happy sabbath

akhirnya, hari sabbath juga! \(^o^)/

malas malas

malas me...pasal to graduation nie....bikin sakit kepala betul.. i don't know who is playing for which service!!!!!


i'm gonna be here for another three weeks, malas saya ni orang orang sini sekarang oh!!!!! i want to pindah bilik again, it seems that i really can't get along with room mates over here...saya pun tidak tau kenapa, last night i slept at 2 in the morning! silaka betul...........


i think last night, after a few nights last week, i finally had my first tidur yang selesa!!!!!! ahhahahah....anyways, i have a test nanti and i didn't even study! yesterday i was supposed to teach but i forgot, but actually i didn't forget, i met my student in the morning and she told me like she wasn't going to be able to make it for the lesson that afternoon! so saya pun tidak pergi lah!!!!!!! tapi anyway.....i have to make it up to her by teaching her another three times to make up for one month! can u imagine i missed teaching her once lah....ehhehehehehehehehe hope the day ahead will be a good one..=(

today i'm quitting my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =D

biology test

masih ada 1 jam 50 minit to my bio finals! matilah sayaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (x_x)


ahhahaha....i can laugh...half heartedly i think now...i got 'The Scriptor' done today, with deanna of course! we got it done at 5.30 pm and it was soooooooooooo relieving, it was just like when me and kim were over with the Raintree! no more late hours in the office.....so now i have to concentrate on my studies! :D yea yea....called marsha today...talking to her was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am having severe headache now due to the late nights and the full gear i put on everyday working and going everywhere tanpa tujuan!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow aku main lagu special harap harap saya dapat main betul betul habis baru tadi saya dapat tu piece! =(

hmmmm finals in two weekssss

I want to 'die' mentally already!!!!!!!!! sungguh susah belajar di kolej!

yes school again

today buka sekolah!!! silaka betul i missed my first class because i woke up late! muahahahaha....and finally i handed in my research paper. only first draft, and the final draft is due on the 22nd of this month! i'm so late in everything lah! they should have awards for number one procrastinators on campus, i think saya top ten ranking juga lah! ahhahahahahah! finals is in one month...charmaine told me that her father booked our tickets back already, transit KL! silaka i want to go straight home...i don't want to transit here and there lagi! anyways, yesterday kami ada makan makan in kenny's place, and i was the assitant to the chef, miss yvetter margaret thumewu tho...kami masak dengan semangat sekali, sampai jam 4 baru dapat makan lunch! terus lepas lunch kami pun tengok Tv lah, tengok 3ABN, (alimkan! =p) and then guess who i saw on TV! my brother shaun! he was singing yang itu chamber singers tuu....ehhehehe, saya tidak perasan mula mula, si oscar yang perasan, walaupun mata nya yang satu tidak begitu sihat pada masa sekarang....hihihihihihihi.....anyways, aku harus pergi practice piano sekarang habis saya ada piano lesson nanti dan saya tidak tau apa apa....my teacher tanya lagi kalau saya mau lesson tadi...macam dia tidak mau saja mengajar saya hari ini! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Pandangan menggoda in Dunkin Donuts Posted by Hello
Me and Damien sitting on stools in the bus to bangkok, not enough sits! silaka butul Posted by Hello
Should i get kaca mata like Darran's? Posted by Hello
Daron and Darran Posted by Hello
Khelex and Roy (me, amy, jovitha bertapuk) this is in Loft during Halloween.... Posted by Hello
Me, Amy, Jovitha, and Roy Posted by Hello
me and charmaine diimport ke BKK to play for Roy and Jovitha's graduation! wahhh...nampak kemerahan-merahan rambut ku! ehhehehehehehe Posted by Hello


ahh!!! i came back from Bangkok this morning! it was fun!!! ehhehehehe, i spent quit a lot on clothes, but malangnya none for me lah...ehhehehe, went to some really cheap places where they did have some good stuff to buy~* came back alone this morning! i jalan jalan cari motorsikal taxi but i couldn't find any so i just dengan bergayanya memalingkan kepala saya ke arah belakang dan i halted a taxi dengan bangganya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muahahahahahahah...i'm including some old pictures in this blog...ehhehehehehehe
That is me and Jovitha and Amy at the BTS station, they were going to send me back to the Bus station, i remembered i had to rush back to dance that night! muahahaha! it was cultural night.. Posted by Hello
This is me with my red bag which has been with me ever since i was in Form One!!!!!!!!! sedang makan steam boat in MK, MBK Posted by Hello

song kran!!!

today was the first day of song kran! this afternoon on my way to the cafeteria, i met chervie and her bf on the way, and chervie was wearing her bf's shirt...she told me that there were people spraying passerbys with water at the entrance of the cafe, and it was better for me to go through the back door of the cafe! by the way, song kran is water festival..i geuss...!!!! kami jalan belakan lah, but the pintu tutup silaka betul! then we went through the service door! ahhahaha, and had lunch, i had nasi lemak and a slice of chocolate yummy cake and a plate of watermelon!!! and brought back two cheese buns!! then at 3.30 i went to teach piano and my student told me she wanted to stop already, and she would only continue next semester! apalah, well she paid me today so i have money lah konon this now! felly just asked me out to BKK...i'll see first if i can go! ahhahahahaha! anyways, second is i went to this malaysian song kran celebration and we ate, i ate BILIS!!! for the first time i think ever since i came here! ahhahahaha! i enjoyed it very much! after that we played water until i was so damn tired! nasib baik i was wearing black all over, those who were wearing white terexpose segala galanya! bahahahahahahahahahahaha! anyways, tadi i watched this movie which i totally like! the title is keeping the faith! sungguh menyentuh kalbu!!!! and just now me and aaron, we were in front of the bathroom mirror, pulling our pants punya tali yang bikin ketat, and trying to pull it back so it would lilit around our waste and imagined that we were wearing G-STRING!!!!!!!!!!!! sungguh bodoh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for your information, i could pull it way back and tie it, because my pinggang sangatlah slim! hihihihihihi

yeah!!! jeans baru!!!

i went to the market just now.... and i bought myself a pair of jeans! muahahahahaha! 199 Baht only! i will buy again next week, ahhahahahahaha....i berabis first buy jeans here in muak lek and then in bangkok baru i buy baju baju want to kasi kalah 'kakak' this when i go back! muahahahahahahahaha
in unity lah konon that......... Posted by Hello
kurus nya saya Posted by Hello
wanita wanita Posted by Hello

yes yes boring holiday

tonight is the nite!!!!

ahhahaha, don't know what that has to do with my blog entry today! well, there wasn't much of a fun today! went out with mae, joy and sondang just now....si comel was really getting into my nerves....

let me tell you who gets into my nerves:
1. those people who uses the words: like too much (eg: i was LIKE going to the mall, when LIKE i tripped on the floor and LIKE everyone was LIKE laughing at me)
2. those people who is vain/airheads/thinks they know everything
3. those people who pretends to be someone else! i call them the pretender(s) like the show in ntv7 last time....and of course....damn those hypocrites!!!!!! they're swarming all over me every single f**king day!!!!
4. those people who is always so sympathetic and too helpful......always trying to make sure people knows what their doing when sometimes that person knows exactly what he/she is doing.....well i do appreciate it sometimes...but people like these tend to look down on other's abilities (eg: Aiyah, how many pages do you want me to print? [answer] ohhhh.....you print 5 pages, and then if you want to print do this....do that....do this.....do that......)


those are people that i rather avoid.....ohhhh mannnnnnnnn

one more thing i want to add: to those who likes to tell me about the difficulties of moving school or the hardships i would encounter IF i transfer, which would probably happen because i'm so sick of some people here who keeps reminding me of what i just wrote in the first line, you guys should notice by now that even studying here in mission college with all your friends from your country isn't as easy as u think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

cuti yang boring

heisshhh....ingat cuti minggu ini syok! but apa saja saya dapa? kawan datang lepak dalam bilik...itu saja! terus dorang main chess?!?!?! sungguh tidak coolness lah! whatever larrrhhh.......

saya tidak tau apa mau buat sekarang, saya mau pergi rumah kenny dulu pinjam washing machine nie! oklah nantilah again i blog this blog! muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

silaka punya DTAC

tadi pagi saya telefon si marsha, and then i promised to call tonight, and then i went to buy card just now and then guess what......silaka betul when i gores the numbers, the ID number pun saya tergores! silakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa