just got to the library! i had mee soup thailand for lunch, and i had a chocolate coated donut, with chocolate rice sprinkled on it, i had a scoop of chocolate ice cream with some of tina's left over coco crunch on it! hehehehehehehe, chocolate is so sedap! i got my good boy looks back, got rid of my long hair, so now, i look just like how i looked when i was studying back in sass! wanted to go do highlights, but i thought that my hair was too red to do highlights, so i guess i would have to wait until my dye is all gone, and i have my black hair again, then i'll go highlight! but manalah tau, datang my gila, i go dye hitam and then i go highlight tomorrow! i'll just wait and see, i got bored very fast! hehehehehehehe, i want new pictures to this blog lah, i wished i had phlog instead of blog, that's where i can publish picts right!? but anyways, [that's what my lab instructor likes to say..anyways......grossssssss(*O*)]

kegilaan dunia

as time passes by...aku lebih mengenali diriku sendiri!! it has been a tough week, everything seems new to's like when you think you know your friends! it has been driving my crazy, and the worst part is i am not good in expressing my anger, i always push in back in my mind, and of course it would accumulate! and i don't like it, to tell everone the truth, i've been looking for ways to menghilangkan this perasaan! i think i'm going crazy thinking of how to do it, a few nights ago, i did surprise my room mate! i was going berserk!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmm really don't know what to do!!!!!!!!

okay, that was the introduction! i started work this week, on friday! was typing this poem for the favourite poetry night which is on the 2nd of feb i think! it was about this boy, named Jabez Dawes who didn't believe in Santa Claus, and went around scaring the children about the fact that Santa Claus doesn't exist! anyway, the story ends like this, Santa pays a visit to Jabez' house, (Jabez stayed alone, still a kid, because his parents passed away due to Jabez' pranks...) and Santa turned Jabez into a Jack-in-a-box! muahahahahahahahahahahahaha ;D

really hope that the week ahead would be a good one! i'm trying to figure out when my darling jeccy's birthday is, i forgot, so anyone out there who knows her birthday please tell me! i know i'm a lousy boyfriend!
couldn't believe my eyes when i found this gambar lawa of mae and marsha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was during michelle's wedding in singapore! (harap this mae and marsha not marah me publish this picture!) Posted by Hello
jules and deanna!!! Posted by Hello
me and lem going up to our humble abode! hate my hair soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello
yeah! my dorm!!!! Posted by Hello
one of the many public phones here in mission college~* Posted by Hello


tonight there will be a cultural show and i just want to tell everyone that i'm acting as one of the pirates, in malacca during the time of hang tuah and his friends....anyway, just found out that adsone has friendster........................
new room! Posted by Hello

you are beautiful

hmmm....last night got assigned to play for a musical play! i really like the first song, Like Father, Like Son! so nice!!!!!!!!! i tested out the songs with ervin last night! and we were talking about some choir thingy. i was wondering whether anyone was interested in singing again, since there isn't any choirs here! ehhehehehehehehe, anyway, i'll see to that first! last week has been quite fun, reports and stuff like that, i just handed in my first draft of english essay and i know it is a ruin! i didn't even revise or edit the essay! just handed it up like that, well, i'll see how much i would get out from them, have to work really hard this semester!!!!! last night jafry sang the song 'you are beautiful'. it was okay, he can really sing, but i think with more practise he would be able to shine!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehehehe, duh daron! like you know anything about singing! @@#$%$^&^


watched the incredibles a few times! i just love that movie! so nice to watch, i now have three major jerawat batu on my nose, and i look very much like a clown with those red balls stuck to their nose! tried one of lem's cream for acne! (for those who read this earlier, i edited the post because it's getting intense here, u guys know what i mean, first friendster, the next thing we know dia will have dia punya blog page sendiri....this is a wonderful world full of conspiracy....) ahhahahahahaha, sitting next to ervin in the library now! i like his highlights! i am planning to get highlights when i'm sick and tired of my red hair! ahhahahahaha, kalau ada duit lah! i started teaching piano last sunday and for the first time, i felt that i was acutally teaching piano, not like those days when i was teaching at home! anyways, i really need to find new pictures to add to this blog! this blog is just too dry already!
lorena and me dining at tanjung aru Posted by Hello
freda, fiona, julie, juji, lorena, and me at deanna's house Posted by Hello

school new

hehehehe, this is the starting of the new semester and i am excited to be back in school! first day was fun! this is the second day of school and i'm supposed to be looking for the principles of biology class but i just couldn't find the class! hehehehehehe! life, so far is great, some people told me that i look different. well to tell whoever reads this blog of my crappy life, i feel different! i don't know if it's good or bad, but i really hope it's good changes that are coming! miss my friends as usual, waiting for my results which are due tomorrow, and can't wait to add my subjects, little stupid to do that right? well i'm well prepared for the challenge i hope! we'll see how well i can do in this semester, and if i'm that brainy, probably would take extra credits till i graduate! muahahahahahahaha!

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invasion of the Cs and Vs

hehehehehe...i shouldn't be writing this, but what the heck! this semester, i have been witness to the invasion of the Cs and Vs! there are so many of them! can't believe my eyes when they first came here. it was like the first day of national service where you get this overwhelming sense of not being in the right place where there are these strangers staring at you........okay, will get over this sense of insecurit, from now on i shall march around with my security blanket! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! =p

advice from me...when you start writing crap like what i just did, you may be suffering from tatol boredom syndrome. the after effects are lost of appetite, lost of weight, constant complaints regarding the shitty cafeteria food, dan juga perasaan kehilangan arah tujuan.....

and of course, to complete today's blog, i'd like to tell all my readers that i'll explain the meanings of Cs and Vs in our next episode.....


why did the school even bother of putting up the sign: results will be out 12-1-2005?!?!?!?!?!?!?! damn!!!!!!!!!! i went to the registrars office right after Human Quest 4, and all i got was a foolish smile, which meant, sorry, we're the stupid registrars who didn't finish up our work smile! shit shit shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want my results man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before leaving the office, i managed to shout out, but you guys told us it was today!!! tried to be more sarcastic, but didn't have the balls to do it.....hehehehehehe, how am i supposed to take an extra subject!!!!.............sob.....uhuks..........

another sabbath.

hmmm...this sabbath, i would like to thank oscar for playing for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his a great guy, such a pity i'm not gay!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, anyways, i promised to accompany him on the organ but i only played the first few hymns with him, and decided what the heck, i'm not going up again! today is just another typical sabbath day, probably i should go and join the community outreah, would probably help me grow better...hehehehehehehehehe! oklah, monday is the new day of the semester! wakkakakakakakaka! so looking forward to the new week of school! =P

ye ye!

at last i am in my new room with my new room-mate!
saw this picture and just felt like uploading it, this is the first week of school on sabbath. all the freshies, cherivie, victor, me, and wei siong Posted by Hello

happy new year!!!!!!!!

this year was really a nice one, full of surprises. first me and my five other friends found out that we were selected for national service, which in turn gave me no time to finish up 2003 raintree. well, i was actually lazy to do it already because i've already graduated out from high school. then i am here in Mission college doing a BA in english, and i'm telling everyone that i still am not sure of my major! and here i am now, in my room, wearing my new boxer pants which i bought last week, as a symbol of celebration of the new year, 2005! yipieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!