways, this is my longest entry this week, the break is coming up, still contemplating whether or not to go down to bangkok to shop!!!!

I'll try to reduce the use of malay in this blog, because i found out that some people actually reads my blog! surprising..ehhehehehehehe, so thanks to those non-malay speakers/readers who reads my blog! :D

the denouement of my story for today: i share this secret with a friend, and she's been telling it to people...this isn't the first time it happened, but just can't stand people like this, come on! we're in college, we're not little kids anymore who goes around, sharing secrets and stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's just so not-college....yucky yucky yucky...the person is of course unaware of this, but i hope that person comes to his/her senses.......

something else i have noticed about myself (think it's from high school influence) i think i should stop being so sarcastic to other people, i think aku telah melukai too many people, until my room mate says i bergabung kuasa with sepa sepa saja untuk melakukan kerja ini, oklah aku akan berhenti, demi lemuel!!!!! ahhahahahahahaha
sabbath lunch...we cooked!!!! Posted by Picasa
my room-mate. lemuel.... :D Posted by Picasa

hanyalah diriku

today is sabbath, still thinking mau pergi gereja kah tidak, maybe i'll go for a while, tapi tengoklah dulu macam mana

this week had been a good one, chamber choir was exciting, not going to reveal anything yet, but for my prens in the choir, memang dorang tau, saya hari hari practise nie dalam bilik! muahahahaha, masi kasi kalah si pastor ham bah ni...habis suara dia paling hebat kann.......

i called my parents this morning, just wondering whether they were doing okay or not.........

later go main masak masak with the betinas..ehhehehehehe... :D

nanti again lah i post, boring lah kehidupan sekarang

yang selalu ku inginkan

hello world

here i am again.....used, weak, tired (macam kena rogol saja nie....)

ahhahahahahahaha, i am wasting time now, surfing the internet, looking for something interesting to do.

listening to breakaway, dan aku terasa seperti ingin breakaway juga...heheheheheh

yesterday mae called me, was happy that she called, and we talked for a while, she told me that everyhing is okay back in SASS, just that stupid kegilaan setan sana campus. teda guna betul SASS skarang, and then she told me she met marsha last week at likas church, and the church members there peluk peluk si marsha lagi bila bertemu dengan nya. ehhehehehehehehe.....desperate kah apa saya pun tak tau! probably we're just happy that she's doing good now........mae told me she lost weight also, probably stress menjadi artiste, macam juga saya nie, saya pun kurus habis stress betul, besalah banyak shooting sama show mau buat! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, peras betul oh kan!!!!! amus betul!


they should call it SOS, i think everyone's getting tired of it already! i mean, i didn't even bother listening to the speaker today! ahhahahahaha.......

hehehehe, had to edit this post because my blog semakin menjadi 'public' harus jaga apa yang dikatakan, tapi kalau ada pun yang menyakitkan hati, tak apa tak apa, ini blog saya, perasaan saya..... :p
This is my checkpoint, checkpoint number 3...waktu menunggu orang limpas Posted by Picasa
kawan ku dalam bass section on chamber choir, Ken

Shimona the singer, Nathaniel the photographer, and Tina the friend Posted by Picasa
Joy, ?Jane Doe?, and also Yvonne Posted by Picasa
rambut selepas upacara mendye...ehhehehehehe

makanan berkhasiat: roti chocolate and instant oatmeal

view from the top, these are the MC newcomers Posted by Picasa
mark dan yvette Posted by Picasa
upacara mendye

wah wah!!!! tali kehidupan!!!! ^_^ Posted by Picasa
baju dari bintang Af, miss marsha (ehhehe, saya MAU juga kasi tau!) Posted by Picasa


Marathon, that was what we had this morning at 5.30, and i was at check point 3 waiting for the runners....

I woke up at 5, my alarm vibrating my pillow...ehheheheheh, and i thought to myself, another 5 minutes then i'll go and wash up and get ready, and as we know, every time we do that, we'll end of sleeping more than just 5 minutes, i woke up at 5.48!!!!!!!!!!! bodoh benar, i brushed my teeth, took my camera, score sheets, and a cap and ran out of the room, i hope bayu wasn't angry...because he was supposed to be at checkpoint 3 with me, anyways, i wasn't really that late, and nobody noticed that i was late...ehheheheh thank god!!!!

begitulah liku kehidupan saya selama beberapa minggu ini, umpama sebuah pertandingan marathon.........ku harus bersedia agar tidak ketinggalan jauh di belakang!!!!! (jiwang juga saya nie)

shift to another story

there's this guy, who is a pin in the ass, and he's in choir with me and we're going to be playing together for festival of faith, which i'm not looking forward to......i can't play with this guy, he's not coordinated, we're not bersefahaman.....i don't know if i can survive this week without getting embarrassed......bila praktise, okay, tapi bila sudah perform on stage, dia buat sendiri sendiri punya mainan saja, tidak synchronized sama saya......syok sendiri lah bah tu orang tu, sudah lah macam tu, minta puji lagi, bagus kalau suara dia lawa sangant!!!!!!!!!! bikin maradang saja if i think about it! anyways, akan ku include a few picts to menggambarkan apa yang berlaku pada saya pada minggu ini di dunia yang fana ini!!!!!!